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Telstra Employee Levels

  Telstra Employee Levels

  I have written the following based on a variety of sources.

  Telecommunications Officer (previously known as Linesperson)
    They install and maintain external telecommuncations equipment
    (including aerial lines, conduits and cables) and telephone customers'
    premises. These are the people who drive arround in the Telstra cars,
    vans, and wagons. Telstra also hire telecommunications offers on
    contract from other companies, you may have seen unmarked white (always
    white) cars parked near pods, payfones, etc. So when you start noticing
    lots of Telstra vans, remember there are also unmarked white wagons that
    also contain Telstra related equipment ;)
    The majority of telecommunications officers work for Telstra and are
    classified as communication officers grades 1 to 6, according to the
    duties they perform. (The higher the number, the more access they have
    to Telstra equipment and facilities.. eg if you have a set of keys that
    have exchange keys on them.. you more than likely stole them from a high
    ranking telecommunication officer, or even a telecommunication
    technician.. see further below).
    Grades 1 to 3 may perform the following tasks:
    - help to install transmission lines and equipment at heights on towers
    - operate excavation machinery to provide trenches and install conduits
    - lay and joint underground (metallic and fibre optic) cables for the
      transmission of telephone, television, radio, and computer data, which
      involves work in underground tunnels
    - connect cables in the network between exchanges and customer's premises
    - install telephones and communications equipment (simplex services) at
      customers' premises
    - provision of support for LAN (Local Area Network) systems including the
      establishment, configuration, use, troubleshooting and support for 
      such systems
    - travel by mobile unit to attend to telecommunication difficulties and
      customer complaints, and
    - correct faulty, unearthed or broken lines which may be caused by
      lightning, or damaged by accident or fire. (ED - and phreaks!)

    Grades 4 to 6 with Telstra are mainly supervisory and training positions
    and may perform the following additional tasks:
    - supervise and develop training programs for communications officers at
      lower levels, and
    - operate computer systems which record and store data on maintenance and
      repair of equipment and plant.

  Telecommunications Technician
    They install, operate, maintain ans repair telecommunications and
    broadcasting networks and equipment. Most technicians work for Telstra,
    but as mentioned above, Telstra also hire technicians on contract.
    Telstra technicians are known as telecommunications technical officers

    TTO's work both indoors and outdoors, and have considerable contact with
    customers in business or private homes. They may work in telephone
    exchanges, computer and equipment rooms, installation or service depots
    for sustained periods of time. TTO's are ranked from grades 1 to 7, 
    according to the duties they perform.

    Telecommunications technicians may perform the following taks:
    - commission and accept network equipment and the provision of new 
    - ensure the integrity and quality of equipment and circuit installations
    - position and terminate cables, install jumpers, wires, and strappings
    - undertake proof tests such as wire testing, analogue circuit 
      commissioning and power tests
    - assemble, erect, position and label all items of equipment
    - sell telecommunications products
    - provide estimates to customers for installation of equipment
    - install and maintain telephones, PABX and other business communication
      systems (complex services) at customers' premises
    - install, test and carry out restorativeand routine maintenance on all
      types of telecommunications, switching and transmission equipment,
      including telephone exchanges and the public telephone network.
    - carry out, under supervision, modifications to items of equipment
    - analyse system faults with a high degree of diagnostic skill 
    - maintain and adhere to operational procedures and complete appropriate
    - assume responsibility for assigned tools, plant and test equipment
      (ED - LMAO!!!)
    - develop and maintain good relations with internal and external
      customers, and
    - operate call tracing facilities when necessary (ED - argh!)

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