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CRTC Fact sheet on payphone competition

Fact sheet

                      Local Pay Telephone Competition

On 30 June 1998, the Commission introduced competition in the local pay
telephone service market in Canada.

The Commission has established safeguards to protect the interests of
consumers in a competitive market. These consumer safeguards are imposed on
competitors as a condition to entering the local pay telephone market:

   * access to 9-1-1, or access to emergency services through an operator
     by dialing 0;

   * access to Message Relay Service, for the hearing impaired;

   * provide 6-1-1, or an equivalent, to report telephone trouble;

   * pay phone providers offering long distance service must ensure access
     to all long distance carriers connected to the local exchange carrier;

   * adhere to all Commission rules on the protection of consumer privacy;

   * the pay telephone company's name, address and toll-free number must be
     posted on or near the pay telephone;

   * the Commission's name, address and toll-free number (1-877-249-CRTC)
     must be posted on all pay telephone equipment;

   * if provided, operator services must comply with Consumer Safeguards
     for Operator Services and any other guidelines set out by the

   * prominently display the rates for local calls, the name of the long
     distance company it has chosen and any other surcharge (example:
     location provider surcharge) not included in the price of the call;

   * provide coin return for uncompleted coin calls and an equivalent
     system when a calling card is used;

   * must have the usual numbers and letters on the dial pad;

   * provide access for the physically disabled, be hearing aid compatible
     and meet the standards established by the CRTC for service to the
     visually impaired; and

   * meet existing standards to prevent network harm.

      This document is available in alternative format upon request.


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