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Payphone Adventures

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                                                 Presents ....

                ::: The Secluded Payphone Saga :::

The Secluded Payphone Adventures in _ONE_FILE_! How awesome is
that? Well, let me tell you. You will no longer have to keep 
clicking the little "back" button on Opera so you can read
another payphone adventure - because its all right here! You'll
never have to waste precious minutes of your life searching for
"payphone adventure" so you can figure out where the hell we
hid all of the adventure files. *AND* as a special bonus, we had
Id, write up the last (maybe) issue of the secluded payphone saga!
So, we're saving you time, AND even giving you an extra issue!
Now, if you say thats not the best thing since turning bread to
toast, then erase this file and never visit Telco Inside again,
we dont need your file-raping ass hanging around us. Go away!

Without further ado, I present to you; the Secluded payphone saga.

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       / /__          The Key Pulse Newsletter           __\ \
      /  .-~                [ Issue 26 ]                 ~-.  \
     /.-~                                                   ~-.\
    /~                                                         ~\

The Secluded Pay Phone Adventures - Night Five
Written by: Subex -

    Well, now it's fuckin week 5 of our night out phreakin phones
to death, but did this week go great? Well lets cut tha bullshit,
and get down to story telling time.  Ok, it was around...uuhhhh,
8:45pm when I met Cuebiz at his house hoping he could score some
smokes from his old man, cuz I was fuckin shaken as hell,especially
when I haven't even smelt tobacco all week. So he got 2 ciggarettes
from his pops, headed out tha door with our phone book and boxes,
and start heading towards tha bus stop. This night, we were
gonna check tha answering machine's and voice mail's we owned the week
earlier, called up couple conferences, do some scannings and I was
planning on practicing my social engineering skills. So I was
like,"Fuck Yeah, this night is gonna be great cuz we got shit to do."

	So, it was around 9:05pm, and we were chillin at tha bus
stop as usaul. Smokin tha nerves down, and double checkin our boxes
and phone book, making sure we got it was workin right and got all
tha numbers organize in our book.  What we didn't know was that tha
bus was gonna come like an hour. SHIT! which was still cool cuz tha
night was still young, and we got shit to do. It was now around
10:20pm when we headed towards our secret phone booth. First thing
I did was pick it up and dial one random 1-800 number,and heard a
answering machine,Cool! entered random digits, and heard a machine
said, " You have three messages." FUCKIN-A! we now owned a answering
machine belonging to some photographer company.  Whats more exciting
was when I dial random numbers for tha second time and heard a
machine said, "Enter your 4 digit code follow by tha pound key."
Then I entered random numbers then heard,"Thank you." and heard
ringing. w0w! then I heard a pickup-15-seconds-of-breath-then-hangup.
Called again, then a lady picked up and said,"hello." that sounded
like she thought I was a stalker that was gonna kill her, so I just
hung up on that bitch, and asked Cuebiz for a smoke, but he was out,
cuz we smoked tha last 2 at tha bus stop.(See what happen when you're
bored) So we thought,"Fuck it let go chasen,tha night is still young."

	It was only 10:35pm, we headed to tha mini-mart across tha
street and started asking people to buy for us, with no luck,but fuck,
I wasn't gonna social engineer without me calming tha fuck down, I
mean I was thinking,"0h sweet tobacco..WHERE THA FUCK ARE YOU WHEN I
NEED YOU!." But luckily,tha mini-mart has payphones, we could phreak,so
we had to deal with those till we got our smokes. Phreaking wasn't so
bad I was crackin Easy-reach 1-800 and pranking who ever picked up,
scanning, found some weird ass rings,and tried to crack codes from
calling cards, but didn't bother to write down wat I have found cuz
I was so nervious.  But chasen was fuckin really BAD! fuck man, we
run into some folk that were lost and askin for directions,helped them
but wouldn't help us,Hell-man! we even run into a fat,fucked up,drunk
looking man but didn't realise he was a cop. FUCK! people around us
were so fuckin weird,it was pretty scary too. DAMN! it wasn't till
12:35am when we finally got our smokes.(subex note:tha guy that bought
us tha smokes was a fagget-ass-bitch DAMN! fuckin skinny ass punk kept
my change.) Shit! it was pretty late and Cuebiz kept getting pages from
his parents and shit, so we headed home. What even pissed us even more
was it wasn't till we were half way home that we realize that most of
tha shit we found that night was pretty interesting but didn't write it
down. We didn't even get tha chance to check out tha conference line,
FUCK! I didn't even get a chance to practice social engineering.
MAN!!...Wat a night...can it get any worse? :(


