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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Voice Mail :: shefdef.txt

University of Sheffield (UK) Audix voicemail default password and instructions

AUDIX Voicemail Help
Voice and Data Networking

The University uses a Avaya Intuity AUDIX (AUDio Information eXchange) voicemail system which is fully integrated with the DEFINITY telephone exchange.

We currently have over 4600 voicemail accounts on the system, with in excess of 10,000 interactions taking place each day (the equivalent of 90 hours activity).

    * How to obtain a voicemail account
    * Accessing AUDIX
    * Setting up your voicemail for the first time
    * Recording a Personal Greeting
    * Listening to New Messages
    * Changing your user name
    * Changing your password
    * Accessing AUDIX from outside the University
    * AUDIX does not answer when I ring 

Obtaining a voicemail account

Voicemail is only available to members of staff. In certain exceptional circumstances voicemail accounts will be granted to graduate students. To obtain a new voicemail account written approval must be given by either Head of Department or TLO (Telecoms Liaison Officer). Voicemail is currently provided free of charge (unlike the majority of similar services provided by other UK universities).
Accessing AUDIX

There are several different ways to access AUDIX.

From any internal phone simply dial 22020
From an 8403 phone press FEATURE 1
From an 8410 phone press your button labelled AUDIX
From a 6402 phone press FEATURE 1
From a 6408 phone press your button labelled AUDIX (default button 8)

Audix will then ask you to enter your extension number followed by #. If you are calling from your own extension you may simply press # instead of you whole extension number. You will then be prompted to enter your password followed by #. Once you have completed this procedure you will be at the front end of the voicemail system
Setting up voicemail for the first time

The first time that you access your voicemail account you will be guided through recording your user name and changing your password. The default password on all new voicemail accounts is simply #. It is possible to subsequently change your user name or password by following the instructions below.
Recording your Personal Greeting

It is possible to record your own personal greeting for callers wishing to leave a message by following this procedure:

    * Access AUDIX as normal
    * At the front-end press 3
    * Enter the greeting number you wish to record (usually 1)
    * Record the greeting when prompted
    * Press 1 to stop recording
    * Press 2 then 3 to liten to your recording
    * Press # to confirm that you're happy with this, or 1 to re-record
    * After confirming press 1 to activate the greeting - YOU MUST DO THIS FOR THE GREETING TO WORK 

Listening to new messages

When you have new messages to listen to a red LED will light on your phone. This is situated above the "3" key and should have "Message" or an envelope next to it.

To listen to your new messages enter AUDIX as normal, press "2" and then follow the instructions. It is possible to reply to or forward messages to other parties.

New messages will remain in your vociemail account for 15 days before being deleted. Once you have listened to a message it will only remain on the system for a further 3 days before being removed. Such message deletions are required to preserve storage space on AUDIX.

Changing your user name

Having accessed AUDIX in the usual fashion press 5 and then 5 again. The system should talk you through re-recording you user name. This will only change the name that is recorded on the voicemail system. To change your name on the Telephone System e-mail with your name and extension number.

Changing you password

Having accessed AUDIX in the usual way press 5 and then 4. The system should talk you through changing your password. AUDIX passwords can be four to fifteen digits in length. We would recommend that you change your password fairly regularly. You can use your extension number, repeated digits (e.g. 11111) or a series of digits (e.g.34567).
Accessing AUDIX from outside the University

AUDIX can be accessed from outside the University by dialling 0114 222 2020. Care should be taken when dialling as the number closely resembles South Yorkshire Police's general number. Access from abroad can be gained by dialling the international access code and 44 114 222 2020. AUDIX will then request your extension number and password as usual.
AUDIX does not answer

During certain periods of the day (usually first thing in the morning, especially Mondays) you may find that access to AUDIX is a little slower than usual. This is due to congestion on the sixteen entry points available, so please be patient at these times.

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