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Telecom Digest Guide to Special Numbers

Subject: TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers
Message-ID: <>
Date: 24 Nov 90 22:00:00 GMT
Organization: TELECOM Digest
X-Telecom-Digest: Special Issue: Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers

TELECOM Digest     Sat, 24 Nov 90 16:00:00 CST    Guide to Special Prefixes

Inside This Issue:                         Moderator: Patrick A. Townson

    TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers [David Leibold]

From: woody <contact!>
Subject: TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 90 00:28:08 EST

         TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers

1st edition 20 November 1990

This is a summary of various numbers and exchanges that are a
departure from the garden-variety residential or business phone

Basically, the following types of numbers/NXX prefixes are described:

* Announcement/ESP: These are special prefixes containing recorded pay
  announcements or conference lines. 976 is the most familiar of the
  prefixes. Charges may vary according to the specific number dialed,
  or there may be NPAs that charge a set rate for any 976 or special
  prefix number.

* ANI: When ANI numbers are dialed, a synthesised voice speaks out the
  telephone number calling them.

* Ringback: when dialed, a ringback number will often get a dial tone
  than cannot be "broken" by dialing. A few tests may then be
  available, although this can vary from place to place:

     - dialing test may be done by dialing in 1234567890; when the
       sequence is complete, the tone may briefly change (or two
       short, different tones may be heard) to indicate that the
       dialing was received correctly.

     - ringback may be triggered by dialing a '6' into the dial
       tone then hanging up; after a short time, the ringback will
       ring the phone and a tone is provided when answered.

     - sometimes, ringback is done by flashing switch-hook upon
       the unbreakable dial tone; a different tone is then heard;
       the phone is then placed on-hook, then the ringback should
       occur shortly.

   Note that there may be some difficulty in clearing away the ringback
   condition. When finished the testing, place the phone back on hook
   for about 15 seconds to allow things to clear. The process may have
   to be repeated, by taking the phone off-hook, then leaving it back
   on-hook for several seconds.

In General ---

844 used to be reserved for time announcement purposes. However, it
seems that 844 is more likely to be a regular service exchange these
days.  Another exchange (936?) used to be reserved for weather years
ago as well.

958 prefix will generally be reserved for tests, although it has been
known to be used as a regular prefix. In 809, it would represent a
normal Montego Bay, Jamaica number. In at least one area, pagers are
on the 958 prefix.

959 and 970 are other common test prefixes.

976 is reserved for toll announcement services (though it's possible
that there could be regular phone numbers assigned to 976 in some

Often, there may be special or test exchanges in the 55x, 57x, 95x,
97x or 99x series of prefixes, though this obviously varies according
to the telco and region involved.

200 is another frequently occurring code for tests, as in 1 200 xxx
xxxx or 1 200 xxxx or simply 200 xxxx. Again, this will depend on the
jurisdiction involved.

This listing is not as organised as it probably should have been; it
was left as raw data mainly due to time crunch on my end.  If anyone's
message was missed, it could be because of net mail problems; mail
jams can happen from time to time. Please re-send any info you have if
you don't see it here, or haven't heard any acknowledgement.

Contributions and corrections are welcome at []
Thanks go to those who contributed; their names appear with their
respective contributions.


 Date:	Tue, 23 Oct 1990 04:18:00 EDT
 From:	Andy Jacobson <IZZYAS1@uclamvs.bitnet>
 Subject: Test lines, ANI and ringback for GTE part of 213

GTE Bay Division Access Codes.

(West L.A./ Santa Monica Ca. 213 area) Note: I dont know what ACO
stands for.

