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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Public Phones :: abcpay1.txt

The ABC's of Payphones 1 of 4

                                MAD! PRESENTS...

                         THE ABC'S OF PAYPHONES PART 1

The information presented in this file is for entertainment purposes
only.  The authors of this file take no responsibility for any of its

The following text file is for AT&T & GTE payphones from 1982-1985. some
things are different on gte phones, so additions are included for them.

Section 1:The coin slot

For every 5 cents you put in a phone, a sound is made.  After you put
the coins in the slot, they pass through a  totalizer which counts them.
They then collect in a hopper.  To empty out the hopper, all you have to
do is activate the coin relay.  Payphones sometimes hold $100 or more.
To activate the relay place 5 cents in the phone.  Stick a magnet up the
coin slot about 5 inches.  Now remove the front panel of the phone. You
will see a series of wires.  Cut the red and green wires.  Now in the
front of the panel you will see three screws. Touch the green wire to
the third screw.  Better have a hat ready, because alot of change is
gonna come flooding out.  Isn't this fun?

Section 2:free credits

If you have a friend jn germany you need to call this section's for you.
One of the cheap things about pay phones is they depend on tones to tell
them you inserted money.  Well if you have a red box these tones are
easily duplicated, but i want to show you how do it without boxes in
this file.  Now Some things you need are... A set of screwdrivers.  You will
need both philips and flathead.  Now open the front panel of the phone and cut
the red and green wires.  Take the cover off the top of the phone and insert 5
cents.  You should hear nothing.  Find a green wire coming from the coin slot
down to the hopper.  Disconnect that wire.  Now take off the case and you will
see a small switch.  Move the switch.  This sets the totalizer backwards 1.
Now put the hopper cover back on and reconnect the wire. Back to the front
panel.  Feel to the right of the two screws.  You should feel 4 jumpers.
1 of the jumpers should be disconnected.  Reconnect it. Now cut the top
jumper. You should hear a loud pop.  Now touch the green wire to the second
screw.  You will hear the sound of twenty five cents being inserted.  You now
have 30 cents credit.  Repeat as many times as you need. Now reconnect the
green wire and dial your number.

GTE Notes:
The green wire will be white. The red one will be blue.  The totalizer
is located at the bottem of the front panel.

In part 2 we will show you how to take the payphone apart, and how to
take one home.

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