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The Complete Guide to the Elcotel Payphone

		The Complete Guide to the Elcotel Payphone

¥ By: The Clone
¥ March 31, 2000




  Table of Contents 

* Introduction

* Elcotel's International Corporate Customers

* Elcotel Payphone Investment [Canada]

* Hardware Details [9520C]

* Components Catalog 

* Physical Administration

* Elcotel 9520C Phone Seizing Problems

* Remote Administration

* Central Administration Computer(s) [9520C]

* Web-site References

* Payphone News: GrapeVine in Canada

* Upcoming Projects

* Credits

* Conclusion

			- Introduction -

   It's the year 2000 and I can say that without a doubt we are finally 
in the midst of a payphone revolution. For a greater majority of the
90's, there have been dozens of so-called "break-throughs" in the tele-
communications industry's payphone sector. 

Some of these breakthroughs helped to shape the way we live by finding
simple solutions to our complex problems by making the way we communicate 
convenient, easier, and more efficient.

One key player in the innovation of the international payphone market is
a company by the name of Elcotel Corporation (NASDAQ: ECTL).

Elcotel, based in Sarasota Florida, has rewired the Digital Age and the 
rules of marketing by creating one-on-one relationships between businesses 
and the consumers they are trying to reach. 

In this document I will be lecturing on a wide variety of subjects concerning
Elcotel's products, ranging from the basics to the more advanced information.
All the information contained in this document has been either researched 
and/or discovered by myself or my associate, RT. 

Please Note:

I've made every attempt possible to be accurate, so if for some reason I made 
an error please let me know by e-mailing me the details - I'll try to take
every e-mail into consideration.


	- Elcotel's International Corporate Customers - 

Elcotel has a wide variety of Corporate Customers it deals with on a
regular basis, and not a hell of a lot of people are really aware of 
who these customers are. In this section I've listed off every Corporation
that currently has an account with Elcotel, including their account numbers
all in alphabetical order. 

Use this information in any way you wish, but use it responsibly and legally.

Account			Account #
.......	        	.......

ADITEL       		1570101

AEC – SAUDI		1671701

AFRIC – MOROCCO		1500701


BARAINVER S.A.		1753001

BELIZE TELECOM	        1505301

BERMUDA			1437501

CANADA PAYPHONE	        1557701

CIMEX			1729501

COMTEL			1469701

CONECELL		1748801

DAEBONG			1760101

DATELCO			1738401

ENTEL			1682201

ERICSSON	        1771701

GENESIS			1675601


MKTC			1765801

MULTI-LINE		1612701

PALMETTO	        1751101

PHILCOM			1628301

P T & T			1623601

QUADRUM			1246302

TELCEL			1751701



TORTEL			1778001


TPPR		        1729401

TRANSDATA		1520701

WCVC (Telefectivo)      1626301

[TOTAL = 31 International Corporate Customers (ICC)]


	    - Elcotel Payphone Investment [Canada] -

So you want to invest in an Elcotel payphone -- well you've came to the
right place. In my humble opinion, Northern Telecom has somewhat of a
monopoly on payphones/data terminals throughout Canada and I'd like to
see some more competition from Canada Payphone Corporation.

Available on Canada Payphones' web-site is a form that anyone (company)
interested in purchasing an Elcotel series phone can do so by correctly
filling it out.
The form makes an inquiry about the following information:

   First Name:
   Last Name:
   Employer Name:
   Employer Address:   Street:
   How did you
   hear of us?

   * Magazine          *
   * Newspaper         *
   * Television        *
   * Referral          *
   * URL/Search Engine *
   * Viewed product    *

   How would you like
   us to contact you?

   * E-mail *
   * Phone  *
   * Fax    *
   * Mail   *

   Please indicate telephone number
   where we can reach you:

   At what time of day
   should we call you?

   * Morning   * 
   * Afternoon *
   * Evening   *
   If you prefer to be contacted by fax,
   please indicate the number:

   If you prefer e-mail correspondence,
   please provide your e-mail address:

   Site Description:         

   # of payphones required:

   When do you require these to be installed?

   How many payphones
   are currently at your location?

   Would you like information on
   our Public Internet Terminals?

   ( )Yes (*)No

   Are you presently in a contract
   with your payphone provider?

