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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Boxes Blue, Green :: bb-aust.txt

Blue Boxing Australia

   Hi!  This is Raphael here! I know that I may have fucked up
recently but I really would like a chance to redeem myself which is 
why I am writing this info. 

   What I am about to describe is your chance to become something in 
the computer world.  No longer will you brag to your friends about 
how you are a Hacker, but be unable to prove it.  This text file, 
will give you the power to make your friends stand up and say 'Wow!  
I know a true phreaker'. This, you will be able to achieve by the 
use of the mystical blue box, which will let you call anywhere in 
the world for FREE, from anywhere in Australia!

   You will take on the role of the operator, and fool the 
international exchange equipment into placing your call, to wherever 
your heart desires.  It is as simple as calling up your toll-free 
number and dialling away, however you will need a computer with a 
sound card, and a suitable dialling program to generate the required 
frequencies (Bluebeep is included).

   All you have to do is load up Bluebeep, dial a number on your 
telephone, press a few buttons and let bluebeep do the rest. It's 
that simple!

   The number you need to remember is 008-551-160.  

   This will connect you to Malaysia via Optus' country direct.  
Since it is a 008 number it is free (since all 008 numbers are 
free).  Now all you have to do is make sure that the seize you are 
using is as follows.

      Freq1   Freq2   Length   Delay 
       2600            5000     100 
       2600    2400    160      1000
       2400            160     

   To put this into Bluebeep you would load it up, select the setup 
menu.  Then select setup trunks.  Now position the cursor on an 
unused one, hit enter, and enter all the necessary information.  

   Now from the Action mode, you can select this trunk (whatever you 
called it)  by hitting F1.  However, with the copy of Bluebeep 
included with this file I will already have done this for you.

   It is also important to note that you must select CCITT5 as your 
dialling form (done by pressing F2).

   Next you must enter the number you want to call.  So, to enter 
Lithium in the states you would use +1-313-479-5924.  NOTE: It is 
important to put a plus before the country code and a dash after the 
country code.  Ie for Mirage, 1 is the country code (USA), and the 
rest is just the area code and number.

   Once you have all this information you are ready to call.  Just 
do the following four steps.

  (1) -  Pick up your phone and dial 008-551-160.

  (2) -  Put your headphones from your sound card against the 
         mouthpiece.  Wait until you hear a beep on the line.
  (3) -  When you hear this beep press the grey '+' key.  This
         will play the seize for you.

  (4) -  When the seize has finished playing press return (with
         the cursor over the number you want to call).  This 
         will dial the number you wanted and put your call 

   I could explain the above in a lot more detail, but that would 
take a lot of time, so I have made it easier for you, by setting 
most of it in Bluebeep already (ie dial translation).

   If your call doesn't go through, then try some of the numbers 
supplied (ie Mirage), and try adjusting the volume on your sound 
card.  You must have your volume loud enough for the equipment to 
hear it, yet soft enough so it doesn't distort.  After you have 
played your seize, you should hear two beeps, which means you can 
now place your call.

   But wait, what's that I hear you say.  It's too easy!  How could 
I make a free call with something so easily?  Well, I have to say it 
really is this easy to make free calls.  No need to fear being 
busted for this either.  You would have more chance of being busted 
for seizing your dialtone, or using at&t cards. You see Optus 
actually make money out of this (because Malaysia pays them for the 
call) so there is no reason for them to complain.  Besides, from my 
experience, the Federal Police are incompetent and couldn't bust you 
even if you confessed to everything you could dream up.  Besides, 
they all have little dicks, and are lead by Ken Day who is still 
stammering 'It's not a game' from endless repeats of Attitude.


  008-551-133 - Korea (same seize as above almost, except use
                a length of 7000 instead of 5000).

  008-551-149 - Germany (use 2600,2400,170,160 then 2400,130)

  008-551-162 - Indonesia (use 2600,2400,200,120 then 2400,120)

  008-551-167 - Fiji (use 2600,2400,150,25 and 2400,130)

  008-551-183 - Same seize as Fiji


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