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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: nopay.txt

How to get Free Local Calls on New Payphones

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  |         How to Get Free Local Calls on New Pay Phones           |
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  |                             by                                  |
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  |                         Cyber Thief                             |
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  |                           4/98                                 |
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 This is a simple technique that does not involve nails, paper clips, Red 
Boxes, or other items that probably won't work anyway. Interested? Good, 
let's get started....


* The number for 1-800-COLLECT 
* A pay phone that accepts incoming calls


 Dial 1-800-COLLECT, 1-800-CALLATT or 1-800-BELLSOUTH, and follow the normal
procedure for making a collect call. When the recording asks for your name
quickly and clearly say "This is <insert your name> call me back at  
<insert pay phone number>! Now you hang up the phone and wait. The rest is 
up to the called party. If he/she is smart they'll reject the collect call 
charges and call you back at the pay phone. If the call is local, the pay 
phone charge is avoided! 


Automated Collect Operator: "Say your name after the tone.....BEEP!"

Caller: "This is Jon, call me back at 555-5555".

A Few Notes:

* Be sure to let the called party know in advance not to accept any collect
  calls from you when using this technique. 

* To find the pay phone number, look at the card on the phone. It should 
  tell you what the number is. If you can't find the number, try dialing an 
  ANAC to find the information you need.

* This trick won't work if the pay phone you're calling from is a COCOT or 
  doesn't accept incoming calls. The card on the phone will usually say
  something like "Outgoing calls only" or "Incoming calls blocked". If this
  is the case, move on. 

* Do not place your collect calls through a live operator when using this


 Well, that about raps it up! I imagine Bell could defeat this by not 
listing the pay phone number, or limiting the recording time you have after 
the beep. Although you can get the pay phone number easily by dialing an 
ANAC, and most collect call services give you ample time so you can pretty 
much say what you want.
 I'm not exactly sure how legal this is, although it doesn't sound good. 
So, watch your back!




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