   ( )Yes ( )No (*)Unsure

   Please list any specific questions or comments below:

   A CPC representative will respond to your request within 72 hours.
   NOTE: Required fields are followed by a check mark.

   Reset    Send

This form can be accessed at the following URL:

		- Hardware Details [9520C] -

[_ Full Size Image: _]

9520C Features:

     Stand-alone operation, no expensive platform fees


     High speed modem decreases transmission time, thereby reducing
     polling and programming costs

     Supported by Elcotel's state-of-the-art, PNM Plus
     (Default software; PollQuest)

     LCD (line-powered) display augments

     audible (bi-lingual) instructions

     Speed dial buttons offer convenience and additional revenues when
     prompted to service providers 

     Multiple payment methods accept coin, credit card, debit card,
     prepaid card and coinless transactions

     Digitally recorded, bi-lingual voice prompts provide user-friendly
     instructions in culturally diverse locations such as airports

     Standard integrated volume control button ensures ADA compliance

     Remotely downloadable operating system and site operational files

     Call diagnostic events recorder enable remote diagnostics and

     Flexible call routing

     One year warranty

     Handles unique call situations using priority parsing

     Internal Alarm reports (coin jam, vandalism, handset, inactivity, 
     cash box level, etc.) 

     Detailed call records management

     Full spectrum of answer supervision

     Modem telemetry for programming and cash box/alarm monitoring via

     Voice telemetry for programming and monitoring through the phone's


     Power: Telephone line-powered; 48 VDC line voltage (on hook), 23 mA
     loop current (off hook)

     FCC Registered

     Ringer Equivalency: 0.7B

     Chassis Weight: 2 lbs.

     Phone Weight: 49 lbs.

     14.4 modem

     Handset: Hearing aid compatible

     Nine Button "Matrix" speed dial keypad

     Japanese Model Chips

     Motherboard Protected by Cash Box

     IDE Interface

     ABA magnetic Strip Card Reader

     Miscellaneous Hardware Information:

  Component Movement

  Q: "What's that crazy noise I hear when I hang up the 9520C?"

  A: That noise you hear when you hang up the phone, is simply the
     Physical Component Switch (PCS) resetting the line after recognizing 
     a dialtone.

  In addition, if you were to open up a 9520C model Elcotel and look inside,
  you would see a button which operates the Physical Component Switch
  labeled 'do not press'. Hmm... I've always wondered what would happen
  if I were to press it. ;-p

   Ring Back

     All Elcotel 9520C payphones have a built in ringer though only 
approximately 10% of them actually ring when you call them up.

A simple way to test if the 9520C phone you're using is part of the
"10% ringing bracket" is to call it (number located on the phone)
from another payphone next to it.

If there isn't another payphone close to the Elcotel, which is not uncommon
(marketing reasons), just use your cell phone and call the line up to test if
the 9520C phones nearest YOU can ring!

How many Nortel Millenniums do you know of that ring, let alone answer with
a modem carrier when you call them up? NONE.


For a description of the Elcotel Eclipse, read the 'Product Speculation'
section on my document: 'CPC; Elcotel Eclipse Smart Phone' at:

			- Components Catalog - 

Below is a list of the payphone components you can purchase from Elcotel
Corporation. I've listed off the URL's rather than the actual parts, because
the web-site is constantly changing and new parts are being added almost daily.

At the present time, on-line ordering isn't available from Elcotel's web-site.

How to place an order: 

E-mail with your first and last name, your address, 
and the part number(s) of the products you wish to purchase. 

You will receive an e-mail back from her requesting credit card information.
(So much for secure transactions, eh?) 


Kits of Parts -

Loud Button Retrofit Kits -


Major Subassemblies 

70C Dial -

Coin Cover Units -

Coin Dial Units -

Coin Path -

Control and Signaling -

Handsets -

Hopper Coin Assembly -


Replacement Parts & Accessories 

Parts & Accessories -


Security Devices

Doors, Locks & Other Phone Security Devices -



Tools, Gauges & Materials -


			- Physical Administration -

Physical Administration of the Elcotel Payphone has got to be the most
exhilarating experiences in the Research and Development of the Elcotel
Payphone. Using this brand new hi-tech equipment, learning the ins and 
outs, hacking it, and documenting it all as a pioneer explorer is absolutely

As noted in the 'Hardware Details' section above, the Elcotel 9520C
contains two alarms to help detect vandalism and to help discourage theft of 
the equipment.

