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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: phkpfani.txt

Phreaking Payphones and ANI

                      - Phreaking Payphones and ANI -
                            - Written by Blade -

	I'm sure you all know by now that the 199 method of obtaining free
calls is on the way out.  So this leave's the problem on finding a new method
to replace probably the most well know way of phreaking Australian payfones.
This method is simple,  call up the payfone,  answer it and then simply wait 
for dial-tone.  As with 199 you must use a tone-dialler (what do ya mean you
don't have one!).  The software in P1/P2 payfones is currently being upgraded
and the new software fixes this bug so you may find it doesn't work from all
fones (presently it works from most).
	"How do i find the payfone's phone number ?  i thought you had to work
for telecom to find that out!"  YEA RIGHT!  The reason you cannot get the
number from 191231 is that it's category is payfone and IVS wont pass the
number back thus giving a negative message, (it still shock's me how little
we've progressed with computer generated voice since SAM on the c64).  Some ANI
numbers work from some payfones so it's worth trying them all,  why this is
i cannot say but i think it may be because the category isn't set correctly.
Telecard's list the payfone's phonenumber so if your desperate it's worth
getting one.  There's rumours that Telecom are stopping this soon but i've
heard no real evidence of this.  Also you can dial 001600 (this work's from
P1,  P2,  P7),  it will list SCANTS Sorseby or Broadway then list 3 number's,
the last 2 are the last 2 no's of the phonenumber.  From there work out the
prefix (from the area your in or often the cabinate no.) and ya only got 2
numbers to go (ie. 333-xx33) you can scan these OR if you know any other
payfone no's in the area try the same 2 digits as the missing one's (you'll
find some area's use a set pattern on all payfones).  001600 is a freecall 
but annoyingly request money before the call is placed (like 0014's).  Dial
the first 3 no's on the keypad and the rest with your tone-dialler to get
around this.  Rhen's written some interesting stuff 'bout 001600 so i'll
include it here:

[SCANTS - (not definite) Subscriber Communications Access Network T(?) 
System/s?  SCORSEBY or BROADWAY are two database systems set up by telecom
(once again, I'm not yet certain what for, but I am asking around) Both these
do the same thing, one is just a back up of the other. But the PP is just
telling you (assuming you are a telecom worker and want this info for id. of
the PP purposes), that the number is going through the SCORSEBY / BROADWAY
Database.  It is usefull to note which one it is when you do this as the
numbers from the same database are sometimes similar in parts.]

NOTE: Since time of writing, this method is becoming unreliable and only
      works in some areas.

	Following is a list of ANI's to get ya started (you may have noticed
that 1231 has changed to 191231,  this is due to austels new numbering 
plan 12 being the prefix for operators).

			08 1231           018 018 222
			02 19123          004 19123
			09 11544          131920 
			03 552 411        001661
			054 114           008 801234
            09 1113           09 1114

            Thanks goes to Dataphobia + Rye!!

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