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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Boxes Blue, Green :: poor2600.txt

Poor Man's 2600 Hz

                  -Another article from Sir Briggs of SCDW-
         Hey all you phreakers!  Bet you didn't know about this!  It's...
                        The Poor Man's 2600 Hertz!! 
What the hell could I be talking about!?!?  Well, let's say you're really hard
up (not in your usual sense, this time).  You really need to make 2600 Hertz
so you can have lotsa phun on the trunk lines, right?  But your mom and dad
didn't give you a blue box for Christmas- just an Apple!  And of course you
don't have a nice precision music card (like mine) or an Apple Cat.  So what
the hell can you do?  Well, you're not out of it yet.  You, too, can make 2600
Hertz!  Yes, that's right!  With  NO  additional hardware!  Try and beat
that with a stick (or your fist even for that matter).  And I bet you've even
figured out that I'm about to tell you just how to do this.  Well, you're
right!  EVERYBODY KNOWS... that at $FCA8, there's a little routine called 
"WAIT".  We are going to use that to produce the needed delay in the 
production of our tone.  Yes, you will have to use a little machine language.
But I'm going to show you exactly what to type here.  So even you, yes YOU
Poindexter, can get this right!  Here's all you do...
If you have an Apple //e with the enhancement installed, just type CALL-151 
from BASIC and get into the monitor.  From there, hit a "!" to use the mini-
assembler.  Enter this exactly as it appears...
!1000: LDX $C030
! LDA #$06
! JMP $1000
And there you have it!  Hit <RET> to get back to the monitor.  Then, type 
"1000G" and listen to that beautiful tone!  Not EXACTLY 2600 Hz, but close
enough to do the trick!
For you non-enhanced types, you can just load up INTEGER BASIC (Ha!) and type
"F666G" from the monitor and use the mini-assembler there.  After typing the
above code in, type "$FF69G" to return to the monitor, and proceed as above.
You would do that on a ][+, too (people still use those!?).
In all cases, just hit RESET to shut the thing up!  Use it as you will.  In 
case you didn't know, you can use that tone to reset SPRINT, MCI, etc. nodes
to there dial tone.  That way, you don't have to keep punching in your local
number first.  Just type the code and go!  Pretty nice.  Well, you can learn
what to do from all the philes around about blue boxing.  2600 Hz doesn't
work on 800 numbers here anymore.  SHIT!  What's going on?  ESS?  Well, if you
live in ESS, don't try this!  They'll snag your little butt fer sher!  Then 
it's off to reform school for you!  Well, have phun!  And remember...
I didn't tell you this!
     Sir Briggs of the SouthCentral Discount Waremeisters of Texas A & M
We brought you:
     AE: TAC 1.1
     Scream--> The Ultimate Telephone Terrorizer
     Duo-Disk Modz
Be on the lookout for Scream 2.0, The ALF Box (for those with ALF Music 
Synthesizer Cards), a one-pass copier for Apple Extended Memory Cards,
                       and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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