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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: cocots2.txt

About COCOTs 2/2

<RING RING> "Hello?"

       "Hello...this is Cointel, Inc....we'd like to ask you a few

        questions about a call you received from Boston on 2/12/91.

        Could you tell us the name and address of the person who

        placed the call?"

    COOL dude -> "What?...I don't remember...go to hell! <SLAM>"

    MEATHEAD -> "Uh, sure, his name is John want his address too?"

Get the picture? Good...

COCOTs are a great resource if we use them our environment, we

gotta be careful not to PLUNDER them....make a few long distance calls...and

then leave that particular COCOT alone for awhile...chances are, your bills

will be "absorbed" by the profit margin of the owner..and probably ignored..

but the smaller the owner's profit margin gets, the more likely suspicions will

be aroused...'nuff said!

I have found COCOTs EVERYWHERE...some of my personal favorites are on Route 1

North of Boston...check out the Dunkin Donut shops and the Burger King..also,

in front of the Rat in Kenmore...look around..they are lurking everywhere..

(BUT..COCOT technology is relatively new..don't expect them EVERYWHERE..I know

many towns that have NONE...check out big cities....)  Here are some numbers of


                 Kenmore Square, the Rat





  Random ones: 617/720-4430   617/233-9872

Here are some companies that deal with COCOTs...try out your social

engineering skill on them:

              Cointel, Inc.               Int'l Telecharge, Inc.

            130 Broadway St.               P.O. Box 50579

            Somerville, MA                 Dallas, TX

                       02145            1800/999-5152


As for a Tone Dialer, don't leave home without one!...a true phreak always has

a DTMF tone dialer at hand..along with a red box!....My personal favorite is

the COMBO-BOX (red box plus DTMF)..take a Radio Shack 33-memory Pocket Dialer..

open up the back...remove the little 3.579 MHz crystal (looks like a metal

cylinder..unsolder it)...solder on a couple of thin, insulated wires where the

crystal was attached...thread the wires thru one of the "vents" in the back of

the tone dialer....get ahold of a 6.5536 MHz crystal (available thru Fry's

Electronics, 89 cents a piece, phone number 415/770-3763)...go out and get some

quick drying epoxy and a Radio Shack mini Toggle Switch, DPDT, cat. no 275-626

Close the tone dialer, with the two wires sticking out one of the back vents..

screw it up, attact the crystals and wires to the switch like this

with solder:


                              I      xx  <3.579 crystal>small one

                              I     I

 toggle switch    ->   oooooo X      xxxxs <two wires>

                              I     I

                              I      xx  <6.5536 crystal>big one

                              I     I


Each "xx" prong in the diagram is actually TWO prongs....hook up the two leads

from the crystals to separate prongs (same with the wires).

Now, epoxy this gizmo to the side of the tone dialer..use ALOT of epoxy, as you

must make the switch/crystals essentially EMBEDDED in epoxy resin. like this:

front view ->       ----------------------

                    I                    I T <-toggle switch

                    I  oo    oo     oo   I---

                    I                    I  |

                    I                    I---

                    I   1    2     3     I B s <-two crystals(b=big,s=small)

                    I                    I  |     in epoxy "blob"

                    I   4    5     6     I _

                    I                    I

                    I   7    8     9     I  ^two wires running to back of unit

                    I                    I

                    I   *    0     #     I

                    I                    I



back view ->        I                    I

                 T  I  o      ----   o-----------------------vent (1 of 4)

                --- I    /          \    I

               |    I   |         -----------------speaker

                --- I   |            |   I

                s B I   |            |   I

 2 wires    ->   \-----o      ----   o   I

 running into       I                    I

 vent               I                    I

                    I                    I

                    I                    I

                    I                    I


Make sure the epoxy is really gobbed on want to be certaint the

switch and crystals are firmly attached and secure in a matrix of epoxy (it

doesn't conduct electricity, so don't worry about shorting out the connections

to the toggle switch)...just don't gum up the action of the switch!

Basically, you've altered the device so you can select between 2 crystals to

generate the timing for the microprocessor in the tone dialer...

Now...turn on the tone dialer..NOW, you can easily switch between the 2 crystal

types...the small crystal will generate ordinary DTMF tones...but, by

simply flicking the switch, you generate HIGHER, using the

memory function of the tone dialer, save 5 "*" in the P1 dial

the P1 location using the BIG crystal...hmmm, sure sounds like the tones for

a QUARTER, doesn't it!  8-)

Carry this around with you always...will come in handy with both Telco

payfones AND COCOTs! Phreak should be without one!

Anyway, that about wraps it up for me.....references for this article include

Noah Clayton's EXCELLENT article on COCOTs in 2600 Magazine, Autumn 1990..

also, The Plague's article on Tone Dialer conversion to Red Box, 2600

Magazine, Summer 1990 (Which inspired me to create the COMBO-BOX (red box PLUS

DTMF dialer)...I strongly urge people to subscribe to 2600

their office line for more details ->516/751-2600... can READ all you want, but if you don't get your ASS out

there and try stuff out for yourself, you are nothing but a POSER!

'Nuff said...oh, also, I heard that SOME COCOTs have handsets in them

that can be other words, you call the COCOT and if you hit

"0" or something else, the earpiece of the handset is activated and you can

listen in on what's goin on around the COCOT...I dunno...never worked for me,

but try these 2 "suspected" numbers...212/268-7538, -6129...try hitting "0" and

listen for any sounds...I could be wrong, I could be right..I could be black,

I could be white....

That's all folks...remember, the purpose of this phile is to ENLIGHTEN, and I

in no way condone or encourage illegal don't blame me for

ANY MESS you get into...this phile offered strictly as INFORMATIONAL ONLY!  I

am in no way responsible for your ass!...

Also, I am not into wanton destruction, vandalism, or the truth,

and leave nothing but footsteps...


And drink massive amounts of Jolt me, it's good for you.

Special Greetings to Magic Man, Darby, JT, Muppet, Madmike, Falcon, George Bush

 FBI Agent, Net Runner, Canine, Plutus, Midnite Mage, YellowJacket, Old Pink,

 the Knight, Spiritwalker, Yellow Jacket, and anyone else I forgot..

Keep the faith, and never stop searching for new frontiers....


                       ..oooOO Count Zero OOooo..



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