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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: redbox~1.txt

The end of ACTS!

December 6, 2001

 AT&T has decided to stop offering ACTS(Automated Coin Toll
Service) probably because they hit their record sales for pre-paid calling
cards today, and red box fraud had driven rates for a long distance call
up to $5.15 for 3 minutes when cocots offer $1 for 4 minutes to anywhere
in the US.  A recording I got after inserting the last quarter for a long 
distance call today:

"Your call will now be completed, please note -- effective soon, this
phone will no longer accept coins for AT&T Long Distance calls, you may
wish to begin using a pre-paid calling card or other payment method as a

You can listen to this recording at

What they fail to mention is you wont be able to use any other carrier to
make long distance coin calls, for instance 10-10-222+number, tho the
carrier is MCI for this particular dial-a-round, AT&T is the only company
with ACTS equipment and a coin call placed through 10-10-2222 will always
end up with a cheerful, "Thank you for using AT&T."

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