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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: se.txt

Alliance Teleconferencing from a payphone

How to get an Alliance Teleconferencing At any Pay Phone, Currently
Ladies and Gentleman,
I cannot call myself a Phreaker Nor Can I call myself a Hacker.
I am not an adult nor am I a small child.
I am a teenage Computer Freak and a Leeching Phreaker.
But there is one thing that makes me special.......I AM A FEMALE.
Step right up, yes, ladies and gentleman, we have a freak on our hands
Who ever heard of a girl that is into computers (And when I say I'm into
them.....I mean like a guy is)
Yes....I am a freak of nature. They laugh at me on Alliance's. New friends,
usually guys, are curious to know why I am the way I am.
Well, I can be into COMPUTERS and PHREAKING. I have the RIGHT.
I am half way into phreaking.  I do not have the patience to scan for codes,
loops, bridges, or any of that crap. Or do any of the boxes except RED.
Redding I have patience for.
All codes I have gotten are mostly from my friend, VMB's, or Boards.
I actually got one myself one time.  Andre Maunsell(my friend) gave me a good
template so I got one on the first try.
Now down to business........There is one thing I CAN DO.
One of my phreaker text philes explained social engineering-Bull Shitting.
This was very intruiging......A way to BS people into doing stuff for you?
'I can do that.', I thought to myself.
My first SE(Social Engineering) crime involved my brother using the Red Box
too long and a girl waiting to use the phone waving her Calling Card around,
dropping it face up, and other such things which makes a phreaker drool.
So, I stood there looking innocent(I do look like a wittle ol bitch), and
I accidently memorized the number(yeah right).  Then I ask her if she's from
outta town and where, what her name is, and other such things which might be
helpful.  My first SE crime.
Another Time. When I was Redding one time, my battries slowed down so the
operator came on and said the tones were not registering in the computer.
Uh-oh.....well, I kinda said....'I dont know what's wrong. I'm putting the
coins in'(yeah right).  Since I am a girl and sound young, she was nice enough
to let me through.  From then on, I knew SEing was for me.
Now for what you all have been waiting for......
My latest and most powerful technique in SE.
Alliancing off of any pay phone.
If enough people do this, I doubt the service will last long.
I have done it 6 times already.
Go to a payphone.  Doesn't matter if it is a Cocot or Bell.  But there is one
thing it must have.  Ringback ability.  It must be able to be called back.
Ok now.....Ingredients:
Payphone with Ringback Ability
Phone number of the Payphone
Fake name
Quick witted and creative person

How to do:
Call 1-800-544-6363(or call up 1-800-555-1212 and ask for an 800 AT&T Alliance
                    number that you can call)
You will hear-----'Alliance Teleconferencing' from an operators voice
                  or some such greeting.
Say'Yes, I would like to start a teleconference.'
She'll say 'Now?'
Reserved teleconferences require 700 numbers so set up an immediate one
She'll say'What is your name?'
Give her your fake name.
She will ask your phone number and give her the payphone number.
She will ask how many ports you want open.
Make it legitimate.....10 or 15 is pushing it
She will ask if you want to do the dialing or the operator to.  Go for the
personal dialing.  It's the more expensive one and also you have control.
She will put you on hold.  Wait.  Then, she will ask to call you back.
Thank her and wait for the call.
She will then call you and put you on.
All the menus are self-explanatory.  In case you ever need help.....Dial 0
for Alliance operator Assistance.
The two main buttons you need to know about is the * and #.
Press # at the main prompt to join the Alliance and # from the
teleconference to dial.
* hangs up on a person
Have Fun.....And Call me....
------Note------: In case, it does not go as smoothly as that, keep your cool
                  , and work it out with the operator.
                  Hey, she is doing her job.  Explain to her some problem...
          Example:You dont know how many ports yet because you must confer
                  with your colleagues first.  Make it sound like you are
                  professional and dont forget to be extremely POLITE.  It
                  never hurts to suck up. And be creative.  Who knows maybe
                  you can figure out a new way to SE her.
I found this out by being bored at a store where my mom was shopping(zzzzz).
I tried to see if I could get away with billing a conference to a payphone
and it kinda worked.  So never be afraid of Social Engineering and always
try things which may seem impossible.
        'Where there is a human, there is a fault.'
Remember people are vulnerable.  You can't BS a computer to give you a code.
This TXT phile brought to you by
   Phemale Phreakers              %%%           Gail                %%%
       Have                       %%%           Rosen               %%%
     Rights Too...                %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

               This Technologically May not work in the future.
               The Phone Company may correct their little mistake.
               So have fun while it lasts and Call the Empress.
               I love to talk!!!!!!!!!

By the way, If you need help, Call me at 904-677-3656.

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