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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Boxes Blue, Green :: greenbox.txt

Green Box

:%                                                                          %:
:%                              THE GREEN BOX                               %:
:%                        Written by The Blue Buccaneer                     %:
:%                          with help from The Tracker                      %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%        Call The Rebel Alliance 10 Meg Cat-Fur at [206] 584 - 6900        %:
:%                                                                          %:


   The Green Box generates useful tones such as COIN COLLECT, COIN RETURN, and
RINGBACK.  These are the tones that ACTS or the TSPS operator would send to
the CO when appropriate.  Unfortunately, the green box cannot be used at a 
fortress station, but must be used by the CALLED party.  The tones (hz) are:

   COIN COLLECT      700  +  1100
   COIN RETURN      1100  +  1700
   RINGBACK          700  +  1700

   Before the called party sends any of these tones, an operator released
signal should be sent to alert the MF detectors at the CO.  This can be done
by sending 900 + 1500 Hz or a single 2600 Hz wink (90 ms) followed by a 60 ms
gap and then the appropriate signal for at least 900 ms.  Also, do not forget
that the initial rate is collected shortly before the 3 minute period is up.

  We have taken this information and written a software green box for the Cat.

After a lengthy pause to admire first our interesting club title page, please
take a moment to marvel at the nice graphics used in the actual program.  You
will then notice that there are four main options:

      AWAIT CALLER:  This option will set your system awaiting callers.  When
                      someone calls, the Cat will answer the phone and send
                      the predefined signals, pause, and then hang up.  You
                      should notice the status line and indecators at the 
                      upper left hand corner.  The status line shows you what
                      is happening at a given time.  The indecators in the box
                      at the upper left hand corner represent: 
                      L=20  Length of signal (default is 20).
                      C=00  Number of calls received.
                      HUNG/PICK  The current phone status.
                     The AWAIT CALLER option has several nice applications:
                     1. Return your money to you when you call home.
                     2. Collect money from anyone calling from a payphone
                         so that they can't talk or anything. (nasty...)
                     3. After it hangs up on them, they will wonder what was
                         wrong with your phone.  When the payphone starts 
                         ringing, they will wonder otherwise.

  COLLECT CONTENTS:  This option will cause the contents of the "holding
                      chamber" to be dumped into the "main vault".  It will
                      also cause the payphone to begin demanding more money.
   RETURN CONTENTS:  This option will cause the contents of the H.C. to be
                      dumped into the coin return slot, and so returning them
                      to the caller.

 RINGBACK PAYPHONE:  This option will cause the CO to call the payphone the
                      caller was calling from.

Other options of The Green Box include:

[P]ickup phone   and   [H]angup phone.
[T]ones - Mix & create your own tones.
[Q]uit - Again, you will be amazed at
         the incredibly stupid graphics.

  We would like to formally thank the authors of The Electronic Box because we
used the hertz/tone mixing routines from that wonderful program.  Thanx guys!


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