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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: reverse.txt

Reverse Phone Book Info


A normal phone directory lists by name. Last name first followed by first and
or initial. By looking up the name, you can find the telephone number and
often the street address.

Many businesses that are involved in credit collection or verification and
businesses such as the insurance industry, 'skip tracers' ( comapnies that try
to locate people that have moved ) and attorneys and the like often use a 
'reverse telephone directory'. 

By looking up the telephone number, you can determine the associated name
and often address of the person listed at that number. The listing looks
like this:

510-689-2134   Byron, Scott       2120 Belvedere Cir. Pl.
510-689-2135   Denny, A&K     
510-689-2136   Vintner, T         434 A 1st. St.      Cn.
510-689-2138   Patel, Dr. Irma    1000 Main St #23    P.H.
510-689-2141   etc.... etc....

I need to point out that these numbers are not always listed... They do 
not list 'unlisted numbers' or those numbers that are in effect after the
effective printing date of the book.

If you look at the list above, you will see that 689-2137, 689-2139 and
689-2140 are all not included... These may be unlisted, unused or new 
numbers that did not make the printing cut-off.

Where can you get one of these... Well, you can lease them from Ma Bell at
a cost of $40.00 to $100.00 depending on the time frame... 3 to 6 months..
Or, you can go to the Central Library or local Bell office and use theirs 
for free any time you like.

My guess is that if you need an out of( like back east or ? ) area listing,
you may have to call the office that handles that area...But expect them to
be a bit concerned with giving that info over the phone.. Have a good story
ready... Don't giggle or drool into the mouthpiece... Probably, the Library
would be more helpful... They look up all sorts of stuff for people.

So what do you do with the address?.. Beats me... Why did you want to know
how to get it in the first place. 

How do you get the phone number to start... Well, did you ever dial one of
those 900#s... I understand thay can read your phone number from their end...
Yup! Even from within California...Now your name can be sold as part of a
mailing list.


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