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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: attpay.txt

AT&T Joins the Running

				AT&T joins in the Running
                                           By Miklos

	Magma and I were driving back from scanning in a local mall, when 
wehit a stoplight.  Since Magma is the only guy with his license, he has to 
pay attention to the road, while I stare out the window.   I saw an 
unusual looking payphone booth.  It had white plastic signs at the top versus 
Bell's beautiful blue ones.  So, I told Magma to pull into the gas station 
where the phone booth was located.  We got out to take a closer look, and 
to oursurprise, we have found yet another new payphone!  It was AT&T this 
time.(Picture of this payphone available in our picture section)

	Instantly we went to our old ways of making free calls on COCOTs, 
and all failed miserably.  Yet, this payphone had all the characteristics of 
the 1st Canadian Telecomm COCOT.  An interesting addition to this payphone 
wasa modular jack for a laptop.  Out of curiosity, we stuck a lineman’s 
handset inthere, and tried our COCOT tricks failing yet again.  We decided 
to call directoryassistance (I did not write the number down, it was already 
on the payphone) topretend we had a laptop in there and complain about it not 
working.  The operatorwe talked with seemed to not know of any existence 
of a modular jack in the payphoneso I hung up on her in frustration.  Then, 
I saw that the payphones phone numberwas on it, so I had Magma get to the 
nearest payphone, and with our 2-way radioshe told me exactly when he was 
calling.  Magma dials the number and gets someone’shome phone number.  I 
use an ANI to get the real number for this already shitty payphone and radio 
it back to Magma.  He finally gets the right number, and calls my payphone. 
I get a please wait on the LCD screen and pick up the receiver, we both get 
dead silence. Next I try a tone dialer, then I plugged my handset into the 
modular jack and still nothing.	

	In conclusion, I either have to do some more research on this 
payphone or scrap, any further texts that deal with this payphone.  Right 
now, I just thought you'd like to know AT&T has some payphones.  If you 
however, know anything more about this wacky payphone, please let me know!  
I'll post absolutely anything on the site.   Heres what we've received so far:

From: david <> 

I was reading some texts @ 
and decided that i may have info worth contributing to that document. 

I live fairly close to one of these AT&T payphones in ottawa. The 
document says that they attempted to call the payphone and when answerd 
they got dead air. Gozer works the night shift in the store where this 
phone is located. I often go and hang out with him durring his shift In 
case he gets robbed( we usely dial into the web with my laptop). any way 
the point. theses AT&T payphones seem to ring once a night in the late 
eavening. whats more interesting is the payphone answers the call. I 
suspect that this is AT&T calling to check the status of the phone and 
how much money its got etc. We have attempted to use the jack on the 
front of the phone with my laptop with no success. ( i wonder what 
happens when you call the payphone itself from the jack on the front?) 

anyway i just thought that i would contribute this small bit of data 


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