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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Boxes Blue, Green :: phreindl.txt

Blue Box Interest: "A Phreindly Phile" - early boxing text

              a phreindly 

* = 2600hz             k = key pulse
p = prefix             x = sufix
ac= area code          rc= routing code
+ = 121                s = start
*k141s  = rate & route
*k+s    = local inward
*kacrc+s= long distance inwards
*k131s  = local information
*kac131s= long distance information
        definitions and procedures
rate & route - the price rate for long distance calling. also routes for long
distance inwards.
procedure - call r&r say,"yes, i need the operator routing fo thank you."(if
you don't say thank you they get suspicious, that is correct operator

inward - the operator in the area specified. the pupose is mainly for verify
and interrupt.
procedure - call the inward say,"yes, operator i need an emergency
interupt on (ac-p-x). when she/he replies say,"thank you operator."
for verify rather than anemergency interrupt say varification only on (ac-p-x).

information - if you don't know it forget phreaking!!!
          the six-way loop!!!

call until it rings and let it continue ringing until someone else calls in.
it will then connect you and alow you to converse with that person and any
others who call in. (ideal for joint confrences.)
the best time to call unless you know it is in use is aprox. 5:45 eastern time.
school is then out nationwide. the loop population is booming then.
         confrencing phreinds
the confrence call is nothing new but it is still really popular and
probably will stay that way for a long time.
the conference gives you a 15 line split and allows you to call upto 14 other
people. if you know of a few conferences going on it proves ultimate fun to
join them on the loop.
           the controls
when you dial the conference enter 15 wait for a voice then enter # after
which you may dial out using the (1-ac-p-x) format. when you reach someone
enter # to add them to your conference. hit ### to then join and talk to that
person. enter # to goto control-mode then dial another number. for
international dial (011-countrycode-citycode-p-x). add them the same way as
the first. join and talk to both or call another location. when in control
mode you may terminate the conference by hitting * then hanging up,
or just hangup but it is really correct procedure to hit * first so that the
conference computer resets immedeatly. if you are talking in control mode *
hangs up on the person with whom you are conversing in control mode. you may
then dial another confree.
 when a person hangs up if you wish to call them right back then goto control
mode and hit #.

 to start a conference you can dial a devertor then
0700-456-1000:0700-456-2002. or you can call 1-800-050-1000:1-800-050-2002.
 the 800 numbers drop a loop you then enter k0000000000s.
 your conference is ready for setup.
 the 0700 numbers go directly to setup.
          phreindly phones!!!
***-***-****      rocky racoon
***-***-****      the canadian
***-***-****      hackin' hank

feel free to call these people for help.the 813 numbers are bb users.
the 607 is extenders and watts
outlines only.

these are the big three of phreinds phorever!!!
            phun numbers
1-800-521-8400-6978-5492  travelnet
1-813-584-1494-39843 mci
1-301-792-2505 watts outline
1-301-953-0125&6 devertor

       this has been brought to you by:
             *>rocky racoon<*
             via seq. philes!
             on behalf of the
            phreinds phorever!
                phun club

             p. p. p. p. !!!!
phreaking phor phun & phreinds!!!!!!!!!!
contact one of the big three for an
aplication or print out the seqential
that accompanies this phile!
phill it out and send to:
              the true dude
            10598 106th ave. n.
            largo fl.,

thanx and look for our updates to this, phreindly phile v1.0.

                 later daze,
                        *>rocky racoon<*

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