  ___ ___  _______  ___ ___
 /   Y   )(   _   \(   Y   ) 
 |   |  / |   l___||   |   | The secret Pay Phone Adventure #6         
 |   _  \ |   __) _ \_   _/  By: Subex -
 |   |   ||  l     | |   |   Http:// 
 l___|   ||________| l___|   

   Well, it our sixth night out phreakin, and believe me,this night,
I'm fuckin going perpared.(at least that wat it started out like)
It was 9:40pm, I picked up da phone, and called Cuebiz and said,
" You ready?" , " Yeah, meet at da bus-stop." said Cuebiz. So, got
dressed, grabed muh fonez book, walked out da door,put on muh kicks
,and sparked up a ciggarette.(like I said we was goin out perpared)
So, it was like 9:50pm, when I met cuebiz at the stop. As usaul,we
double check our shit, makin sure we was carry everything, and I
swore man, I checked da pack of muh smoke like 10 times, cuz I was
still haunted by the memory from last week.

   So, it was like 10:15pm when we arrive at our secret spot, So
I just picked up da phone and started scanning down muh list I had
out, after 5 boring scans and didn't found shit, I asked cuebiz to
stop by da mini-mart and buy some jolt. So he did, and while he was
goin to da mini mart, I kept on scanning, still didn't find shit,
even when Cuebiz came back, still didn't manage to find shit. So
I was like 10:40pm, when cuebiz wanted to scan, which I didn't mind
,cuz I couldn't find shit and I'm always sure Cuebiz gonna find shit
that we won't even fuckin know wat da shit is. So I was just kickin
back, smokin, and kept hearing Cuebiz sayin, " found a voice mail.",
" found a answering machine." ," found a carrier. " I was over there
replying to every response with "FUCK-YEAH!"  So it was gettin pretty
late, around 11:50pm, so we checked the shit we 0wN3d week before, cuz
we just ran out of time to crack the pin of da shit we found that
night. So, we checked it and kept hearing lousy messages,and then Cuebiz
checked out one of the "easy-reach 1-800 numbers" hoping to prank da owner
,but an answer machine came,but then Cuebiz cracked da machine too, and
started hearin a message about some tea party shit. LoL Then we just started
da journey walkin back home. As we were walkin home and heh, as usaul
smokin, and discussing our projects, and wat we were gonna do next week,
I fuckin just notice wat really ticks me off every night we go through
this, and that is walkin through da short cut and alway stepin on mud
and other wet shit. I mean, I just realize that it was impossible to
walk through da short cut out dry. And we walked through da neighborhood
peacefully without anybody fuckin with us, and without us having to fuck
somebody up.  So this night was cool, we got shit done, and all that
without hurting anyone. =)


Key Pulse Issue 58
The Secluded PayPhone Adventure - Night Eight
Written by: Cuebiz

   Its about 9:50 pm , I've had enough of waiting to use my own phone and 
decided to run my happy ass over to Subex's house. I reached there in good
time. When I got there, Subex was already in the middle of downloading
PERL (I kinda felt bad for disrupting his 30 minute download), We left his
house around 10:00 pm and once again, I did some running. We stoped about
20 feet away from the bus stop, Hoping that the bus doesn't come anytime 
soon, wanting to at least smoke one ciggerette before getting on the bus. 
Subex pulls out a ciggerette and I inform him that I have ONE left and that 
we can share this one until the bus comes and stuff. Well, I light it up and
what do we see? The BUS! Damn, We then run a little more till we get to the 
BUS stop and then jump on, there's only ONE other person on the bus, who
happens to be some filipino lady in a blue sweater.
   We get off the bus and then walk over to our secluded payphone. We notice
two 'shadowy' figuires in the distance but decide to shake it off. Subex
examines the computers of a nearby bank to see if their computers are turned
on, We see that they are indeed 'on' but have those 'blinker' screen savers.
We walk a little more and get to our secluded payphone. 

