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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: nortel.txt

Nortel Millenium Payphones

= Nortel Millennium Payphones By: ^CircuiT^ =

Well for you people out there that don't know what a millennium pay
phone looks like, I'll start out by telling you. There are many
different types of millennium payphones and none of them look the same,
so instead of siting here and trying to describe them all I have a few
pictures with this file. The most common Millennium payphone is the
M1231 and since it is the most common that is the one I will talk about
most in this file. For the rest of them look at the end of this file.
The M1231 is black with a silver front and a two line LED screen that
can be reprogrammed to say other things, such as "Mr. T was here" but
ill be getting into the reprogramming of that a bit later. Under the LED
screen there are four buttons the first two control the volume. The next
one controls the languages, for example English to Spanish or English to
French. For you people in Canada and the last button hangs up your in
order to make another call. At the top of the phone it's blue and at the
bottom there is a yellow card reader for smart cards, credit cards, and
other calling cards such as MCI calling cards. Just above the yellow
card reader there are five more buttons that the owner/local phone
company can program to do what ever they want. There are two different
versions of the M1231 ver1.0 does not have a RJ-11 jack but the ver2.0
does. The RJ-11 jack is there so you can plug your laptop into the phone
and connect to the Internet. (The M1231 ver2.0 is mostly in airports)

Well know that you know what they look like let's get into the security
of the pay phone. It has four keyholes as you might have seen by just
looking at it. The two keyholes on the top and left-hand side of the
phone are for changing the LED screen. There is another keyhole under
neather the yellow card reader that is for changing the coin box and on
the side of the coin box there is yet another keyhole, you need both
keys to open the coin box.

You will also need an access code (or pin) to get to the coin box (this
is not yet confirmed). Another little bit of security the phone has is
an alarm some are silent and some are a loud beep. When the alarm is set
off the phone calls a set number and notifies them that there is a
problem. There are some security rumors flying around, such as there is
a tracking device in the phone and that if a phone stolen and then
hook-up to a new phone line it will automatically call a set number.

Ok, now that you know about the phones security and how to open it, lets
get into the internal hardware workings of the phone. Unlike other
payphones the Nortel Millennium payphone has a built in computer and
modem the computer is called the "Millennium Manager" and it keeps a log
of every call made form the phone including  (800, 888, 877, 911, 611,
411, 311, and 0). It also keep track of how the person paid for the call
( collect, card, cash), and also keeps tabs on how many coins are in the
coin box and if anything else goes wrong in the phone such as the card
reader or LED screen it calls a set number and tells them, and a log of
every time the phone is opened or the coin box is opened or if someone
changes the display screen. A tool called the "Millennium Maximizer"
accesses all this but not much is yet known about this. So as I get that
information I will release it. On to the yellow card reader. Once you
have opened the phone you should be able to remove the yellow card
reader with stander tools such as a screwdriver...etc. Once you have the
yellow card reader you should be able to hook it up to your home
computer and read cards with it but with what software I don't know.
Some people say that you can modify cards with it as well but I have
seen nothing that would indicate that. Ok now that all that stuff is out
of the way lets talk about that little two line LED sign. To change the
display this is what you must do first: You will need two keys one for
the top and the one for the left-hand side. After unlocking them you
will have to enter an access code (or pin) from the keypad. (If you
don't enter the pin an alarm will sound.) Then you can remove the top
part of the phone in side you will find a port that you can plug in a
Millennium Maxmizer. That is all the information I have on the LED
display at this time but as new information comes to light I shall
update this file.

Ok people, we've made this far so let get straight into the software
aspect of the phone starting off with the Millennium Manager. The
Millennium Manager is the program the phone's computer runs, it keep
track of everything as I said above and that's all I know at this point
about the manager. Now onto the Opcodes. Opcodes are short strings of
number that are pre-set functions on Millennium payphones but you must
correctly enter a pin before you have the chance to input an Opcode. I
have heard from other people that you can dial 2541965 or yet another
code that is CRASERV or in numbers 2727378 with the hook down. After you
dialed it you should be asked for an access code (or pin). One known pin
is 25563. After you entered the PIN you could enter any Opcode.

Here are a list of opcodes:

267# Answer detect
274# Display brightness control (down?)
277# Display brightness control (up?)
349# Unknown
636# memory access
688# Unknown
66666# motor sound prompts to open phone - probably coin removal
996# error has occurred.