The main alarm is within the actual phone itself, and if set off for a various
reason will send a distress message to the central NCC computer at Canada 
Payphone Corporation. Canada Payphone if you don't know, is our country's
lovely distributors of Elcotel Payphones. Canada Payphone, located in Burnaby 
British Columbia, will receive this distress message on their computers which 
then automatically register everything about the phone (including the 

Canada Payphone will then contact either a security company which was 
contracted by them, or AT&T security who run their data/voice lines.
Several minutes later, either the contracted security company or AT&T will
take a stroll on by to the premises and investigate the matter.
Big trouble for the guy who set that alarm off! :-/


Hired contractors for Canada Payphone routinely do physical administration on 
the phones - installing, programming them, collecting the money, and everything 
and anything that they are required to do in their job description. 

Because these contractors are usually lonely guys who have to run around all 
the time working with machines, they long for human interaction. That is
how my associate RT was able to snag some useful information. All he did
was walk up to the guy fixing the phone and started a conversation with

In a calm manner, RT asked several questions about the phones which the 
contractor was glad to share with him. The information he gave RT has been
added to various sections of this document, and for that we THANK HIM. :)

Alarm PIN Information

Disabling the alarm on the Elcotel series phones, is relatively simple. 
What you're required to enter is a three digit PIN, which if correctly entered,
will turn off the local alarm in the phone. This means that the static 
connection from the phone to Canada Payphone's NCC computer in Burnaby BC will 
be cut off. However, if you enter an incorrect PIN you'll get an error message 
on the display.

(1) How do I disable the alarm?

- By picking up the receiver on the phone, pressing #, and entering the
three digit PIN.

(2) How do I know I'm doing it correctly?

- You'll know you're doing it correctly when you see ### on the display...
the ### represent the PIN. If you entered the right PIN, the display message
will say "OK".

(3) What is the PIN?

- Canada Payphone, (being the obvious guys that they are) decided to choose
 a PIN code that would be easy to remember so they picked 'CPC' as the PIN
 code. CPC standing for Canada Payphone Corporation, wh00p. 

(4) How do I enable the alarm again?

- Pick up the receiver (if it was hung up) and type #CPC. 

- Then hang up the receiver and try to wait for at least twenty seconds
before using the phone again. Why? You have to give the phone some time
to reconfigure itself.

- You'll know you can use the phone again when you hear the components
in the Elcotel shifting.


Administration PIN Information

The benefit of Physical Administration over Remote Administration
is that you're not required to enter an ID of some sort before
entering the PIN. 

What you're required to enter is an eight digit PIN, which if correctly 
entered, will allow you to open the phones' case granting you full access
to the Elcotel's administration system.

Giving you the ability to:

- empty out the cash box 

- change screen messages

- administrate rate tables

- see how many calls were made with the phone in a given time period

- see how many days the phone has not been in use

- debit card information

- several security parameters

- etcetera


             - Elcotel 9520C Phone Seizing Problems - 

9520C Phone Seizing Problem #1

- On the Elcotel 9520C model phones which haven't been upgraded with the
the new "fool-proof chip" have a severe flaw;

Recently Canada Payphone decided that it would have its calls routed through
AT&T's switching system instead of their own. The reason for this may be due
to AT&T's size and ability to handle several calls without getting the 
'bottle-neck' problem like Canada Payphone may have had.

Now due to this change-over, a problem occurred with the 9520C model Elcotel's
causing a line-seizing problem. Essentially this problem would allow a phreaker
to exploit it to make as many free local phone calls as they wished.

This is how it's done:

- Pick up the receiver
- Enter 25¢ for the call
- Call someone, and be sure they hang up the telephone after the call is

- The line will not be seized at this time, the mouthpiece will not be 
  muted, but the keypad will be disabled.

- With the receiver still in your hand, place your tone dialer on the 
  mouth piece and begin to punch in a phone number or play the pre-programmed
  DTMF tones. Either way should work successfully.

Remember that this trick will not work on ALL 9520C series Elcotel payphones.
ONLY the 9520C's that haven't had their chip upgraded to prevent this type of
fraud will work. 

  ++ Note: 

  Sometimes when dialing a number with the 9520C phone you will
  get a number that is either 'Not In Service' or 'Cannot Be Completed',
  the line might not hang itself up. In this case, you could use the
  same techniques documented above to exploit the seizing problem and
  make free local calls.