   We start everything off by checking SOME of answering machines, I take 
notes off one thats located in Texas and erase all of their messages. We 
then play around on the phone a little, Subex does a little review of his
notebook as do I. He calls a couple numbers, And then turns to the page 
where he marked a VMB that we'd hacked about a week or two before. We try to
check it but, come to the wierd conclusion that it's been disconnected. I
then show Subex a Voice Mail System that I've gained 'ADMIN' access to. He
checks out the admin options and then hangs up the phone. We play around 
with Frontier Comm's system and get tired of that fairly fast. I then call
up a WATS number that I've had for a while, I thought it was a conf but, It
turned out to be a Voice-BBS that was kinda confusing (I'll explain what it
is in another issue). I show subex the line and we end up hanging it up. I 
then check another one of my answering machines and get a little disapointed 
to see that it doesn't have ANY messages. Subex treats me once again to a 
bottle of JOLT (I spent the last of my money on some chic with a pair of 
killer blue eyes). I go in 7-11 to buy the JOLT and there's these two girls
(I say 'girls' because thats what they ARE) standing in line in front of me,
one of them compliments me on my black nail-polish as the cashier points to
the LCD screen on the register which states that it costs 2.06 for both 
bottles of JOLT, I hand the cashier 2.10 and walk out of the store (Whats
the use in waiting for 4 fricken cents?). The 'girls' who were standing in
front of me were now sitting in a car and they offer me a ride home, I turn
them down without any explanation and dissapear into the darkness. 
   We would play with the phones for a while longer before we notice a car
drive near us VERY slowly. Its a trip and I sorta got a little paranoid.
A man that I didn't even notice before then comes walking toward us with two
HUGE dogs, a Rot. and a German Shepard (Nice pure-breeds). He starts trying
to get our attention by whistling at us and then decides to walk toward us.
He questions us about WHAT we're doing there and Subex says that we're just
waiting for our 'ride' to come and pick us up. He asks us if we'd seen the
secuirity gaurd and Subex points in the direction of the back of the other 
building. He then dissapears behind a building. As he comes back, He flags 
down a bus and starts talking to the driver for a while. Before we know it,
There's a siren going off. Out of curiosity, Subex and I walk over to see
what just happened (we were LESS than 15 feet away), We see that someone had
started a dumpster fire. I ask the dude with the two dogs if he saw if it 
was a BIG fire or what, He says it looks like it was 'BIG' and then Subex
throws his lit ciggerette on the ground, saying,"I didn't do nothing". Subex
and I talk about the fire and how we suspect the car that we'd seen earlier
would be our PRIME suspect in this fire. The three fireman who put out the 
fire took about ten minutes, and left the scene all wet and burnt about 
12:10. The dude with the two dogs leaves in a truck and then we stick around
for a while before we start heading back home.
   We wait about fifteen minutes and then start walking home (damn, one of 
us needs a car, quickly!). Everything is usual (you know, walking through
the BIG ASS field and getting wet and muddy from the water the sprinkler had
left behind). About half of the way home, I notice something I've never seen
before, a stray rabbit. Thats right, a rabbit in an area like ours. I think
that it escaped from some house but, noone really cared to catch it yet (or
noone CAN catch it). Well, thats about it, We get home and I end up hacking
yet another Shiva-LAN Rover and then go to sleep at about 3:50 am.


Key Pulse Issue 59
The Secluded payphone Adventure - Write up #32
Written by: Cuebiz - March 3rd 2001

  Its around 7:00pm and Subex gives me a phone call, we'd made plans the day 
before to take another PayPhone bus trip and so, well, I missed his call and
had to call him back at around 7:20pm, we then agreed to meet at a middle
ground bus stop at 7:30pm or so. Seeing how iresponsible Iam, I was obviously
late, but this time, I suprised myself by me making us miss the bus by a mere
10 seconds. We waited for the next bus while we each tore open a pack of smokes
and sat. The bus took about half an hour to arrive and we were off. The bus
ride took a miraculous 45 minutes and the time seemed to fly by once Subex 
handed me some reading material (some guys compilation of hacking tfiles).

