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Boxing with Big Brother


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Title:   Boxing with Big Brother (1988 boxing)
Date:    4/29/88
Time:    8:58 pm

@                            @
@     Blue Boxing with       @
@       Big Brother:         @
@                            @
@          ->I<-             @
@                            @
@            By              @
@       Doctor Cypher        @
@                            @
@    A Black September       @
@       Presentation         @
@                            @

Boxing in the late '80s:

    While most of us have reverred to hacking and L/D accounts, some of us
refuse to give up the purest form of telecommunications experimentation.
While almost every step has been taken to secure the lines from unauthorized
trunk access and use, what remains true even now, is that the learned phreaker
always stays a step or two ahead of whatever forces prevent the phreakers'
manipulation of controlled network facilities.  While most of the information
contained here is common, some truly dedicated to the art of Blue-Boxing may
be oblivious to some of these methods of boxing with Big Brother:

     2600htz line detection units:

        The infamous 2600htz Tone detection/traps can detect a 2600 going
     through the system without proper network procedure.  These traps are
     newer than the Bell equipment installed in some of the earlier switching
     systems, so they are more versatile.  In order for a TDU to be activated,
     the trunking frequency must be fairly pure; It must differentiate between
     a possible human voice in that range, or an innocent instrumental source,
     so they are much more liberal than the older Bell equipment..  When a
     fairly equal ratio of pink/white noise combined with a 2600htz tone is
     applied to the line, bell equipment may respond to the signal, while TDU
     may not.  This method is not failsafe..  It has about a 10-15% failure
     rate (if not more) but is better than nothing.

     Network Toll-trunk test lines (trunk lines:)

       The phone system, in many cases, will have numbers for testing purposes
     which drop the line at the CO into a trunk.  Many numbers like these exist
     in newer ESS installations, or many Xbar/Cbar systems.  These numbers seem
     to be predominant in the 99XX range.  This method is probably the safest,

     Screening-code initialization faults:

       Some phone systems have absent screening codes.  For instance, if one
     were to dial 800/141-1212 they would reach an inward.  This is HIGHLY
     unlikely, for DMS-100 / SR-100 systems (and probably most all others,)
     have the screening code set as a default in the software.  Just check
     it out, or if you know any Telco employees, it may be possible to coax
     them into disabling "Subscriber-to-station screening."  I know I did.

       Another way is to call your local intercept operator, and ask her to
     dial 800/141-1212, as intercepts are generally stupid, knowing only how
     to dial.

Well, armed with this information, one may continue to explore the network with
minimized paranoia.  Enjoy, and look out for updates...

Call these boards....

TWGSC (cDc)                  209-526-3194
Hack Shack 214               214-422-4307  Ask me for access on other systems..
Dragonfire (Black September) 609-424-2606
OSUNY (2600)                 914-725-4060
LUnAtIc LaBs (Phrack)        415-278-7421
Pirate-80 International      304-744-2253 Invitation or $25.00/yr.
Metal AE                     201-879-666-8  Pw: KILL

** EOF (1Ah) **

Dallas Hack Shack 214/422-4307

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