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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: modern13.txt

Bell Acronyms

*                                                   *
*       AT&T acronyms and other information         *
*                                                   *
*           written by Digital-demon                *
*              MATRIX BBS (908)905-6691             *
*                                                   *
*                                                   *
*                A Modernz Publication              *
*            (C)opyright June 15th, 1991            *

Modernz can be reached at MATRIX BBS (908)905-6691


    This is a text philes that should be general information to

an AT&T employee so may help you in social engineeering. The first

part is a list of acronyms that come up in AT&T manuals and memos.

The second part will include some 800 numbers to reach specific

AT&T departments.




RNOC- regional network operations center

NOC- Network operations center

LOA0- limit operator attempt/ no attempt 
     (relating to 900 #s generally)

LOA1- limit operator attempt/ 1 call

NCA- no circuit available

ROA- reorder anouncement

BY- busy signal

EA- emergency anouncement

OVLD- overload

HTR- hard to reach

TBL- trouble

POTS- plain old telephone service

OOS- out of service

120IPM- reorder

60IPM- busy signal

DDD- (customer) direct distance dialing

IDDD (customer)DDD/international

CC/CC- country code/city code

NN- national number (country code)

NPA- numbering plan are (area code)

NXX- local exchange or code

OVS- overseas

CXR- carrier

FAX or FAC- facility

IOC- international operator center

EQUIP- equipment

FLR- failure

2STP- no. 2 signal trnasfer point

NCP- network control point

EO- end office

AT- access tandem

VCA- vacant code announcement

EMO- emergency calls only

DB- databse

ANI- automatic number identification

ONI- LEC version of ANI

LEC- local equipmetn carrier/ local area carrier  




800-346-3288  (employee only lone <g>)  FIND-AT&T services

800-222-0400  long distance service - WATS, calling plans

800-222-7747  gift certificates

800-247-1212  computer and data services

800-247-7000  multi-line phone and fax

800-555-8111  1-2 line equipment (leased)

800-222-3111  1-2 equipment (purchased)

800-325-0138  long distance billing

800-922-0354  servie and repair of computers

800-237-0016  service and repair of data systems

800-242-2121  PBX,dimesion, system 75/85

800-222-0300  AT&T long distance service

800-call-att  calling card orders

800-222-0300  long distance repair
<on 6/14/91 this line was out of order <g>>

800-874-4000  international dialing instructions and rate

800-426-8686  toll free 800 directories

800-424-2988  federal systems

800-222-part  national parts sales center

800-327-9012  universal card service coproration
  <the credit card/calling card>

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