9520C Phone Seizing Problem #2

- On the Elcotel 9520C model phones which have been upgraded with the
  the new "fool-proof chip" have a severe flaw;

The new chips in the Elcotel 9520C's apparently fixed 30% of the phones
in Canada which allow the use of a tone-dialer to make "free local calls"
when a line doesn't seize properly. The newer chips apparently do not allow
the use of a keypad or DTMF tones in the chance that the line does not 
seize after a call is completed, thus securing the flaw.

However, there is a way around the newer chips' "security features". 
If done correctly, the trick will allow a phreaker to exploit a different 
type of line seizing problem unknown by the Telco and unrecognized by the 
newer 9520C chips.

This is how it's done: 

- Pick up the receiver

- Dial '611' (don't worry it's toll-free)

- Immediately after, press the bi-lingual button (English to French) located 
  next to the phones' keypad. If done correctly, the payphone will reset
  causing the connection through AT&T's (the CO) SS7 based switching to end.

- At this point you can use the keypad to dial any local number you wish.

- Or use a tone-dialer by placing it on the mouth piece of the 
  receiver and begin to punch in a local phone number, or simply play the 
  pre-programmed DTMF tones.

The only explanation I have for why the Elcotel 9520C resets the line
causing a seizing problem, is due to Elcotel's inability to develop a chip 
that prevents various types of payphone fraud. 

If Elcotel can simply keep its promise of developing so-called "fraud 
resistant" payphones by having regular security audits before they ship their 
products to their corporate customers, then they wouldn't have to worry about 
lost revenue caused by phreakers who abuse these vulnerabilities.

It's only common sense, RIGHT PEOPLE?! :)

			- Remote Administration -

In my previous document titled 'CPC; Elcotel Eclipse Smart Phone' I gave 
mention about how one could remotely administer a payphone as long as they
had the proper knowledge to do so. 
I briefly explained that you'd be required to have the payphones' uniquely
assigned number, the software to administer it and the ID/PIN to do so.
In the document I mentioned that once inside the system you'd have the
ability to change rate tables, change scrolling messages, turn the payphone 
on, etc.

It's been five months since that document was written, and the information
that I gave was only general and didn't give specific system details.

What have I discovered/accomplished since then? 

%% Payphone Numbers %%

- I now have a list of several Elcotel 9520C payphone numbers which several
people have helped me compile. At the moment I have Canadian payphone numbers 
from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria. The number of payphones 
listed so far is in the twenties, and it keeps on growing.

The document (Elcotel CPC 9520C; National COCOT Number Compilation) can be 
seen by visiting:

%% Software %%

In December of 1999, I started to get into the software side of it all
and posted several different Remote Administration programs on Nettwerked
for download. The programs made it easier for the phreak and hacker to
get into the core of the Elcotel system without worrying about having to
search for them. 

PNM Plus is a simple stripped down Administration Tool which can be used 
on the Elcotel. The minimum requirement however is that you have Windows



PollQuest Version 1.6.0 (Commercial Release) or 'International Payphone 
Network Management System' is a nice full software package (beta) used for 
administering the Elcotel, and is the default program used on the 9520C



Other software packages to look for: 

* Coin Net -
* Expressnet -
* PNMPLUS Lite -
* Pronet -
* Telelink - available for download at

%% Remote Administration  %%

ID --

  When connected to the Elcotel Payphone remotely, you'll be prompted
for an Identification number. Now from what we're aware of, the ID numbers 
are assigned differently in accordance to the location of the payphone.

Also, from what we were told by Elcotel installers (they're great for insider
information) the Elcotel Remote Identification numbers range from 8000 and
up. Knowing this, we can presumably say that all ID's are programmed to be
four digits - or at least four digits by default.

PIN --

  One hunch I have is that the PIN alpha-numeric codes used for Remotely 
Administering the Elcotel payphones are exactly the same number of digits (8) 
one would be required to enter if they wanted to carry out Physical
Remote Administration PIN codes using a Canada wide default, are programmed
into all Elcotel Payphones? 

Perhaps, and the assumption isn't too broad either if we consider there is
a default PIN used for physically disabling the Elcotel alarm (see Physical 

%% Software Options %%

Previously I gave reference to Rate Tables, but the information given was
a tad too general and didn't talk in enough detail to help the reader
clearly understand what they'd be in for once they connected to the
payphone remotely.

