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Payphones - Cash and Free Calls
Payphones - Cash and Free Calls - Brought to you by Metro Holographix

                   PAYPHONES - CASH AND FREE CALLS
                   ---------   ---- --- ---- -----

  A bit short of cash? Here's how to obtain money from telephone boxes and
how to make some free calls without the aid of a box.

  You will notice on phone boxes there is a cable coming out of them (now
they are encased in steel but it is thin and can be cut open). The cable
contains four wires, two of them are for sending and recieving the voice,
one is a ground and the other is used to transmit codes from the phone. Lift
the reciever and make sure there is a dial tone. Then cut one of the wires,
if the dial tone disapears then re-connect it and try a different one. When
you cut the wire that sends the codes there will still be a dial tone. Now
make your call (you will still have to insert money as the phone needs 10p
before it lets you dial), the cut wire means that no cost codes are sent and
the phone doesn't charge. When you finish your call hang-up and reconnect
the cut wire, the phone then GIVES YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!

  Alternatively, if you just want cash, cut the correct wire and wait for a
few pepole to make some calls. Then go back and reconnect the wire, the
phone will then return all the money in it's return chute. British phone
boxes don't hold that much cash, especiallly if most of the calls have been
10 or 20p so it is best to check your phone regularly. BE CAREFULL - phone
boxes are checked evry couple of days so make sure you don't leave very
obvious signs the the phone has been tampered with.

  Another, but rather complicated, way to make calls is by following the
directions given below. Most phones though have had this wonderful facility
removed from them but you may be able to find a remote phone that hasn't had
this facility removed.

FOLLOW THESE STEPS CAREFULLY - this technique requires PRECISE timing. I
have used it often and it does work.

1: Lift reciever and hold phone to your ear, you should hear the dial tone.
2: Whilst listening to the phone pull the handset lever down, you will hear
a click and apporx 2 secs later another click - you should lift the lever
EXACTLY on this click. Listen to it a few times so you know when it is
comming and you are able to lift the reciever as it happens NOT after you
hear it.
3: If you have done this correctly then the display should read 79 or 77
4: Now pull the lever down again, you will hear the phone automaticly dial
a ten digit number followed by a click then approx 2 secs later another
click the lever should be lifted EXACTLY on this click (same as step 2).
5: If everything was done correctly the display should read 55 POUNDS and
26p. You are now free to make as many calls as you want.

  When you use up the 55 quid the money counter will reset at 99.99 and you
can keep calling (I've made a 70 pound call using this method).

  If you are after alot of cash from a phone box the following method will
work fine. It is best if you have a car and a friend with you for this one.
All you need is a car jack (hydraulic is best, not one of those you have to
twist a handle on - THEY'RE CRAP). Drive out into the countryside untill you
come across a remote phone box. Take the car jack and place it between the
phone box and the cash box.

  Pump away on the jack and PING! Off comes the door to the cash box and you
can reap you reward and move on to the next box. BE CAREFULL where you spend
you ill gotten gains. DON'T try and cash all the 10p's at the bank as they
will be on the look out for pepole with loads. Unfortunatly BT are thwarting
this method by placing thick steel casing around the cash boxes so get out
there and rob the ones that are left (let's face it BT make enough cash as
it is).

  So what do you do when BT put casings on all the phones? well here's
another way to get cash out of your local phone boxes. All you need is a
hacksaw blade (a strong one) and a 6 inch nail. Put the nail through the
hole in one end of the hacksaw blade so you have a `handle'. Insert the
hacksaw blade in the lock of the cash box grip the nail and PULL HARD! With
same luck you will have ripped out the pins of the lock (they are pretty
strong but if you can get a small canister of compressed gas to spray into
the lock (higher the pressure the better) then you will freeze the lock and
it will become very brittle (this also works on D-LOCKS for bikes you
know!)). Make sure you have removed all the pins from the tumbler of the
lock and dispose of them, don't leave then lying around. Now you should
be able to turn the lock with a screwdriver and open the box. ONLY TAKE
HALF THE CASH then close the box and relock it with the screwdriver. Leave
the rest of the cash for the bloke from BT to collect so he doesn't find it
empty every time. It will get sussed eventualy so change your box every so

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