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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: perthupd.txt

Perth, Australia Payphone Update

                           Perth Payphone Update
                           - Written by Ripmax -

   Heres another fine update to the Perth Payphone listing. Thanks to an
   anonymous user using the NC account on the BBS with a upload of other
   payphones from WA. The list did contain some  of  the  ones  released
   from previous NC issues.

   If there is anyreaders out there who have other payphone listings for
   Perth or infact any other state, please dont  hesitate to  forward it
   to me for release is a future issue  of the  magazine.  You  will  of
   course be credited for the information (unless you dont wish it).

   I've also noticed that quite a few payphones now report there number
   as 9300-**** so you cant actually get the number. Usually phones that
   are located in areas close to important buildings like court houses
   and police stations etc etc.

   * = New for this Issue.

   West Australia

 * 09-221-2642 Perth Train Station, Centre Platform Westrail
 * 09-221-2645 Perth Train Station, Payphone outside
   09-221-2748 Perth Train Station, Next to vending Machine on Main Platform
 * 09-221-3189 St.Georges Terrace, Inside Concert Hall
 * 09-221-3426 Perth Train Station, Outside Old Sinataras Pub [1/2]
   09-221-3427 Perth Train Station, Outside Old Sinataras Pub [2/2]
 * 09-221-3802 St.Georges Terrace, Facing to Law courts
 * 09-221-5702 Forrest Chase, Upper Walkway [1/2]
 * 09-221-5703 Forrest Chase, Upper Walkway [2/2]
   09-221-5886 Hay St Mall, Opposite Hoyts Cinema
   09-276-7645 Morley Area, Near Galleria
   09-300-0419 Jonndalup Train Station [1/2] (Closest to Ticket Counter)
   09-300-0417 Joondalup Train Station [2/2]
 * 09-316-1380 Applecross, Unknown
   09-316-2160 Garden City Shopping Centre, Food Hall near ATM Machine
 * 09-321-1971 Perth Bus Station, Stand alone
 * 09-321-1983 Perth Bus Station, Busport circle
 * 09-321-1986 Perth Bus Station, Busport circle
   09-322-4510 Murry St Perth (Opposite Fast Eddies/Zone3) [1/2]
   09-322-4512 Murry St Perth (Opposite Fast Eddies/Zone3) [2/2]
   09-325-8686 Hay St Mall, Cinema City End
 * 09-330-6101 Attadale, Unknown
   09-339-5277 Outside Red Rooster in East Fremantle
   09-339-8054 Action Food Barns East Fremantle Foyer
 * 09-367-8210 South Perth, Unknown
   09-384-7799 Perth Royal Show, Outside Robinson Pavillion and Red Rooster
 * 09-474-2053 South Perth, Unknown
 * 09-481-4159 St.Georges Terrace, Opposite Central Park Building
 * 09-481-4158 St.Georges Terrace, Singapore Air [1/2]
 * 09-481-4162 St.Georges Terrace, Singapore Air [2/2]
 * 09-481-4160 St.Georges Terrace, QV1 Building [1/2]
 * 09-481-4161 St.Georges Terrace, QV1 Building [2/2]
   09-490-3530 Gosnells Shopping Centre Carpark, Ashburton Road,Gosnells
 * 095-81-2657 Mandurah Town, Dower ST Mandurah

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