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Can Blue Boxing Be Achived in the UK?

                  Can BlueBoxing Be Achieved In The UK?
                           by SorcereR '97

Version  : 1.0
Released : 5th July 1997

Now many reading this will be glad to find information regarding 
phreaking in the UK, information seems rather scarce. Anyway on with
the document.

Blueboxing cannot be achieved within BT's exchange because of there 
digital service and the system they now use. BUT it may be possible
to obtain free calls by means of blueboxing through using it across
a foreign exchange.

BT provides us with freephone number to contact foreign operators
e.g. 0800 890 049 (Germany). Now if the foreign exchange was to be of
a system which could by blueboxed then this is where it may be possible
to obtain free calls.

To find out if an exchange is a possible source of phreaking simply 
phone through to the countries trunk, once on the trunk you are on 
their exchange, when someone picks up the phone if you here a beep of 
some sort then there is a possibility of that exchange being phreaked.

Now once you have found exchanges that can be phreaked you will need
to find out what tones (frequencies) that exchange uses to provide the 
tones for free calls and other operations, now this may be hard to find
out, (I will be trying to find this info. out and shall post the info 
on my next document). Anyway when you find the correct tones you should
simply blast the tones down the line while the other end is ringing so 
that the exchange can hear the tones, when it hears the tones it may 
react, if you got them right, otherwise nothing.

I have compiled a list of possible exchanges that may be phreaked, try
them and give me any feedback that this information has given you.

0800 890 027 - South Africa?
0800 890 038 - ?
0800 890 049 - Germany
0800 890 056 - Chile
0800 890 055 - Brazil Direct
0800 890 059 - Libia Direct
0800 890 061 - Australia Direct
0800 890 062 - Indonesia Direct
0800 890 133 - French recording or something?
0800 890 135 - Bahamas Direct
0800 890 241 - Gabon Direct
0800 890 598 - ?
0800 890 853 - Macao Direct
0800 890 890 - ?

I hope these give you some interesting experiences.
Please email any comments to: 

                            -=/SorcereR\=- 1997
                 ! Without a SorcereR there is NO magic !

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