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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: cocotnpc.txt

A much better way to get phree calls from COCOTs

A MUCH better way to get phree calls from COCOT fones:
Phucking Phreak -NPC-

DISCLAIMER:  I take no responsibility for your actions!  If you screw
yourself over it's your problem, and you get the honor of dealing with it.
(Oh, if you do get caught at this you are really stupid.  Either you
screamed "I'm cheating the fone company now!" or one of your phriends
ratted on you.  Either way, you suck shit!)

Lately people have been giveing me all these ways to make phree fone calls
from COCOTS, and frankly, they only work on like 1 in 50 fones.  Here is a
way that has never failed me.  It envolves social engineering, but it's so
easy to do that you could think of it more as lieing to the operator for 10

How to identify a COCOT (Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone): 
Let's say you're walking down the street and you see a phone with no bell
logos on it.  You think "gee, this must be a COCOT", so you pick it up and
dial a local call.  Suddenly, this disgusting bitch that sounds like she's
drowning says "Please deposit 25 cents to complete this call." Then we know
it's a COCOT and the phun begins.

Here's what you do from the COCOT:
1. Call 1-800-CALL-ATT
2. When you hear the "AT&T" jingle, press 2.
3. The voice will ask for the area code and number twice, just keep waiting.
Eventually, the operator will come on...
AT&T: "AT&T how may I help you?"
You:  "Hi, my X key seems to be stuck and it dosen't make any tones.  Could
you place a call for me?" (replace X with a number that's in the phone number
you're calling that is NOT 1, 8, 0, 2, or 5)
AT&T: "Certainly, can I have the area code and number you're calling?"
You: "It's XXX-XXX-XXXX" (NOTE:  you can also use international numbers, just
say 011+country code+city code+local number)
AT&T: "ok, here's your call"
You: "Thanks"
AT&T: "Thank you for using AT&T."

Why this works:

A COCOT is just an ordinary home phone line.  The PHONE is what does all the
charging.  Think you hear a dialtone when you pick the phone up?  Wrong.  This
is a fake systhesized dialtone to make you THINK you are using a normal pay-
fone.  The voice and the dialtone are generated inside the machine.  Your
calls are usually carried by sleazy carriers that charge redicouls rates.
These fones don't allow incoming calls, because they don't make profits.  The
only reason they allow 800 numbers is because they are REQUIRED BY LAW.  If
they could block them, beleive me, they would.

Well, enjoy the phree, easy fone calls where you doint have to to bend over
backwards makeing a tone dialer, etc.

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