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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: trw10.txt

Renegade Legion Technical Report 1.0: TRW Information

		      R	e n e g	a d e	L e g i	o n
   * *		    T e	c h n i	c a l	R e p o	r t s		* *
  * R *							       * L *
    *								 *
	Eastern					       Western
Net Runner			........			      Overdose
The Knight			 .........				 Sirus
Kingpin				 ...	....
Highlander			 ... ....
Nemesis				 .....
Snuggle				....
Zardoz				 ....
				 ... ...
				 ...   ...
				 ..	 ...
Report Number: 1.0
TRW: A complilation of most accessible materials on the	TRW online service
     Some portions of this file	have been re-edited and	copied by RL
     However the compilation and re-typing is our own work as well as much
     of	the material.
Compiled : 12/31/90
Editor	 : Net Runner
System	 : TRW Online Credit Reference Services
Uses	 : Checking Credit References, checking	credit limits.
	   Real	Estate,	Phone Number obtaining,	many others
Dialups	 : Multiple per	LATA, scan them	out
Port	 : 7 bits, Even	Pairity, 1 Stop	Bit
Emulation: Vt-52 or Vt-100
Thanks to: Line	Breaker, ^C, Mentor, and Kludge	for the	origionals.
Renegade Legion	Sites
- temp down- Night City	  < RL World HQ	>
617.625.7682 Night Elite  < ERL	Headquarters >
800.477.7691 x4430 Renegade Legions VMB
Catch the Renegade Legion Troopers on Tymnet/Telenet/Minitel on	the QSD
chat system or on Lutzeifer, Altos, Altger, or RMI chat	services.
You can	usually	find one of us!
Renegade Legion	Name Abbreviations: ex.	Net Runner ERL/P
Prefixes	       Suffixes
--------	       ---------
E - Eastern Division   P - Precentor (Head of a	branch east or west)
W - Western Division   A - Adept, Head of unit under east or west branch
		       C - Code/PBX/VMB	Phreaking Unit
CoI/RL is a CoI	brot   S - Systems (Unix, VMS, Lmos, etc) Hacking Unit
her. We	are now	one!   N - Network (TymNet, Telenet, etc) Penetration Unit
-RL--------------------------------------------------------------Page 1
     Hit Control-G at the prompt and you will get a message saying
"Circuit building in progress"..if you are in a	V52 term, you will get a
screen clearing	code sent and then see a blank screen(its best to call in
half duplex so you can see what	yer typing).  If you have an ANSI term up
you will see a prompt that looks like a	filled in less than(<) sign.
now you	will enter the info required.  All you have to enter to	pull info
is the first line but i	will show all three..this is the way it	is done
Enter the geographic regional database code (Base). Here are some examples.
If you have a semi-complete or complete	list. PLEASE post it!
TCA1 - Some of California
TCA2 - More of California (southern?)
TNJ1 - New Jersey
TNY1 - New York
TGA1 - Georgia
TMI1 - Michigan
This is	to tell	it what	geographical area the customer is in, it really
doesnt matter which you	use, because trw will automatically switch when	it
finds the record..
Then the transaction code (TC) types go	as follows.
RTS - Most Common
(NOTE: TRW will	accept an A, C,	or S as	the 'X'	in the transaction code)
Base TC	ID(7-8 Character Numeric)(No space)Password(3-4	character alpha-numer
ic) LastName FirstName ...,(house #) (First letter of street name) (Zip	Code)
[RETURN] or [RETURN]<control-s>	to do a	1 line transaction
(Second	line)
Social Security	Number,	Age [Enter YOB(4 digits	eg. 1947],[RETURN]
(Third line)
[EMPLOYERS]Address city	zip[RETURN]
Control-S to finish the	transaction.
Common Addresses
All addresses have 3 basic parts:
1. House Number	- If the house number is more than eight digits,
type the last eight digits.
