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Protel Inc. (payphone manufacturer) urges owners to support the 710 GETS area code as a free call.

[Protel Current Issues]
                    Government Emergency Telecommunications Service
 Product Training
                    During a crisis or emergency, a payphone is often the
 >Government        most available communication means.
 Telecommunications GETS is a nationwide emergency service established by
 Service (GETS)     Presidential direction to provide emergency access
                    and specialized processing in local and long-distance
 Year 2000          public switched networks during emergencies and
 How to Keep Ahead
 of Change          As a payphone provider we are seeking your support.
                    By processing the 710 Numbering Plan Area (NPA) Code
                    as a toll-free government emergency call, you will be
                    providing access to GETS during times of crisis.

                    GETS provides critical users priority service anytime
                    from anywhere and has been used since 1995 for crises
                    such as hurricanes, floods and other disasters.

                    GETS Call Handling Checklist:

                       * First, process the 710 area code
                       * Second, rate 710 calls as toll-free
                       * Third, provide access to GETS interexchange
                         carriers (AT&T, MCI WorldCom, and Sprint) either
                         via the Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier
                         (PIC), if applicable, or via Carrier Access Code
                       * Fourth, ensure subsequent software loads
                         maintain proper GETS call handling

                    Payphone providers will be compensated for GETS calls
                    by the service providers AT&T, MCI WorldCom, and

                    Payphone providers need to make sure their phones are
                    capable of supporting this vital emergency service.

                    For further assistance, contact Major Charles
                    Fletcher, GETS Operations Chief, at (703) 607-6118 or
                    by e-mail at GETS is managed by the
                    National Communication System (NCS) and can be found

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