Below is the actual table options from one of the many Remote Admin Software
C programs accessible and fully available on my preliminary archive: 

<!-- Cut phong1.scn --!>

Option info

OPTION FILE  ........=############ (####)  Next Date Phone Call In =!%%/%%/%%!
RATE FILE  ..........=############ (####)  Next Time Phone Call In =!%%:%%!
EXCEPTION TABLE .....=############ (####)  No. Days Bump Call In   =##
LOOKUP TABLE  .......=############ (####)  POLL INTERRUPT DISABLE ..<->####
DIAL STRINGS  .......=############ (####)  Enable History logging ..<->####
RATE OVERRIDE  ......=############ (####)  Enable CDR [UP+CLEAR] ...<->####
CCR TABLE  ..........=############ (####)  Cash Box records to save ..=##
VOICE FILE  .........=############ (####)  Days for no activity ......=##
IPIN TABLE  .........=############ (####)  Nickel equiv. for full CB  =##
SECURITY PARAMETERS  =############ (####)
DEBIT CARD TABLE  ...=############ (####)  DISPLAY option on ph.....<->####

</Cut phong1.scn>

Browsing over this table, we see there are so many different options.
Not only that, but the options available are surely useful for anyone wishing 
to collect information on Canada Payphone customers.

		- Central Administration Computer(s) [9520C] - 

  All Elcotel 9520C series phones are pre-programmed to collect statistics
about the amount of money they made, how many calls were placed (and for
how long), how many days the phone has gone without use, and so on.

You'd wonder how Canada Payphone would get this information, right?

What they have done is programmed all the 9520C Elcotel's to directly
send all its statistical information to the headquarters of Canada Payphone
via modem - 14.4 data-transmission twice or more a month. 

The headquarters, in Burnaby British Columbia, have a central administration
computer (or computers) which store the history every 9520C payphone statistic
ever generated within Canada.

If you were wondering what specific number the payphone calls in order to send 
the statistics, the carrier number is (604)-717-6532.

When you call that number up with the Elcotel 9520C phone, you are given a
credit of between 5-20 cents - on the display timer which usually counts
the number of minutes a user is on the phone was instead counting down
from 40 minutes.

Which brings me to the assumption that the maximum amount of time it takes 
for the 9520C to send all of its statistical information to the HQ is 
approximately 40 minutes in length. 

			  - Web-site References -

Useful Sites:

Canada Payphone Corporation:

Elcotel Coinless Services:

Elcotel Coinless Services Overview:

Elcotel Telecommunications:

Hack Canada (Our Local Telco):

Nettwerked (Elcotel Research [and Development]):

		- Payphone News: GrapeVine in Canada -

Press Release:

                                                            Michael Boyle
                                                            Elcotel, Inc.
                                                           (941) 758-0389

                                                            George Stolpe
                                                      GWS & Company, Inc.
                                                           (941) 925-0418



    Through Agreement With Canada Payphone Corporation, Elcotel To Deploy

    Up To 10 Interactive Terminals In Each of 230 Bass Hotels and Resorts

   SARASOTA, FL, January 20, 2000 Elcotel, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECTL) announced
   today it will deploy its interactive GrapevineTM network terminals in
   all 230 Bass Hotels & Resorts Properties in Canada, including
   Inter-Continental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and
   Staybridge Suites by Holiday Inn properties.  Each hotel and resort
   will have up to 10 state-of-the-art GrapevineTM terminals installed.

   The contract is the latest development in Elcotels previously
   announced agreement with Canada Payphone Corporation (CPC) to purchase
   45,000 GrapevineTM network terminals and services valued in excess of
   $125 million over five years.  CPC has the exclusive rights to deploy
   and market the GrapevineTM network terminals in the Canadian market in
   an Alliance Partnership with AT&T Canada.

    CPCs agreement with Bass Hotels & Resorts Properties is a major step
   forward in the acceptance of GrapevineTM as the public communications
   portal of the 21st century, said Michael Boyle, president and chief
   executive officer of Elcotel.  Over the coming months, the Canadian
   market will be among the first to access the power of personalized
   content, information services and e-commerce capabilities from a
   public phone.  We are pleased to partner with both Bass Hotels &
   Resorts and CPC in this major evolution of how, when and why consumers
   use public communications to make their lives easier.