2. Street Initial
3. Five	Digit Zip Code
YOU WOULD ENTER	: 1615 R 10823
-RL---------------------------------------------------------------Page 2
Street Names
Always convert numbered	street names to	numeric. Type the first
digit of the number as the street initial.
You would type:	310 3 10031
P.O. Box Numbers
Always use the number of the box as the	house number. Also use
the # sign as the street initial.
	 DETROIT, MI 48221
You would type:	329 # 48221
Telephone Numbers
TRW has	a sevice that will print out all known phone numbers that
the person has.	This should be of use to people	needing	someones
phone number.
To use this feature you	must input the information at the
end of the SSN#	in this	format.	SSN#<9 DIGITS>,K-PH.
This will give you the report called direct check phone	listing.
Circuit	building in progress...
TCA1 RTS 1234567OS5 SMITH JOHN S...,3123 H 37923<Ctrl S><return>
That is	the one	line version.  Here is a rundown of that transaction
TCA1	      =	Regional Database Preamble
RTS	      =	Transaction Code
1234567	      =	TRW Account
OS5	      =	Password
Smith John    =	Last/First name
H	      =	Middle Initial
3123	      =	Street Number
H	      =	First letter of	street name
37923	      =	Zip code.
TMI1 RTS 9999999XXX Smith John ...,384 R 81738[RETURN]
111-11-1111, 1943[RETURN]
Ripper Jack/324	Clondike St. Montizula Canada 38217[Ctrl-S]
-RL---------------------------------------------------------------Page 3
Below is a list	of TRW business	terminology. You will find these inside
account	folders	you pull. These	will of	be of use to you in figuring out
what exactly the hell you are reading!
Term	       Explanation
----	       -----------
Legal	       Legal Involvement
Collect	       Collection Account
Writ-Off       Account Written Off
NSF	       Not Sufficient Funds
Lease Default  Lease Default
Liens	       Liens
Repo	       Repossessed
RFC	       Refused Further Credit
Not Pay	AA     Not Paying as Agreed
Cia-Our-Req    Cash in Advance-Our Request
Was Pastdue    Account was Past	Due
Was Problem    Problems	In the Past
CIA	       Cash in Advance
Adj.Bureau     Adjustment Bureau
COD	       Cash on Delivery
COD Cusreq     COD Customer Request
New Owner      Recent Ownership	Change
Hldg-Ord       Holding Orders
Secured	       Secured Account
Discount       Discount
Improving      Improving
Unr-Disc       Unearned	Discount Taken
X-Deduct       Unauthorized Deductions
Ref Fin	Chg    Refused Finance Charge
Satsftry       Satisfactory Account
Bond Satis     Bonding Satisfactory
Prompt	       Pays Promptly
Exlent Acct    Excellent Account
1st Sale       First Sale
21 Dys Late    21 Days Late
14 Dys Late    14 Days Late
7 Dys Late     7 Days Late
Exc Disc       Excessive Discount Taken
Dispute	       Dispute Invoice
Prod Complt    Product Complaint
Consol Note    Consolidation Note
Ltd.Exp	       Limited Experience
Note	       Pays By Note
Floor Plan     Floor Plan Account
Trd-Acpt       Pays by Trade Acceptance
Ern Disc       Earned Discount Taken
Job Complet    Job Completed
Unfl-Ord       Unfilled	Orders
Installment    Installment Account
New Account    New Account
Consignment    Sell on Consignment
Retention      Retention
Multi Locate   Multiple	Locations Comments not Available
ADS XXX	       Average Days Slow
Sold XXX Yrs   Number of Years Sold
DDWA XXX       Dollar-Days Weighted Average
--RL--------------------------------------------------------------Page 4
				 Payment Terms
				 ------- -----
Term	       Explanation
----	       -----------
Net X	       Net Due in X Days
Net Eom	       Net amount due by the end of the	month
Net Prx	       Net amount due on the 1st of the	following month
N10 Prxo       Net due within 10 days of the first of the following month
N10 Eom	       Net due within 10 days of the end of the	month
X/10 N15       X Percentage discount if	paid in	10 days	or total amount
	       due in 15 days
X/15 N30       X percentage discount if	paid in	15 days	or total amount
	       due in 30 days
X/30 N45       X percentage discount if	paid in	30 days	or total amount
	       due in 45 days
X/10 Eom       X percentage discount if	paid in	10 days	or total amount
	       due at the end of the month
X/15 Eom       X percentage discount if	paid in	15 days	or total amount
	       due at the end of the month
X/10 Prx       X percentage discount if	paid in	10 days, otherwise due on
	       the first of the	following month
X/15 Prx       X percentage discount if	paid in	15 days, otherwise due on
	       the first of the	following month
X/Eom	       X percentage discount if	paid by	end of month
X/Prox	       X percentage discount if	paid by	the first of the following
Cs Dis	       Discount	in return for payment before final due date.
