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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Boxes Blue, Green :: blueboxn.txt

Beginner's guide to blue boxin' (from the UK)

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                         |   |>LUE |>OXING |

OK Guys,here's a quick guide on Blue Boxing using the TSC multi frequency

First of all Load up D-Term(cos the comms terminal in the prog's crap!)
then set all the stuff up like the protocols etc...then go into the 
terminal and type:

This sets ya modem up,cos if ya don't type it in ya get a no dial tone
error and it hangs up......

I use a macro in D-Term like this:

and put the carriage return after each bit...then ya just have to press
the key with the macro installed six times to get it all to come up....

Right,now put the disk with the phreaking program in the drive and run it 
via the execute PRG function,then change the bit that says Nippon to say 
United States by pressing the insert key,make sure it's on blue box CCIT# 5
too,cos it won't work otherwise!

Next use the cursor keys to select the BBS ya wanna dial in the auto-dial.

OK,now ya need a voice phone and ya modem plugged in at the same time,Get 
some earphones and plug em into ya monitor...put the volume up so it's 
pretty loud(experiment with the volume).Now dial an a foreign oporator,I 
use 0800 890 808 cos it's only a recorded message so if ya fuck up ya just 
hang up and no one suspects anything...after about 4-5 seconds from when ya 
dialed this no put the earphone to the mouthpiece of the phone and press T
(this seizes the line),ya should hear an echoe of the tone yav  just sent 
down the line and the line will then go dead,if someone answers hang up 
quick,the best thing to do is keep pressing T as soon as you've dialed the
# until you hear the echoe....ya'll get the hang of it soon and then know 
roughly how long it is till ya need to send the tonelisten for the echoe 
when ya sending the tones down the phone too.....

Once you've done this,press F2 to dial the highlighted BBS#(keeping the
earphone against the mouthpiece of the phone),this should then dial the BBS#.

Wait till the tones have been sent down the line and then press help(this 
sends the ATD command to the modem wich takes it off hook,hang up with the 
voice phone then(leaving the modem off hook),and providing the BBS ins't 
engaged you'll get a connect...

Once you get a connect either press Undo and go into the prog's comms 
terminal wich is shit cos ya can't up or download,or press esc to quit to 
D-Term wich is what I do...ya then do everything as if ya called a BBS 

To dial a # in the trunk you first have to send a kp2 then dial the country
code followed by a 0 followed by the rest of the phone# followed by an ST.
The kp2 signals to the phone network that you're about to start dialing and
the ST tells it that you've finished.

So to add a number to the auto dial in the program you'd type the number in
for the DTMF# and then something like this for the CCIT# :

B+country code+0+rest of phone no+C


So say ya were adding the happy hideaway to it ya'd type:

Words ya might not understand:

Trunk - This is the term used for when you're in the oporator's lines.

DTMF -  The standard tone dialing tones.

CCIT - The trunk signalling tones(this is like a different set of DTMF
       tones for use inside the trunk.

Clearing Down - This is the name given to the process of getting into the

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                        \ |YrO |HrEaK /

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