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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: ppfout.txt

Putting a Payphone Out of Order

  Putting A Payfone Out of Order

  I know alot of people once knowing that how to put a payfone out order was
  going to be in Morpheus 2, have sent me an email telling me how to do it, 
  but since my girlfriend was the first to teach me how to do it, here is her
  article.. enjoy! you want to put a payphone out of order but Phrost and Deicidal 
  won't lend you their precious keys. (hey who needs keys if you're a REAL
  phreaker, right?) To put a X2 payphone (thats what Phrost tells me it is,
  to me its just another fucking phone, no different from the last or the
  next...) out of order you will require: bolt cutters, a soldering iron, 
  gloves, suphuric acid, and lots of brute strength. WRONG! All you need is 
  the little <OK> button and the handset itself! 
  Hold down the <OK> button and THEN pick up the handset for just a matter of
  moments - perhaps 3 seconds if that, just until the phone registers - never
  releasing the <OK> button. Then hang up the phone, and MON DIEU! The phone 
  is now out of order! 

  And now that I've had this contribution to the cyber-technology-FUTURE
  age forced out of me, I'm going to dive straight back into the Russian 
  Revolution and immerse myself in HISTORY...

  à bientôt!
  Phrostess; aka NOT a phreaker-hacker-coder-cyberpunk-whatever.

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