   Bass Hotels & Resorts is pleased to offer its customers
   state-of-the-art public communications, said Les Gable, senior
   manager, hotel telecommunications, for Bass Hotels & Resorts.  We
   believe this will greatly enhance our guests experience and further
   position Bass Hotels & Resorts as the premier choice for travelers and
   business professionals alike.

   GrapevineTM combines traditional payphone capabilities with
   sponsor-paid advertising and content, e-commerce and personalized
   information services from the Internet in a public access setting.
   The GrapevineTM terminal network is powered by e-PrismTM, Elcotels
   comprehensive system for back office support and content management.
   This proprietary system manages the terminals and is designed to
   tailor advertising messages and future sponsor-paid content for each
   individual terminal

   Elcotel, Inc., based in Sarasota, Florida, is a leader in providing
   public access telecommunications networks and management services for
   both domestic and international wireline and wireless communication 
   networks.  Visit Elcotels corporate website at

   With over 2,800 hotels and 450,000 guest rooms in more than 90
   countries and territories, Bass Hotels & Resorts has an established,
   international brand-name property to suit every guests service,
   amenity and lodging needs.  Each year, more than 150 million people
   stay at a hotel or resort bearing one of the Bass Hotels & Resorts
   lodging brands.  Bass Hotels & Resorts is the hotel business of
   U.K.-based Bass PLC.  Bass PLC American Depository Receipts trade on
   the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BAS.  The following are
   some of the service marks owned by Bass Hotels & Resorts, Inc., its
   subsidiaries or affiliates: Holiday Inn®, Crown Plaza®, Holiday Inn
   Select®, Holiday Inn Garden CourtSM, Holiday Inn SunSpree® Resorts,
   Staybridge SuitesSM, Holidex®, Priority Club® Worldwide,
   Inter-Continental®, Forum®, and Six Continents Club®.   Bass Hotels &
   Resorts Inc. offers information and reservations capability on its
   pages on the World Wide Web for Holiday Inn hotels for Holiday Inn Express hotels,
   for Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, for Staybridge
   Suites, and for Inter-Continental Hotels and

   Canada Payphone Corporation is the leading national competitive pay
   telephone service provider (CPTSP) and the exclusive provider
   installing AT&T Canada branded payphones and interactive public
   Internet kiosks across Canada.  CPC along with its Alliance Partner
   AT&T Canada provides new and innovative high quality payphone products
   and services.  Canada Payphone Corporation with offices located in
   Toronto and Vancouver is a public company traded on the CDNX symbol
   CPY.  For more information, visit CPCs web site at

   Statements contained in this release may contain forward-looking
   information regarding the Companys plans, projections, or future
   performance, which involve certain risks and uncertainties that could
   cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially from those
   expected by the Company. These risks and uncertainties include the
   risk of adverse regulatory action affecting the Company and the
   Company’s customers, risk of competition, risk of obsolescence of the
   Company’s products, and other uncertainties detailed in the Company’s
   filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

			   - Upcoming Projects -

In the upcoming months you can expect me to be involved in several Elcotel 
projects, which for the most part will coincide with topics or past projects 
written in this documentation.

The upcoming projects in this section are only a general idea of what is
to come in the near future. My ideas and plans change without warning, meaning 
that I cannot guarantee anything that I boast about in this section.  

` Audio samples to be added to Nettwerked [The Clone]

` Elcotel Central Administration datatapping (A "how to" manual) [The Clone]

` Miscellaneous Elcotel information to be added to this document [RT/The Clone] 

` "PROJECT: Elcotel 9520C skan of (780)-420-9XXX" [The Clone]

` + much more!

				- Credits -

  I'd like to personally thank my associate 'RT' for working with me
to learn everything there is to know about the Elcotel series phones,
and of course for his contributions to this file.

				- Conclusion - 

  In conclusion, I'd just like to note that this document will be updated
periodically as I learn more about the Elcotel payphones' architecture and
its security parameters. As Elcotel Telecommunications develops more 
technically advanced communication devices (ie. GrapeVine - 05/00),
you can be damn sure I'll be the one hacking it and writing another 
document to share with the rest of the phreaking community.

			N E T T W E R K E D
			   P R O D U C T

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