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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Voice Mail :: narc10.txt

N.A.R.C. #10: VMBs - where and how to hack

                How to Hack and Where to Hack

                      By Alexis Machine
                 An official NARC Publication

       | Infofile #10 - Yahoo!  Double Digits!  hehe |

     what it is:

A VMB stands for a Voice Mail Box, similar to an answering
machine, but can only be used remotely.  You can call them
up, leave a short to long greeting, enter your security code,
and read your messages.  And for your gain, you can hack
these out and use them for your personal use.

     what to use it for:

You can run a codeline, leave it as you voice number for
those who you're not sure you can trust with your home phone
#, or leave it on BBS inplace of your #, or to fake people
into thinking that it your #( credit card co's, stores, etc.)
There are many more ways to use them, just be creative

     Where to find them:

These are either local #'s of business, afterhours # for
stores, radio stations.  They are also 800's or Local areas.
To find them, you can either scan, look in the yellow pages,
or ripoff a bunch of business cards from stores or
resteraunts & hotels that have lottery drawings.  There are
thousands of systems and you can find them on, you just have
to look. By experience, the business card deal works best.

     how to hack them.

VMB systems have very different setups.  They can be a single
#, there you enter the vmb #, and seperate dialups for each
vmb.  Ok to hack these out you can be a loser and randomly
try different passcodes all day (hit #, *,or 0 are common
ways to get into vmbs). You want your own virgin system that
has had no past experience with hackeou'll never get
a vmb. You can also get a semi-automatic vmb hacker, and try
that. But some systems have vacant boxes that have a pattern
to them.  You always want open boxes beacause the operators
won't notice anything, and lamers won't leave stupid
messages, and there will nobody to steal your box.


Easy. They always make simple patterns for vacant vmb's until
the real owner receives their new box. These patterns are
very simple. Usually, they are just the box #, on none at
all. Others have formulas where you can add/subtract #'s to
find different passcodes. These will only work on vacant
boxes, real ones have the passcodes personalized. You can
tell because there will be no greeting, or a mechanized
greeting. I have found that systems like to use 5XXX, 3XXXX,
1XXXX,6XXXX,9XXXX. But they can be anything, it's just some
people like them organized.  If you can't get any boxes, move
to another system because they must have had hacker
encounters of the 3rd kind (hheh).

They always have voice menu's, so that's self explanatory.
j the letter of the function on the fone (if you
don't have #'s on yer fone, get one).

That about sums it up, follow these steps and you'll have a
vmb all to yourself. For any questions, call Nuclear
Wasteland and most other elite boards and leave me a message.

Also call:
High Intensity BBS
(512) 447-4530
USR Dual Standard
650 megz
9600+ only, free files


Perpetual Commotion
(512) 339-1983
2400, 85 megz

I'm co on both, so just say you saw my arctile..

YO to all NARC members, and Oxidizer..


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