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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: mill_i~2.txt

Lots of info about the Nortel Millennium

|NorTel Millennium:The Canadian Pay phone pelage that is spreading world 

     French: Millennium*
     A product line consisting of three public telephone sets developed
     by Bell Canada and Northern Telecom Limited. These sets include:
     the card reader, which accepts credit cards and calling cards; the
     universal, which accepts credit cards and coins; and the coin-only
                 *Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited>>

Wanna see how much Nortel brags?

          <<Advanced Public Communications Access System

     Millennium is more than a pay phone. Millennium is an
     advanced public communications access system
     developed by Nortel--the world leader in digital
     communication. This family of intelligent, display-based
     terminals takes you beyond yesterday's technology.
     You can offer consumers new communications
     capabilities--with more convenience, security, and
     choices than ever before. >>

First of all, this is just for reading material, do any of this
stuff and get cought, its your own tush. WRAITH Tech takes no
Responsibility of what you do. What I'm saying is DON'T DO IT.

  The NorTel Millennium Pay phone. What is it? It is the Pay phone
That has been popping up more and more in Canada Until most of the
pay phones in Canada will be these evil Millennium phones. I know
phreakers in the USA, so they have never seen these phones before,
a lot of Canadian phreakers know more than the American phreakers about
these phones so Canadian should teach them a lesson (Just joking)
I have been in Vancouver airport recently, and I counted approximately 
1/25 pay phones were NOT millennium pay phones, which is very bad!).
These new phones, for the
phone company, have got rid of most of the old problems, but brought
in a few new. But mostly just got rid of the old problems. We will get
into that more later. What NorTel means is Northern Telecommunications
which is a company who specializes in making products such as this 

This phone sucks the world for phreakers. This Pay phone has new 
such as LCD display, and the cord for the  receiver comes out of
the top of the phone, instead of the middle. It also has a yellow
card reader. This thing isn't well secured. Rip it out with a screw
driver and needle nose pliers. I have heard that this has a small
battery in it that sends a FM signal to home in on if you steal it
I am sure this is bull shit, I have tore apart a few of these
things and never found one, but somewhere out there, there may be
phones with FM transmitters in the card reader, if you ever find
one, take out the battery and get it as far away from you as
possible, also e-mail me and tell me about it. To see a Nortel
pay phone go to in
El_Jefe's cool pay phone page so you know what they look like.

First let's see why this pay phone is different than most other 
pay phones. When you pick up the receiver, you hear a dial tone, 
but this is no ordinary dial tone, this is a recording! This 
dial tone is so fake, after 5 seconds of listening to it 
will ask you to put your card, or your money in. Also the real
dial tone is muted, so if you cut off the supply of the fake one, you
don't get the real one. Also this pay phone is close to un-red-boxable.
This is because the tones from the DTMF pad are stored in the computer
until you are done dialing and the money goes in and the red box
tones are played as soon as the person answers on the other side.
On a normal phone the tones are played when you put your money in.
The only other way to red box is to use the stupid operator way 
(They are stupid). There is a computer inside the phone (and its no
little calculator) to tell what you are putting in, not the 
normal way by using a magnet and a size reader.

This is much more accurate, for example, you cant put 
slugs or piss down there to make it think that you are using quarters.
A new feature is that you can use loonies, but no toonies. And 
Don't count on it giving you change. There are 3 different types of 
Millennium pay phones, the one that you can only use a card, which are
called (oddly enough) a card phone, the other card and coins this 
is called a universal millennium, and the last one is weird, it is
called a desk top. You can plug your lap top in and It doesn't
even look like a millennium. I am not a hacker, so I cannot give you 
too much info on what you can do with these. Got a stolen credit card?
Or calling card? Want to use it? Go for it, but, like I said before,
this sucker has a computer in it and if the card is stolen, and 

it will know (check over telephone actually), and alert the CO and the
CO will phone the cops and WHAM, busted. But that's only if you sit
around the phone all night like a retard and try it for 30 minutes
until the cops get there. Some phreaker you are! If you put a card
in and walk away, you will hear a low pitched loud buzzing noise,
and the LCD display will say, 'Please Remove Your Card' And if you
pick up, some drunk sounding operator will say the same thing. 

Now that we are talking about the LCD display, lets go more into it,
that little plastic cover that looks 0.5mm thick, is actually about 1/2
and inch thick, and it is hard to burn through it with a lighter, or
a smoke. There is a button below the screen, the 3rd one that is blank,
one changes the instructions from English to French and vice versa.
thanks to Syko here are some codes, and here is how you use them, with
the hook down, punch in 2727378, this is a pin number, then you need 
to dial an access code, one of them might be 25563, but there might be
more than one. Here are some op codes, if you find any more access codes
or pin codes, or op codes you should share them any way:

267 # Answer detect
274 # Display brightness control (down?) 
277 # Display brightness control (up?) 
349 # Unknown - Someone know this one? 
636 # Memory Access
688 # Unknown - Possibly the "Out of Service" message 
66666 # Motor sound, prompts to open phone--Probably coin removal 
996 # "Error has occurred"

I do believe that the pin number is a software number, not hard, this 
that Your phone company can change it any time they want from their 
evil little offices with out going to the phone and opening it up, for
the others, I have no clue. If you want to say some thing on the key pad
like "BELL CAN SUCK..." you must open up the phone and get a mini key 
board and plug it in, you might need another code here too.

