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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Voice Mail :: freeopt.txt

Free Optus Voicemail

  Free Optus Voicemail!

  VMB (03) 9220 9828

  Looking for a free optus voicemail box?
  The exchange here in Melbourne is (03) 9220 XXXX.
  It might be different in other states. Just look in the back of the 
  L-Z white pages for the exchange page and dial a few optus ones till you 
  start getting VMB's.

  Just call up one and if you get a recoring of the optus lady saying 
  leave a message after the beep press * 
  It will ask you for the passcode and the passcode is the number that you
  just dialed.
  i.e box: 9220 3243
  passcode: 9220 3242

  If it doesn't work then try it without the 9 at the start.
  If you call up and get some other guys box then press * twice to get to 
  the login menu. From there dial any number you wish in the 9220XXXX
  exchange. You can spend all night scanning on the one phone call.

  Also, some numbers in the 9221xxxx exchange are fax boxes. Dial a few 
  numbers there until you get a message saying some crap about faxes and use
  the same number/passcode combo as above.
  There ya go
  Have fun

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