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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: wire-pp.txt

Making free payphone calls with a sharp object and a bit of wire


To get free calls (local only) on a payphone, you need these items:
         1. A Payphone
	2. A sharp object
	3. A metal wire
     To get a free call on a payphone, you need to follow this procedure:
	1.  Enlarge  hole in the speaking portion of the phone. 
 	2.  Poke the wire into the hole of the speaking part.
	3.  Cross the other end of the wire with the phone cord.
	4.  While hearing a loud noise, dial the number
	5.  Lift the wire up right after dialing.
          Warning:  Do not attempt a long distance call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
            You will feel a slight shock if attempted!

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