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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: aupayphn.txt

Australian Payphone Overview

                             PAYPHONE OVERVIEW
                             Written by Blade


      These old rotary fones are very easy to phreak. Unfortunately they
   are becoming  very rare as  they are being  ripped out to be replaced
   with cardfones.
      All you  have to  do is  dial  the  number ya  want and  once it's
   ringing dial 0's.  If the  called party  picks up the fone while your
   dialling you  can speak for a few  seconds then  it will hang up. The
   reason  it doesn't  hang up  straight away  is it  thinks  your still
   dialling  and soon as it realised your connected it will hang up.  To
   get around  this every few seconds dial 1 (the quickest pulse number)
   so it doesn't realise your connected and so it wont hang. This method
   takes some practice and is very annoying but hey,  it's free...
      Another  way to call for free from the ancient Greenfone is to zap
   the  beast.  To get a zapper all ya hafta do is jump your  neighbours
   fence,  find their  gas-water heater  and rip the  'zapper' out of it
   (it lights the pilot light).  Just take your  zapper,  listen for the
   dialtone,  zap  the earpiece  and tap the  receiver.  If  you've been
   successful it won't beep and hangup (ie. you should have a continuous
   dialtone).  Then dial away!

      I haven't found a way to scam these fones. Zapping Bluefones kills
   them for good.  I'm sure  there's a  maintenance  code which lets you
   access various functions but i haven't been able to get it.

      Goldfones are kool. All you hafta do with these is.. Lift handset,
   listen for dialtone,  press the follow-on button (don't hold it down)
   then hold  down the receiver.  If you  get a continuous dialtone then
   dial away.  If the dialtone cut's out then let go of the receiver and
   do it again.  You must hold down the  receiver while  connected or it
   will hang up.
      Another  way to bypass the coin mechanism is to zap  the earpiece.
   Once the LED screen display blanks out you can dial. Don't forget the
   owner will get the bill  so don't do this at your parent's shop (well

      Yet again the zapper comes into play. This works on coin/cardfones
   and  cardfones.  Insert  a fonecard and place your call.  Keep an eye
   on your credit and when your  about to run out zap the ear/mouthpiece
   until the fone resets itself.  Keep  zapping until the fone starts to
   spit out  your card.  If you don't zap  it enough  it will  take your
   valuable  credit.  The fone then dials a number and runs through some
   test and will be ready for your next call soon.
      I don't  mind releasing  this information as  Greenfones are being
   replaced by Cardfones,  Telecom is pushing Bluefones rather than Gold
   fones and  it would cost too much to upgrade Cardfones.  I cannot see
   this information killing these methods any quicker than before it was
   released.. Later all..  Blade.

   Greets to:  Lucifer,  Syntax,  Anthrax,  Jack Deth,  Cairo.

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