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Zod's VMB Hacker Docs

                           |     A.C.E. Presents    |
                           |                        |
                           |  Zod's VMB Hacker Dox  |

Dox by Zod

     I wrote this program because of the amount of time and effort that is
needed to hack out a VMB by hand manually. This program is not totally auto-
mated because the computer has no way of knowing if it got the correct PW or
not, but it will certainly speed up the process of hacking out a VMB and make
it much easier.

How To Use It

Using VMB Hacker is very easy. Just load it up and answer all the questions.
First, (obviosly) enter the VMB's number. Then, enter the numbers and signs
that VMB Hacker should dial before it dials the security code (such as *, #
or box number, etc.) Next, enter the code that VMB Hacker should start hacking
at. VMB Hacker can either go down or up. Next, enter the PW length so it knows
how many 0's to add before the number (PW length can be 3, 4, 5, or 6... Maybe
next version will be able to do longer ones). Next, enter either 1 to hack up
or -1 to go down. In the next version, I may add random hacking, if and when
VMBs start tracing (who knows). Next, enter the comport that your modem is in.
Next, enter the amount of attempts that VMB Hacker should make before hanging
up, calling the VMB back and trying some more, or just 0 if the VMB lets u
keep trying. Next, is auto-hack. If you select Auto-Hack, VMB Hacker will keep
trying PWs until you press C for Correct PW. This is very useful cuz it lets
u just sit back and relax and listen, but it will only work well if your modem
has a nice loud speaker. If you select Auto-Hack, u must now tell it the amount
of seconds to wait for u tel press C before it tries the next code. Next, you
must tell VMB Hacker how many seconds to wait after dialing the VMB before it
starts hacking.

Hope this program helps you out in hackout out your VMB's. If u have any
questions, u can call my board and ask me or contact me on any of the other
A.C.E. boards in New York.  Also, I'd like to thank PO\/\/ER 1 and Outlaw for
for giving me the idea to write this program.

L8r, d00dz...

                             ---===< Zod >===---

                         Call These Fine A.C.E. Boards:

                             The Dead Of Night BBS
                                  Sysop - Zod

                              Sysop - PO\/\/ER 1

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