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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: mill_npa.txt

Millennium COCOTS by Lucky225

        	      *The NPA Tech. Journals*
		      *        Presents      *
        	      *	  millennium cocots  *
	      	      *      By: Lucky225    *
Millennium Cocots:

The Millennium Cocots, perhaps the most "feared" of all payphones by
phone phreaks.  This payphone has it's ups and it's down's.  Most phone
phreaks would surely think that this payphone has "High-Tech security 
features", and maybe it does.  In this file I will explain my 
experiences with the NPA 909 members, exploring the millennium's.

The Ringer:

Unlike most cocots the millennium payphone well ring when you call it.  However, the ringer
is not "electric", or connected to the payphones electricity.  Instead it is connected to the
phone line it's self, so if the payphone were to have a power outage you could still call the

The Display:

The Display is powered by 220v electricity, this electricity also goes to the "computer" inside
the phone, so if there were a power outage the display would not light up.  Also it is believed
that there is a code you can enter that well bring up a menu on the display, i have seen this 
menu before when a lineman entered the code, however i was not interested in millennium payphones
at the time and forgot about it.  It is reason to believe that there is a differen't code for 
every payphone, because I tried a U.S. West code i got from a friend and it did nothing, he tried
it on another U.S. West phone and said it didn't work on the other phone but it always worked on
this one particular phone.


In the above paragraph i mentioned about a certain "code" that can bring you to a menu if you are
wondering how to program the speed dial buttons you would, in therory, need the code and then you
would just go threw the menu till it ask you what button to program and then you'd hit the button
and key in a number and hit another button and it would store the number.  Also if you take the 
button case off there's a lil green button im not sure what it's for, i think it's a reset button.
Loop Detection:

If you were to cut the electricity or there were a power outage, the screen would go blank,
however when you picked up the handset you would here a dial tone.  This dial tone is the actual
dial tone from the phone line.  The cocot has powerout and loop detection, if the payphones 
power goes out and you dial 1+any other number you would here a click the second you hit the 
next number on the keypad and then another dial tone(the payphone hung up when you tried to call long 
distance.  But if you dial 1+8(the payphone wont hang up yet)+0(still hasn't hung up)+0+xxx-xxxx
it wont hang up because as you can see you dialed a 1-800 number (same goes for 888 and 877 
numbers on some of the newer millenniums, same goes for 911 calls).  If you dial any other key 
on the keypad first besides 1 such as 7 for example it well hang up.  You can not use rotary 
method to get around this.  A tone dialer well work if the mic is not cut, but the payphone
has Loop detection so when the party answers, the payphone well check for any money in the 
hopper, if there is no money in the hopper it well hang up as soon as the party answers.
Now of course you could dial a local number over and over till they *69, but trust me that takes
a while, and the NPA does not support toll fraud, and besides if they *69 you and don't have 
*69 service it would cost the person 75 cents, might as well call collect.


Little is known about these new millennium phones, i have a websight that i update every
once in a while its at, if you have anything you
would like to contribute to millennium payphones please email me at and I
will add more information in a later file and give you thanks. Peace.

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