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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: mill_o~1.txt

Nortel Millennium Specs

Nortel Millennium payphones
originally printed in OCPP 7
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Millennium payphones are the top of the line phones.  You usally see 
these phones in hotels and airports.  These phones have everything. 
You can even have advertisements on the scrolling display screen.  As 
you would expect, they also have some of the most advanced fraud 
protection features.

Millennium Desk Terminals

The Desk phone series are found in hotels and large businesses.  
They don't use coins so it's a lot cheaper to run.  It's also harder 
to phreak cuz it validates the card instead of you typing in pin 
numbers.  The coolest thing about it is that it has a data jack so you 
can hook up laptop.


Weight - 3.3 pounds

Operating temperature - 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Non operating temperature - -40 to 70 degrees Celsius

Line Requirements - Standard analog loop with answer supervision using 
battery reversal


RJ-11 data jack
This let's the you connect a computer so you can access email and 
other services.

Self Diagnostics

This allows the phone to monitor it's operation.  But unlike other 
phones that just tells you what's going, this phone actually does 
something about it.  The phone calls the nearest service center when 
it needs attention.  That's pretty damn cool. "Yeah Joe, your phone 
called me today.  Said somethin about some Phone Punx reprogramming 
the display screen".

Quick Access Keys

These are one touch keys that allow you to access security, local 
businesses, and other services.  These keys can be programmed to dial 
a free or a paid call.

Vacuum Fluorescent Display

This is what I talked about before.  The screen gives you instructions 
on how to use the phone.  It can also be programmed to display ads.

Language Select Key

This key allows callers to choose the primary or alternate language. 
The primary language is always English.  The primary language can be 
either Spanish, French, or Japanese.  This changes audio and visual 

Voice Prompts

Voice Prompts gives you dialing instructions.  The prompts are recorded 
and not synthesized.

Next Call Key

This key makes it easy to place a multiple calls with the same card.  
I guess it's a bitch to keep putting the card back in and setting it 
back up.  You can also use this if you screw up when dialing.

Specific Models of Desk terminals

Desk Terminal with Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

This phone has a Magnetic Stripe Card Reader so the caller can pay for 
the call with a credit card or a calling card.  

Desk Terminal with Multi Card Reader

This phone has a Multi Card Reader so that the caller can use a credit 
card, calling card, smart card, or cash card.  The smart card and cash 
card are known as integrated circuit or chip card. These cards are 
pre-paid cards and the phone subtracts the amount of credit you used 
and stores the value on the card.

Millennium Multi-Pay Terminals

Multi-Pay Terminal is just a fancy name for a payphone that accepts a 
variety of payment methods.  This phone looks like your normal bell 
style phone except it has a card reader, display screen, and all the 
other buttons that I will talk about.  Unlike the Desk Terminals, 
these phones except coins.


Weight - 42 pounds

Operating temperature - -40 to 60 degrees Celsius
Non-Operating temperature - -50 to 70 degrees Celsius

Line requirements - Standard analog loop with answer supervision using 
battery reversal.


Multi-Pay Terminals have many of the same features that the Desk 
Terminals have.  Therefore, I will not add a description of the similar 
features because I will just be repeating myself.

Language Select Key

Voice Prompts

Self Diagnostic System

Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Next Call Key

Quick Access Keys

Multi-Card Reader

Recessed Coin Slot

The Recessed Coin Slot can except all US coins including $1 coins.

Electronic Coin Validator

The Electronic Coin Validator is equipped with a sensor to prevent the 
use of slugs of foreign coins

Specific Models of Multi-Pay Terminals (MPT)

MPT with multi card reader

This phone accepts coins, smart chip, and magnetic stripe cards.  It 
can also accommodate future card technologies.

MPT with smart card reader

This phone can accept coins and smart chip cards.

MPT with magnetic stripe card reader

This phone can accept coins, calling cards, and credit card.

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