Tr Dis	       Reduction of the	selling	price and is always available to the
	       customer	regardless of the lateness of the payment
Special	       Special terms offered by	seller
Contrct	       As stated in contract
Varied	       Offers several different	terms
Roi	       Remit on	receipt	of invoice
D/S   	       Draft Payable at	sight
D/O	       Draft with order
COD	       Cash on Delivery
COD-Req	       COD at seller's request
CIA	       Cash in advance
CIA-Req	       CIA at seller's request
CWO	       Cash with order
NET	       Balance Due
Multi	       Customer	has more than one way of paying
Note	       Written promise to pay at a specific time
Cash	       Cash only
   TRW uses standardized codes and abreviations	for type aaf account inside
   of the report. Below	is a list of the most common ones found.
   Type	    Abbrec	Explanation
 00	     AUT	Auto
 01	     UNS	Unsecured
 02	     SEC	Secured
 03	     P/S	Partially secured
-RL---------------------------------------------------------------Page 5
 04	     H/I	Home improvement
 05	     FHA	FHA home improvement
 06	     ISC	Installment sales contract
 07	     CHG	Charge account
 08	     RVE	Real estate specific type unknown
			terms are in years
 09	     SCO	Secured	by co-signer
 10	     BUS	Business
 11	     REC	Recreational merchandise
 12	     EDU	Educational
 13	     LEA	Lease
 14	     COM	Co-Maker
 15	     C/C	Credit check or	line of	credit
 16	     F/C	FHA Co-Maker
 17	     M/H	Mobile home
 18	     CRC	Credit Card
TRW uses standardized ordering for its account numbers.	Below is a list
of the common account prefixes and what	they mean.
     First Digit			    SECOND DIGIT
1.....TRW Eastern Region		   0.....Public	Record
2.....TRW Midwestern Region		   1.....Bank
3.....TRW Western Region		   2.....Bank credit card
4.....Inquiries	from Broker's customers	   3.....Retail
6.....Other credit reporting agencies	   4.....Credit	Card
      with eastern region and comm-	   5.....Loan Finance
      ercial credit subscribers		   6.....Sales Finance
7.....Other credit agencies within	   7.....Credit	Union
      western region.			   8.....Savings & Loans
8....."	    Same as above	 "	   9.....Service & Profess
   Example [3]234567			   Example 3[2]34567
Renegade Legion	exists to promote the free exchange of information, please
only use this service to check on YOURSELF, you	have no	business looking at
other's	records	without	prior permission.
We do not condone fraud, destruction of	computer data or tangeble items.
We do not condone information hoarding,	and accumulations stacks of informatio
n on individuals which corporations have no business accumulating. Companies
are free to give your information to other companies. And we feel vindicated
in examining the information about ourselves firsthand!
Down with buerocracy!
Hail Eris!
All Hail Discordia!
-= Net Runner, Precentor East
-RL--------------------------------------------------------------Page 6

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