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How to box your own conference calls

                    How to Box your own Conference Calls!

Black Bart showed how to start a conference call thru an 800 exchange, and I
will now explain how to start a conference call in a more orthodox fashion,
the 2600 HZ. tone.

Firstly, the phone company has what is called switching systems. There are
several types, but the one we will concern ourselves with, is ESS (Electronic
Switching System). If your area is zoned for ESS, do NO start a conference call
via the 2600 HZ. tone, or Bell Security will nail your ass! To find out if you
are under ESS, call your local business office, and ask them if you can get
call waiting/forwarding, and if you can, that means that you are in ESS country
and conference calling is VERY, VERY dangerous! Now, if you are not in ESS, you
will need the following equipment:

An Apple Cat II Modem
A copy of TSPS 2 or Cat's Meow
A touch tone fone line
and a touch tone fone. (true tone)
Now, with TSPS 2, do the following:

 Chose option 1
 Chose option 6
 Chose sub-option 9

Now type:

 1-514-555-1212 (Dashes are not needed)

Listen with your handset, and as soon as you hear a loud 'Click', then type


To generate the 2600 HZ. tone. This obnoxious tone will continue for a few
seconds, then listen again and you should hear another loud 'Click'.

Now Type:


Where 'K' = KP Tone
      'M' = Multi Frequency Mode
      'S' = S Tone

Now listen to the handset again, and wait until you hear the 'Click' again.
Then type:


Where 2139751975 is the number to bill the conference call to. Note: 213-975-
1975 is a disconnected number, and I strongly advise that you only bill the
call to this number, or the Fone Company will find out, and then...

Remember, conference calls are itemized, so if you do bill it to an enemy's
number, he can easily find out who did it and he can bust you!

You should now hear 3 beeps, and a short pre-recorded message. From here on,
everything is all menu driven.

Conference Call Commands
---------- ---- --------

   From the '#' Mode:

     ! = Call a number
     6 = Transfer control
     7 = Hangs up the conference call
     9 = Will call a conference operator

Stay away from 7 and 9! If for some fucked up reason an operator gets on-line,
hang up! If you get a busy signal after KM2130801050S, that means that the
teleconferencing line is temporarily down. Try later, preferably from 9AM to
5PM week days, since conference calls are primarily designed for business
                 THE LEECH

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