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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: perthpf.txt

Perth, Australia Payphone Update

                         - Perth Payphone Update -
                           - Written by Ripmax -

   Ok people heres a few more payphones in West Australia which those  of
   you who know what they are for will  appreciate.  I  also  grabbed  a
   South Australia number on my recent journey to South  Australia.  All
   new numbers for this issue are  marked  with a *.  We'll  continue to
   bring you more numbers in future issues.

   West Australia

   09-490-3530 Telecom Payphone
               Gosnells Shopping Centre Carpark, Ashburton Road,Gosnells

   09-322-4510 Telecom Payphone 1
               Murry St Perth (Opposite Fast Eddies/Zone3)

   09-322-4512 Telecom Card Phone 2
               Murry St Perth (Opposite Fast Eddies/Zone3)

   09-339-8054 Private Blue Phone
               Action Food Barns East Fremantle Foyer

   09-300-0419 Telecom Payphone 1 (Closest to Ticket Counter)
               Joondalup Train Station

   09-300-0417 Telecom Payphone 2
               Joondalup Train Station

   09-276-7645 Cant Remember
               Morley Area
   09-384-7799 Telecom Payphone
               Outside Red Rooster at Robinson Pavillion , Perth Royal Show
   09-221-3427 Telecom Payphone
               Outside Sinatras Pub, Perth Train Station
   09-221-2748 Telecom Payphone
               Next to vending Machine at Perth Train Station Main Platform
   09-325-8686 Telecom Payphone
               Hay St Mall (Cinema City End)
   09-221-5886 Telecom Payphone
               Hay St Mall (Opposite Hoyts Cinema)
   09-316-2160 Telecom Payphone
               Garden City Shopping Centre (Food Hall)
   09-339-5277 Telecom Payphone
               Outside Red Rooster in East Fremantle

   South Australia
   08-642-3447 Private Blue Phone
               BP Port Augusta (The Right One)

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