  We got off at a secluded bus stop where we walked through a dark alley. We
are elite ninjas so, we aren't scared of any thugs trying anything, because
we'll kick their asses before they even thought of a first move! Anyways, I
took a picture of a grave site, and we were off walking again. Subex kept
letting it be known that he had to take a leak (off the subject but at least
you people know that I pay attention). After walking for about 15 minutes, we
then walked into another dark alley where we encountered two fellows that
seemed to be either drunk or looking for a fight. They didn't follow us so,
we didn't have to use our elite ninja powers on them. We walked and walked
and walked until we passed an old childrens playground. What seemed funny
was that after we walked for about 4 meters away from it, we heard two voices
laughing. Please not that this is 10:**pm~! and there were practically NO
houses in site. Anywho, we passed several gas stations that were totally empty
and then finally encountered civilization, I wanted to take a picture near
a cafe, but we were too far away once my camera's flash loaded. Our next stop
was a neighborhood bookstore that luckily sold this seasons 2600. We read some
magazines, mostly of which had the word "Linux" in them. Subex went on to find
a magazine that sold a CPU with little luck. The same luck was for me, looking
for an old Intel chip. After soaking up some info from whatever we read, we
decided to hit the road once again. After walking for a while, we walked past
a bum sleeping on the sidewalk. I had an idea and went back. I pulled out my
camera, waited for the "flash" to powerup, pointed and took a picture of him
fast asleep, or at least thats what I thought. He opened his eyes once I took
the picture and then started to stand up. He took one look at me and yelled,
"hey!", I quickly let out a, "Oh fuck!", and ran! I ran as fast as I could.
When I ran up to Subex, he saw the old fat bum chasing me and we both ran. We
could of used our elite ninja powers on him, but he was fat, and he I had a
hunch that our elite ninja powers would of only stunned him. We ran into a
gas station snack shop and bought sodas, all the while watching out for our
new stinky friend. This is when we kinda took the hint that we should start
heading for home, since it was 11:50pm, and the bus ride should take about an
hour or longer to get us home. We waited, and waited and waited. Until finally
our bus got there. When I first walked on, there was a drag-queen, a white guy
wearing slacks and red socks, and several old people. I found an empty seat,
and let out a sigh. Our adventure was almost done. The drag-queen was talking
to the bus driver about a wedding that they'd never been to, and the rest of
the bus kept quiet (because others were sleeping). The bus ride seemed boring
and I cought myself falling asleep about 8 or 9 times. When the bus was close
enough to where we first began our adventure, we got off the bus. I lit up
yet another ciggerette (this being my 11th ciggerette for the night), and we
headed for home. The walk home was pretty quiet, except for our ussual hacker
talk, and some "Do you know what I think is funny?" type of conversation. . .
  We were cold, wet from rain, and tired/exhausted, there was no way that I
could of gone online that night. Once I got home, I let out another sigh, lit
up another ciggerette, and went straight to my comfortable bed right after,
the time being close to 2:45am (whoa boy, that was an exhausting trip).

Conclusion: It was pretty much worth the trip, and the picture I took of the
bum is available from either Subex or I through IRC or email.

-- EOT


       ___        /  /\    
      /__/\      /  /::\    The Secluded payphone Adventure
      \__\:\    /  /:/\:\   Write up #33, The Final issue (maybe)
      /  /::\  /  /:/  \:\  Written by Id
   __/  /:/\/ /__/:/ \__\:| 
  /__/\/:/~~  \  \:\ /  /:/ Hit up the LJ:
  \  \::/      \  \:\  /:/  Http://
   \  \:\       \  \:\/:/   
    \__\/        \__\::/

  First time for me (Id), many of times for cuebiz and subex. At about 
10:00 we'd have planned to meet at 10:00PM at the somewhat near 
secluded phone area. I'm walking out of the building to the meeting 
place and notice two people walking by one of which I noticed, so I 
said "yo cue" and we greeted each other and what not and I met subex.

  So we continue to walk on to which I don't know where the location of, 
until we got to the Secluded Phone itself that I've read so much about.

  We kicked it there and started talking, talking about life and its greatness 
while cuebiz and subex spark up some smokes often. So we're just sitting 
there exchanging stories though I'm a quiet person most of the time and 
don't know as much about certain subjects, so I just listen and learn from 
their stories. As it continued on subex was like "damn we're out of smokes, 
lets go to the store so we head off to the store to buy drinks (jolt;
Razor&Blade: jolt cola, the drink of the elite hacker)/smokes and what not 
and return to isolation. It started to get windy and I thought it was going 
to rain but it didn't really. So the talk continues and Cuebiz tells me about 
this theory from this book about Life, the Human Race. Now cuebiz is explaining 
this blown out story to me while subex and I were listening, about a few types 
of human species who breed together to make this superior type of species of 
human who are known as the "illuminati"(the supposed group who runs everything, 
the world). And he's explaining these facts of how the human race lives up to 
a point of destruction then relives itself and always finds these previous 
objects of metal in stone/fossils which could only make one wonder. I think 
subex chose this as his new religion right there, it was pretty convincing/
sense making. 

  By this time its around 1:00AM when a security guard comes around to 
tell us we cannot be in the vicinity, so we head to the bus stop and wait for 
the next bus to come.We talk alittle more there till it comes like an hour 
later. And then i'm off on the bus trip to see alot of cops/fighting going on 
at some beach, got home at like 2:30AM.


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