(Please note these codes are what people have told me I have not getten
them to work.)

Some other software aspects of the phone is the fake dial tone, its only
a recording. You would know this if you ever picked one up cause you
hear the fake dial tone and some op telling you to "insert your card".
So what happens is you dial the number your calling put your money in
and the computer dials it so you never get the chance to hear a real
dial tone. You might be asking yourself if I don't ever hear a real dial
tone can I box a call off a millennium phone. The answer is yes and no.
Yes you can box local calls, I do it all the time just hit 0 for the op
and tell her the phone's keypad is messed up and ask her to dial for you
then drop in your  tones. The No is for boxing long distances calls, the
Op's don't really like it when you put in $3.50 in fake coins.

One of the most fun things I have found about the millennium phone is
that you can use it as a DTMF decoder. It's really simple to all you do
is take you recorded DTMF tone to the phone and play them really loud
into the month piece of the phone the numbers will show up on the LCD
screen and there you go, you got a DTMF decoder.

Well we have covered a hole lot about the millennium payphone but theres
still a little bit to cover like the fact that millennium phones have a
ringer but never ring. The reason for this is because if you call a
millennium phone you will one of about four different msg saying things
like " this line is for out going calls only " or " the number  *** -
**** is out of serves ". The reason Nortel did this was because they
didn't want drug dealers hanging out by the phone waiting for a call. If
you act like a really nice person you can call the op and ask her to
call you back on it "but wait a min you said they cant get incoming
calls". Well they can but only from an op see when you call her this
pop's up on her screen 0 (+) MIL_UNIV or 0 (+) MIL_CARD plus your
location so she thinks why call them back? But if you convince her who
knows you might of made that phone ring for the first time ever.

Ok now that we are done with everything lets talk about all the other
millennium phones. Well since I haven't used any of these phone yet, so
I don't have much to talk about so I put in here what Nortell has to say
about there phone from there web page and if your reading this out of
the zip you got pictures with this file. Enjoy.

The M1000

Public communications access terminals need to be ready for the future
-- even if they accept only coins today. The Millennium M1000 Coin Basic
Terminal is an ideal solution for low-revenue sites because it keeps the
door open to future expansion by allowing you to add options quickly and
easily in the field. For example, you can install a 2-line x
20-character illuminated display that can help you generate new sources
of revenue. And to further increase payphone usage, you can add the
optional card reader. Driven by Millennium Manager, this payphone
workhorse protects your investment and revenue stream with electronic
coin validation, anti-fraud capabilities and anti-vandalism features.

The M1131

This terminal is the perfect solution for service providers who want to
offer advanced public communications access while eliminating the cost
of handling coins. The Millennium M1131 Card Only Terminal handles card
transactions with ease allowing customers to use a variety of cards,
including calling cards, credit cards, cash cards and smart cards. Card
customization programs provide another opportunity to further
differentiate yourself from the competition by making branding and image
advertising possible. And like all Millennium terminals, the Card-Only
Terminal offers intelligent features such as call statistics,
self-diagnostics and alarms, store-and-forward routing, voice prompts
and call rating. Simple to install and maintain, these terminals are
backed by the powerful, fault-tolerant Millennium Manager.

The M1231

The More payment options mean more customers. From coins to calling
cards, credit cards, cash cards and smart cards -- the Millennium M1231
MultiPay Terminal accepts them all. And with so many options, gaining
and retaining customer loyalty is as simple as picking up the phone.
Millennium MultiPay Terminals are changing the scope of customer
expectations and the future of public payphones.         The RJ-11 data
jack provides Internet access and enables data calls. A scrolling
display can double as a billboard for advertising and cross-selling
promotions. Quick Access Keys speed revenue generation and allow
customers to access their choices quickly. Busy lobbies, cafeterias,
convenience stores and parking lots are just a few of the many sites
where MultiPay Terminals easily reach their earning potential.

The M1241

This advanced terminal can offer consumers more choices, added
convenience and access to the power of the network. It's the ideal
platform, allowing smart cards, credit cards and calling cards to drive
increased usage and revenue. Configured with the RJ-11 integrated data
jack, the Millennium M1241 MultiPay/MultiApplication Terminal lets you
offer easy access to network services, e-mail and the Internet to
attract callers with laptop computers. Not only can you reap additional
revenues from the computer calls themselves, the terminal's flashing
display and Quick Access Keys let you cross-sell your products and
services to callers during data transactions. Or you can lease displays
and Quick Access Keys to third-party advertisers for additional revenue.
The M1241 Terminal also features downloadable code, which allows you to
make changes and upgrade services without a site visit.

