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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: upl005.txt

More on COCOTs

                           United Phone Losers                              
                              More On COCOTS                              
                                 by linear                                
突様様様          塒様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様余         嬪様様様裕
3/16/99                                                           Issue #5
突様様様                                                           塒様様様裕

****** NOTE: This issue should be viewed in DOS, unlike Issues 1 and 2, ******
******            Which should be viewed with Windows Notepad.          ******

        -----Things I Will Cover In This Issue----
I. Introduction
II More Ways To Fuck With A COCOT

        Last night, I read the four issues of UPL that we have released. I was
pretty much happy with all of them except Issue #2 in which I explain what a
COCOT is, and how you can fuck with them. The reason I was unhappy with it was
that it only gave ONE way to fuck with a COCOT. There are many, many more ways
to fuck with them, and I can't beleive I released UPL002 without adding a few
more methods of fucking around. Anyways.....that's what this issue if for.

        -----More Way to Fuck With A COCOT-----

        Now remember, the phoneline that COCOTS are on a normal business line,
not a special payfone line. This means that you can call the operator (dial 0)
and ask her to connect you with AT&T. The AT&T operator will think you are
calling from you can tell her you are having problems dialing a
number...and she will dial it for you. You just got a free call....of course,
Operators can't dial 900 numbers....unfortunately....

        COCOT Beige Boxing: If you are anything near a phone have
a beige box. But if you don' UPL001 and find out how to make one,
then read on.... Since COCOTS are owned by average Joe Shmoes like you and me,
trying to make a buck, The wiring for the phone is usually amature as fuck. I
truly beleive that some of the COCOTs around here were wired by blind, one
handed, deaf, impotent five year olds. But, this (for us) is a good thing. The
wires are easy to get at, strip, and attacth alligator clips too. So attatch
your beige box and bypass the COCOT's security entirely. NOTE: Don't cut the
wires, just strip them. If you cut them... the owner WILL notice and fix it,
and probably hide the wiring. It's not very likely he'll notice two small
portions of stripped wire, if you kinda hide it.

Well, I guess that's about it.......

	linear, United Phone Losers and/or it's members WILL NOT be held
responsible for what you do with the information within this text document.
We cannot take responsibility for your ignorance, besides, we can barely
take responsibility for our own.

   If you feel I left something out, or you think something is incorrect, 
       feel free to contact me via email:
                   This File And More Can Be Found At:                      

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