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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: ppu.txt

Payphone Update - many Midwest phones still vulnerable to the 800 disconnect exploit!

From Sat Dec 16 19:12:08 2000
Newsgroups: alt.phreaking
Subject: Payphone update
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 03:12:08 GMT

Most know of the old trick at payphones where you dial an 800#, wait
for the line to disconnect and then dial the number with the dialtone
it gives you. This tricks the payphone because it turns the computer on
to dial (since its an 800#), and when you dial your regular number it
will go ahead and dial it since the computer is on. (Note i've
encountered phones that you were required to enter a carrier access
override code to dial). Anyways this was a sweet deal for a very long
time until the COCOTS wisened up. (I say cocots because the acts phones
were much quicker to pick up on this exploit). It seemed to me that
this trick was gone forever, until I found many phones in the midwest
that it worked on. It only works when you disconnect from a skytel
system, so the skytel system most likely sends some obscure frequency
across the line that scrambles the phone from picking up the new
dialtone and turning the computer back off. The phones worked on ALL
at&t phones, some sprint and other miscellaneous cocots, mci seems wise
to it. I found it in KANSAS when I was desperate to contact someone I
ws visiting and had no codes or change. Ive found over 10 phones it
worked on in kansas and oklahoma. It's possible that they are slow to
install the newer phones in such a desolate overall area.. :) But I
have found 2 phones back here in Tampa, so it is very much alive and
worth effort if you are stuck somewhere with a phone, are desperate for
a call or just plain want to fuck with the phones. Skytel is PACKED
through the 800 exchange.. hit # 3x's to disconnect from skytel. 1-800-
200-xxxx is loaded with skytel.

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