The M1245

This consumer-friendly terminal can provide information to your
customers with a touch of a button -- while increasing your revenue.
With its large graphical display, this terminal becomes much more than a
payphone to attract people on the move. It's an electronic billboard.
Ideal for any high-traffic site or any retail delivery location, the
M1245 MultiApplication Terminal is loaded with features -- but
uncluttered and easy to use. And it accepts coins as well as cards for
added convenience and customer appeal. An 8-line x 20-character
easy-to-read display catches the attention of passersby, providing a
strong promotional and advertising medium. Soft keys support interactive
phone-based transactions. And graphical images that change whenever the
receiver goes on-hook or off-hook entice the customer to interact -- all
at the touch of a button.

The M1361 Millennium

Offers an attractive alternative for nontraditional payphone locations,
such as a waiting room table, lobby counter or the wall in a VIP lounge.
With its distinctive style and small footprint, the Millennium Desk Set
delivers all the features, convenience, reliability and security you
find in Millennium wall-mounted terminals. And it becomes a mobile
office -- or home away from home - by providing an advanced card reader
along with an RJ-11 data jack so callers can plug in a laptop computer.
An illuminated display and Quick Access Keys tell the customer this is
more than just a phone. Caller-controlled features such as language
selection, volume control and a Next Call button make using this
terminal a comfortable, hassle-free experience.

The M1400 and M1410 Millennium

offers correctional facilities what they need most -- flexibility and
control of inmate communications. Powerful phone monitoring and
reporting capabilities provide on-line access to management information.
That means you can adjust payphone functions - such as curfew periods,
call duration, and changes to call screening lists or personal
identification numbers (PINs). And you can make these changes without
having to call your service provider. The Millennium Inmate System also
tackles phone fraud and illegal activities head-on with capabilities
that provide unprecedented control over payphone access and usage. And
self-diagnostics built into each Millennium Inmate Terminal virtually
eliminate out-of-service situations.

The Millennium Kiosk

Represents a new way for you to reach your customers at all times,
allowing you to deliver email accessibility, web browsing, online
services, the printing of items such as tickets or vouchers and more.
The Kiosk's advanced design offers robust and ergonomic terminals
designed for public use, with open application delivery platforms that
feature non-proprietary, standards-based architecture. Plus, they are
easy to maintain with network-based administration that allows the
centralized management and updates of terminals. You can use the Kiosk
to take advantage of your Internet and Call Center applications knowing
that customers can use this public communications device to access your
organization. That can mean more revenue for you because your business
never closes and can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Here is some information and phone number about Nortel that I think some
people out there might like. There full Corporate name is Nortel
Networks Corporation. They have Stock Exchanges on New York, Toronto and
London stock exchanges. The 1998 Revenues were US $17.6 billion and the
1998 Earnings were US $1.07 billion. They Employ Approximately 70,000
people worldwide. The CEO is John Roth (President and Chief Executive
Officer). The CFO is Frank A. Dunn (Senior Vice President and Chief
Financial Officer). The CIO is Keith Powell (Chief Information Officer).
The CMO is John A. (Ian) Craig (Executive Vice President and Chief
Marketing Officer). The CTO is Bill Hawe (Senior Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer).

The Corporate Headquarters is at

8200 Dixie Road, Suite 100
Brampton, Ontario L6T 5P6

1-800-263-7412         Bell Canada Millennium (Help Line)
1-800-567-2448         Bell Canada Millennium (Test Line)
1-800-461-1747         Bell Canada Millennium (Voice Test)
1-800-461-1879         Bell Canada Millennium (Data Test)
1-800-772-2141         Bell Canada Millennium (Setshop)
1-800-668-4862         Bell Canada Millennium (Coin)
1-800-466-7835         Millennium sales representative
1-214-684-5930         Millennium sales representative
1-416-748-2694         Bell Canada, Pay phone Department

Well that's all I hope you enjoyed the file and you get some good use
out of it. I would like to dedicate this file to my loving girlfriend
without her support I could not of made this happen. I would also like
to thank all the people who helped me along the way with this file you
know who you all are. If anyone wants to contact me E-mail me at:

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