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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: story_~1.txt

Story of the Millennium (a brief yarn on crossed lines involving the Millennium Payphone) by The Clone

	 T H E  S T O R Y  O F  T H E  M I L L E N N I U M 

By: The Clone
Written: Monday August 23, 1999


	This file has been written for those who are interested
in telecommunications, mainly payphones. This file contains true 
documented information written by me [The Clone]. What I want to
do is share an interesting story as well as talk about a new topic
concerning the Millennium Payphone; "possible" line tapping. 
You'll see I quoted the word 'possible' because I'm not sure if what
I did can be done again. Like I said, this is an interesting story
and perhaps more.



   Approximately five months ago is where the experience took place. 
It was a slightly cold evening in March. My friend Euphoria and I were 
on our way home from an area of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) called Whyte Ave.
As most of us Edmontonians are aware, taking the ETS LRT [Edmonton Transit 
Service Light Rail Train] is quite a quick way to get around downtown.

Eventually we got to point B of our destination spot in Edmonton Centre.
Now in between the outside and the actual inside of Edmonton Centre
is a middle room where folks waiting for the bus can wait without freezing
their toochies off in our cold winters and scorchingly hot summers.

Within this room contains three Millennium payphones' on a rounded booth
like contraption with separate phone books for each payphone customer.

Now as Euphoria and I waited for our bus that seemed to take forever
(that's ETS for you), I decided that I'd make a phone call using a certain
800-exchange telephone number of a certain Corporation [Syncrude] that I had
discovered by accident while skanning the 800-909-xxxx exchange earlier in 
that month. Not to get into *too* much detail but basically I found a number
that asked for your Area Code and Telephone Number. You would enter the 
phone number/area code and it would place the call. No verification or
anything. A few months later after giving the numbers [two of them] out, 
and having thousands of people abuse the "free" service the numbers were
both disconnected. Unfortunately for every person called, there was quite
a large bill (from the $200-$1500 range). My assumption is that the number
was used for SynCrude Corporation employees to call home to the wife and 
kids (hence the elite automated AC/PN query).

After I dialed the number, I didn't hear the usual automated voice as 
explained above. Instead I heard two women what I believed at the time
sounded like two telephone company employees talking. Immediately I 
silently jumped up in down in the totally bizarre fashion that one would
if they were to win the lottery. Covering the mouth-piece I let Euphoria
in on what had just happened and she joined in on the insanity.

Now I listened for about five minutes. From what I could tell, the 
"operators" were mentioning words like 'police', 'arrested', and 'jail'.
But something I found was odd. They were also talking about "how cute this
boy was at school" and shit like that. 

Many things ran through my head at that point. Firstly it was 
"is this really happening?", and then "are these operators?" followed by
"are these operators talking about my chaos?", "did I just tap into a 
cellular and/or cordless phone conversation?", etc.

Now I thought this is probably a once in a life time thing, I better have
fun with it. So I did. I waited until both of the parties had stopped talking
and there was a three second silence. When I did, I suddenly in a deep 
voice said "hey, what are you doing?". Both of the females talking were like
"What who is this?" I replied and said "This is the RCMP. We're tapping your
phone line. We know what you're up to. Stay where you are." From the sounds
of their voices, they sounded very frightened by my words. I passed the
telephone to Euphoria and let out a whole bunch of laughs while a couple
of teenagers stared at us in amazement and confusion. Euphoria said 
"We've been tapping you guys for a while. Looks like you're going down."
I know I know our social engineering skills weren't at its best at the time.
Our excuse is ecstaticness. =)

Shortly after we hung up because we couldn't take it anymore. Me thinks
I busted gut over that one. Strangely enough the second we hung up, our bus
came and we got on. 

Because it was a Friday night the bus was packed so we were forced to stand
for a while. As Euphoria talked about this odd occurrence, we couldn't help
but notice a girl looking at us in tears. We asked her what was wrong.
And she said we must of been the people tapping into her conversation.
She told us that she was talking about her recent drug snag and asked if
we were working for the police. Both still in shock, Euphoria and I looked
at each other and then looked at her and said "NO!". 

I then decided I would attempt to get as much information from her as 
possible in order to explain how this was all possible. It wasn't easy.
For one, she was still in tears and was still shaking. After a half a dozen
"we're sorry's" we got her to elaborate. 

She told us that the phone she used was the second phone to the right.
I remembered there's two payphones’ outside of Edmonton Centre. Both
are Millennium’s. Each Millennium phone has a separate line, with a separate
phone number (obviously). Proclaiming that the lines may have crossed is one
explanation. Though one could think of numerous simple and complex answers
to this mystery. 

After the girl we nearly gave a heart attack to finished telling us over
and over how she "thought we were the cops", she then with a smile said
her stop was next and that she's relieved that we weren't the cops.
I told her I felt the same way. Trying not to give away the SynCrude secret
that she probably found out about later down the road anyways, I let her
go on her way and Euphoria and I [The Clone] found two empty seats. 
We sat down and I uttered in a nonchalant voice "That was kinda cool."


Final Words;

This no doubt was one of many of my truly eerie telco-related escapade's
that I couldn't help but talk about. In the future you can look for much
more of my old and new experiences and find's on my Nettwerked web-site
and possibly Hack Canada's ( web-site as well.
That was my story; The Story of the Millennium. ;)

		       -       -
			ThE EnD 
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Contact infô;
URL: - Nettwerked

		    N E T T W E R K E D
		       P R O D U C T

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