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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: vehsec.txt

Official British Telecom file on vehicle security (BT vans)

           Offical BT file on Vechical Security( BT vans that is)

                     [ Security Of BT Vech Overnight ]
                          [iNFERNO oF MED&eLTECH]

The following is an official British Telecom issue text about security of
all BT vechicals overnight.. following what I assume is occurances of BT
vechical misuse :)..


Cases have arisen where theft has occurred from official vechicals and
where damage has been done because vandals have entered and driven
vechicals like dodgems. Drivers of official vechicals in Southern London
Districtare therefore reminded that they must observe the following
security rulesin accordance with Driver's Handbook MTT/VHE/E001, chapter
11. Disregard of security regulations is a serious offence against the
discipline code. Action has been and will continue to be taken in proven

1 Parking in covered, locked accomodation, i.e. within a secure garage: 

Ignition keys should be left in situ, and vechical cab doors unlocked. 
All other doors should be secured. No other official keys should be 
left within the vechical. If their are any doubts about the garage 
being fully secure the instructions in para 2 must be applied. 

2 Parking in Exchange or TSvC Yards: 

All vechicals and other official keys must be removed from the vehicle. 
All vehicle windows must be secured and all doors locked. Ladders and 
where necessary, spare wheels must be chained and padlocked. 

3 Vehicles Waiting to be Serviced at MT Workshops: 

All keys should be removed, all doors locked and the driver's set of 
keys handed to the Workshop supervisor. Where this cannot be done 
because the vehicle is waiting for access to a remote MTW, the driver 
is responsible for seeing that the vechicle keys are left with a 
responsible person and for informing the Workshop supervisor. Ladders 
should always be removed to secure storage. 

4 Managers who have vehicals under their control must arrange to obtain 
duplicate sets of keys for each vehicle (2 sets are issued with all 
new vehicles). These keys must be labelled with the vehicle number, 
and held in a locked key cabinet in the manager's office. Arrangements 
should be made to transfer keys between management groups as vehicles 
are changed or moved around. Notice mist be give to BSL 52 prior to 
a vehicle being changed or moved to a new control and in the case of 
`O' licenced vehicles, BSL 52 must be notified prior to any change of 
venue whatsoever. 

5 Short term changes (not more than one week) of vehicle overnight/weekend
parking point must be agreed with the Officer-In-Charge of the site it is
proposed to use. Longer term or permanent changes of parking point must be
cleared with Engineering Accomodation duty, ESS1.

6 A copy of this form must be placed in a plastic sleeve and kept in the
vehicle. All official drivers must recieve a personal copy, sign at
appendix `A' and return the appendix to the first line manager who will
hold same. Thereafter, the appendix must be signed every 3 months.
Arrangements must be made for this form to be provided and signed by all
new official drivers.

District Security Manager 

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