Lets talk about what you can dial on these phones. By law you are able 
dial 800's, 888's, 877's, and also 911, 411, 611, 311, and zero (and any
others I forgot.). If you are going to 'pay' you can phone local, long
distance, and over seas (011). What you cant dial is 900s (smart).

El_Jefe's page probably has lots of Millennium pay phone numbers, but
those numbers probably cant be phoned. All pay phones should have their
number on them for safety, so the operators will know where you are
calling from, and to find out how the weather is like out side for those
Hackers who never leave their basement/bomb shelter. It says right on
the phone "This number Cant be phoned!". It cant be phoned by YOU.
Unless you are an operator. Operators can phone this to confirm numbers
and to do some other 'leet' operator stuff. These phones DO have 
bells inside them. 

If we may, lets see how much security this phone has. As I said before,
that little plastic sheet over the LCD display is exceptionally thick.
I heard The key holes are supposedly the hardest pay phone key holes 
to pick in the world (I heard this, not claim this). There are 4 keys
on the phone. 2 of them are on the top left of the phone. These 2 are
for changing the LCD. The one below the card reader is to remove the
coin box. Before you can get the coin box out, you must open up the
phone with the other key that the key hole is on the side of the phone.
This phone is extremely strong. Im not sure about this compared with
a fortress phone though, a person would think that it would be stronger
than a fortress. These are said to have the bodies built with 1/4" 
reinforced steel. Pictures that I have seen of millenniums are all shiny
and lots of metal exposed, but where I live it is all covered up with
hard plastic. Another internal security feature is that all calls are
logged, including toll free, how the call was paid for, the number
that was dialed and even how much money should be in the box.

A trick that I learned off of these phones is how to use them as 
DTMF decoders. First press the number 1 (It works best, and you
can dial the most numbers) then the fake dial tone should stop.
Press the ^ key a whole bunch of times on the phone to make the dial
tone really loud. Take your recorded tones and play them loud into 
the receiver. Each number you press shows up on the Display screen.
This goes for any DTMF tones. You must play them loud and right into
the receiver or the numbers wont show up.

This is something I found at the Library 

<<      One of the many problems us PhreakeRS face in Canada, is 
ma'bells new 
DIGTAL fones. There is no real way to phreak on them, but here is 
from The K-Man that is sure to provide some interest:I know a trick for 
digital pay phones try entering this: 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 # # # # # # # # # 
# # # 
# # (and so on, hit [#]  and watch screen go nuts then hang up the 
and press some numbers and stuff wile the phone is on the hook) if that 
not work use 8 zeros instead of 7 You can try entering this also: 1 0 0 
0 0 0 
0 0 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..(and so on, hit [1] and watch screen 
nuts then hang up the receiver and press the make a new call button (it 
like a diamond) It should prompt you for some sort of pin number if it 
not retry with 8 zeros instead of 7 After the pin I donít know what to 
next if you find out please send E-Mail a.s.a.p.   >>  

I have tried this many times, but never got it to work. He doesn't say 
they are millenniums, but he does say that they are Digital phones in
Canada, They must be millennium phones. This is just something I found.

If you want more information about Millennium pay phones phone their
hotlines where they put up with phreakers not being able to red box
off of their phones. Here are the numbers:

 1-800-263-7412         Bell Canada Millennium (Help Line)
 1-800-567-2448         Bell Canada Millennium (Test Line)
 1-800-461-1747         Bell Canada Millennium (Voice Test)
 1-800-461-1879         Bell Canada Millennium (Data Test)
 1-800-772-2141         Bell Canada Millennium (Setshop)
 1-800-668-4862         Bell Canada Millennium (Coin)
 1-800-668-6851         Bell Canada Millennium (Alarm)
 1-800-461-1760         Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)
 1-800-361-7874         Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)
 1-800-466-7835         Millennium sales representative
 1-214-684-5930         Millennium sales representative
 1-416-748-2694         Bell Canada, Pay phone Department
 1-800-777-7777         The coolest number in the world!

Do you want a Millennium pay phone in your area? Mail them at:

     Millennium Sales and Marketing
     Northern Telecom
     2221 Lakeside Blvd.
     Richardson, TX 75082-4399

Written by Aftermath from:
Wraith Tech

An Exclusive file from WRAITH Tech Industries

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