CLLI            Prefix  Switch type  ACO
BELRCAXF        471     GTD-5        790
WLANCAXH        820     EAX2         717
WLANCAXH        828     GTD-5        719
PDRYCAXF        827     1ESS         793
PDRYCAXF        821     1EAX         793
CLCYCAXG        313     GTD-5        748
PCPLCAXF        454     GTD-5        762
SNMNCAXG        319     1ESS         778
SNMNCAXJ        450     DMS100       727
TPNFCAXF        455     GTD-5        786
WLANCAXJ        208     1ESS         789
WLANCAXF        270     GTD-5        790
WLANCAXG        279     2EAX         792

SWITCH      ANI            RINGBACK
2EAX        114            dial your 7 dig.#, get clicking, hangup
1ESS        1223           195 + last 5 digits,flash once, hangup
GTD-5       114            dial your 7 dig.#, get tone, hangup
DMS100      114            113 + your 7 digits,flash once, hangup
5ESS        1223           117 + last 4 digits, flash once, hangup

Other test lines:

600OHM 1007Hz tone: Prefix + 0002
900OHM silent termination: Prefix + 9297
Reverse Battery: 213-478-1478

VRS Test system Access:

ACO's 717,793,727, use 800-325-1647
ACO's 719,762,786,778, use 800-423-7526
ACO's 706,789,790,748, use 800-222-6978


 Date:   Mon, 22 Oct 90 22:11:50 EDT
 From:   convex!kf5iw!jim@uunet.uucp (Jim Blocker)
 Subject: Re: Special Exchanges List: Request For Data

Test numbers in Carrollton, Texas (GTE) for 214-306:

   ANI:  970
   1 khz (102 test set?) test tone:  958-1020

Test numbers in Dallas, Texas (Southwestern Bell) for 214-996:

   ANI:  970-2222222

Jim Blocker  KF5IW


 Date:   Thu, 18 Oct 1990 23:07:00 EDT
 From: (Gordon Burditt)
 Subject: Re: Special Exchanges List: Request For Data

Area code 817, Fort Worth, Texas (info from the July 1990-91 phone book):

976-    The usual bunch of slime

703-    Special Information Delivery Services that don't qualify for 976
        Blocked by default - you must request access
        Not billed through SWBT
        "adult" and "live" (non-recorded) programs

I've never seen a 703 number advertised, nor am I inclined to call
one.  This is an EXCHANGE, not an area code.

1-411 (Local) / 1-817-555-1212 (Toll) Directory Assistance

334-2015 Operation Sun Devil (Secret Service)

496-2900 Free audiotext service with 10-page list of 4-digit codes for
        news, market reports, sports, 900 number index, entertainment,
        law, health, finance listed in the local yellow pages phone book.
        Instructions available if you don't have a phone book.
        "SelectTALK", programs provided by Southern Audiotext, Inc.
        Presumably, if you call this from outside 817, you pay LD charges.
        Based on a small sample of calls, many of the recordings have
        sponsors, and end with "If you wish to call this business, press
        * now".  A law firm sponsors "What To Do If Arrested", and
        an insurance company sponsors horoscopes.

Gordon L. Burditt!gordon


 Date: Fri, 12 Oct 1990 10:00:22 EDT
 From: uunet!wang!!!david.bonney@uunet.uucp
 Subject: More: ESP Exchanges
 Senders Name: David A. Bonney


  You commented that "976 is the only NXX that is common to all
NPA's" ...  My memory (?) recalls that there was [at least] one NPA
where 976 was NOT an ESP Exchange - It was actually a valid POTS

  But I can't find my old notes on the subject.  (Michigan/Wisconsin/?)

  To add to your info, 'other' ESP exchanges:        [unaudited]

      Idaho (208)        :  430/499/976
      Pacific Bell       :  976          Adult: 960
      New York Tel       :  540/976      GAB: 550  Adult: 970
      C&P Maryland (301) :  915
      Mass (413/508/617) :  976          GAB: 550  Adult: 940

  On a slightly different subject, there exist what I refer to as
'hidden' or LATA-Only exchanges.  Examples would be some of the Time
and Temperature services run by the LEC (i.e. The Idaho Time line
208-844-TIME) or special exchanges established by the LEC's for their
Customer Service applications (i.e. Georgia [404] 780 exchange).  Is
any further information available ??

Anyway ... That's it for now...




now ... from djcl@contact.uucp's viewpoint:

I guess I'll throw in what I know about ESP/ANI/special exchanges, at
least from a Canadian perspective. If an NXX is not in regular
service, it could very well be a test exchange.

ESP/announcement-type exchanges ----

976 exchange, toll message services, are generally available only
within Bell Canada's territory as far as I've heard. That is, Ontario
and Quebec area codes.

In British Columbia (NPA 604) 720 exchange is used for "Partyline", a
GAB (conference) service. 720.TALK is used for adult discussion, while
720.TEEN is self-explanatory.

Pennsylvania (at least NPAs 215 and 412):

      976 for general pay announcements; these are available to telco
          customers by default unless requested to have this blocked

      556 for restricted or adult pay announcements; these are blocked
          to telco customers unless access is specifically requested

Chicago area (312/708):

      976 is the announcement service as one may expect, but

      796 is used for Customer Name/Address service, and seems
          to be treated as a special exchange there

[Moderator's Note: Actually, there is only one 796 number: 796-9600.
Dial seven digits within 312/708 and some of 815. Elsewhere dial it as
312-796-9600. Locally, the charge is 35 cents plus unit charges. From
long distance, normal tolls apply. Some other 796 numbers may in fact
funnel into CNA, but '9600' is the official, authorized in-dial.  PAT]

ANI Numbers ----

In NPA 416, 997 is the ANI prefix. Numbers of the form 997.xxxx (like
997.1699, 997.2350 and 997.8123) yield the calling number.

In NPA 519 and 613, 320 is the ANI prefix (ie. use a 320.xxxx number).

In Edmonton, just dialing 999 from some phones will get ANI.

New York City (NPA 212/718): 958 should give ANI

Ringbacks ----

In Bell Canada (Ontario/Quebec) territory, ringbacks may exist in:

   1) 57 + last 5 digits of calling number
   2) 99 + last 5 digits of calling number
   3) 999 + 7 digits of calling number

In some places, none of the three methods will work, or the Ringback
uses a different access.

NPA 902 (Hailfax, NS): try 575 + 7 digits of calling number for Ringback

NPA 604 (Vancouver, BC): 871 is a likely candidate, as 871 + 7 digits
   is expected in some Vancouver locations. Again, this could vary by
   central office.

Other ---

NPA 306: Last year, trying 990.1111 in Regina used to get something
         really interesting ... whistling a happy tune.

         828 prefix is for toll-free services within Saskatchewan

NPA 403: The following NXXs may be used for testing, depending on locality:
         299, 490, 557, 570, 951, 970, 980, 991, 999
         880 - reserved for data services

In NPA 416, 970 has various interesting uses:

   Dialing 1 416 970 5xxx gets an identification of the toll switch.

   1 416 970 6xxx/7xxx gets 1+coin or 0+domestic announcements,
      whatever these might mean.

   1 416 970 9xxx gets an Inwats (800 service) test recording,
      listing all the prefixes used in Ontario for 800 service.

NPA 416, 996 is used for various tests (dial 996.xxxx).

NPA 416: choke exchanges (for high-volume local calling) are 870 and 872

NPA 604: 280 is apparently a choke exchange (info courtesy Dan Fandrich)

NPA 604: 200 and 201 are strange prefixes; they appear to be functioning
         but change to NXX prefixes from NNX is not official in British
         Columbia. These may be dialed within BC on a timed-out basis
         (ie. dial 1-200/201-xxxx and wait, or finish dialing number
         with a '#' tone) (some extra insight on this also courtesy
         Dan Fandrich).

[Addendum by TELECOM Moderator:  Ring back in most of the Cicacago
area (312/708/parts of 815) is accomplished as follows:

Dial 1-57x-last four of your number.

   The 'x' is 1 through 7, depending on CO. Try until you find the
   one that applies in your case. For example, mine is 1-574-xxxx.

If you got the correct 'x' and the correct last four digits, dial tone
will be returned. Otherwise, you will get a busy signal.

Against this dial tone you may then:

    Dial 1234567890 and if your tone pad is correctly calibrated
    you will hear a double spurt of tone.  Hang up to disconnect.

    Flash the hook to change the tone. Dial 6 at this point and
    hang up. Your phone will ring back repeatedly for up to five
    minutes, then disconnect itself if you have not already done so.

    To stop the ringing, lift the receiver for a few seconds and
    hang up again.

ANI in the Chicago area seems to be 1-200-xxxx, with the last four
changing on a frequent basis. They are always kept secret by IBT.

My thanks to Woody (David Leibold) for compiling this survey for our
readers.     PAT]


End of TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers

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