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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: mnorsys.txt

The Meridian Norstar Digital Phone System

         The Meridian Norstar Range Advanced Digital Phone Systems

from: Psyclone/mED 

Meridian Norstar is a range of digital phone systems designed to operate in
any required configuration reaquired, as a keysystem (with a central
operator) , or working behind a large phone system. It features 128 line-
extension ports , access to multiple system features , loop disconnectand
multi-frequency dialling , hi-speed+hi-quality connections.... This type of
meridian system is a pbx not a mail system, so it is not like the ones many
of you are used to. It does not have mail boxes , just extensions. This is
the type of system that would be used in a office block or hotel, (this is
the system used in my school), basically it is a real- time interface.
There are are two types of Meridian Norstar, the difference between the two
systems is simply that the Norstar Compact is for smaller organizations and
the Norstar Modular is for larger ones. This varietymakes Norstar a popular
private network system. When i refer to "users" in this file i mean the
authorized usersas almost all of the system features in this file are only
valid for the local users (like system operators, secretaries, or
receptionists) and so may not betoo interesting to most of you.

The System features are : (in alpha order)

Access signalling : A user can dial access and activate remote equipment
and work within a private network.

Accidental dissconnect protection : Calls that are accidentally cut off are
automatically reconnected within one second.

Analogue terminal adapter : For connection of two wire devices such as
answering machines, fax machines, modems and external extensions.

Answer groups :On modular systems a single key can be used to answer up to
four extensions.

Auto-dial keys (int. and ext.) : One button provides access to features or
to frequently dialled numbers inside or outside the company.

Auto-line select : The system selects a free line for outgoing calls

Automatic night service : The modular automatically switches to night
service at pre-programmed times. On Compact systems this is performed

Automatic fone relocation : Any fone can be moved from jack to jack ,
retaining its number and features.

Auxiliary ringer interface : For the connection of loud bells , hooters or
night service bells.

Backgroud music : Audio equipment can provide music via the fones

Busy lamp field : A user can make instant checks on extension status. 

Call barring : Outgoing calls can be barred. 

Call barring override : Allows bars to be lifted for specific destinations
or users.

Call duration timer : The duration of any call can be clocked via display. 

Call forward : Forward calls to alternative extensions - all calls , busy
or no reply.

Call forward override : Allowes person taking the forwarded calls to bypass
call forward and contact the forwarding ext.

Call id / call status display : Internal calls activate the display to show
who is calling or the status of the call. external calls are identified by
the incoming line no.

Call logging interface : This add-on unit enables printers or call
management equipment to be connected to Norstar systems.

Call park : Holds a call in the system until it is picked up by a differant

Call pick-up : Group - A member of a group can answer another's call from
their own fone. Trunk answer - Exchange calls can be picked up from any
fone when a service mode is activated - ie night service.

Call queuing : On modular systems incoming trunk calls are presented to the
central answering point in the order in which they are were reiceived.

Camp on busy : This enables external calls on modular to e put through to
engaged extensions. The extension user is given a warning tone. The call is
is connected when the extension becomes free.

Centralised answering : Using a CAAP module, you can have operator working
on modular systems.

Confrencing : Three internal parties (or two) and one external party can
can be connected in three way conversation.

Delay ringer transfer : Transfers a call to another extension if not

Dial 0 extension : Provides single button acess to a specific fone (usually

Dialpad feedback : Each key press is accompanied by a tone and all keyed
numbers are displayed in screen.

Directable call pick-up : On modular systems calls can be picked up from
any other extension by keying in a feature code and the extension number.

Direct station select : Internal calls can be made via a single reprgrmmd
key. The busy lamp field or CAP module can be interogated to enhance the

Emergency telefones : If mains power fails, at least 25% or the lines ona
Norstar system can fall back on to BS6317 phones. If this occurs, calls can
be made and received but not switched.

Extension lock : This allows a user to prevent others from programming
their fone.

Extension to Extension Calling Over Private Networks : Calls can be made
direct between extensions at different sites via private networks.

7-digit extension numbering : On Modular systems on private networks
extensions can be numbered with up to 7 digits.

Group listening : The handset and speaker can be be connected at the same
time so the person can monitor a conversation or message without the
microfone picking up any background sounds.

Host delay : Allows time for the host system of a piggy-backed Norstar
system to access outside lines while calls are held.

Intrusion tone : Warns users that an internal call is about to interrrupt
an existing one.

Key enquiry : This allows the user to check the function, memories, and
feature keys on each of the lines.

Line pools : Exchange lines on private circuits can be grouped for outgoing
access and the users can be given access to specified groups only. (Up to 3
pools on Compact systems and 15 on Modular systems).

Liquid crystal displays : These are used on each phone to give phone and
call details in real time and to prompt users thro the call handling

Operator controlled phone system (pbx) pause/programmed release/timed break
or earth recall/runstop : A group of features which allow Norstar systemsto
work behind a phone system which requires signals other than
multi-frequency tones.

Paging : *Internal - An integral paging system operates thro the fones
speakers and can page up to 3 zones on Compact systems and up to 6 on
Modular systems. *External - An external public address system can be

Prime line : A phone can be programmed to automatically select a certain
type of line whenever the handset is lifted.

Priority call : This allows a phone to interrupt another busy phone. The
interrupted party can only block the intruder within 8 seconds.

Private lines : An outside line can be exclusively allocated to a phone.
The only other line that can access this line is the Prime extension which
is used to receive all unanswered calls.

Public phone network breakout : On Norstar systems on private networks,
calls can be directed to breakout onto the public phone network via remote
phone systems.

Restriction override password : Allows a user to override all call
restrictions on any fone via a 4-digit code.

System memory protection : If the mains power fails, the system memory can
be retained for 3 days.

Tandem access : On private networks, Modular systems can switch between

Tone on conference : A warning tone is played when another user joins a

Volume Control : This allows separate control over the volume of the
headset, handset, hands-free, ringing, background, and paging.

Equipment Description:-

Central Control Unit (CCU) 

Each system comprises of a wall mounted CCU and a choice of four fones. All
features and system defaults are stored in software cartridges which slot
into the CCU. The system is set up on installation according to your
requirements, but you can alter the set-up yourself using an M7324 or M7310
phone as your programming tool on Modular systems, and an M7208, M7310 or
M7324 phone on Compact systems. A customised box connection, sited by the
CCU, provides simple connection of extensions to the system. It also
provides connections for various extras and interfaces.


M7324 - This is the fone used by the key personnel (admins). This fonehas 
an optional CAP module which makes this fone the focal point of an 
operator-based system. 
M7310 - The phone for high volume users. 
M7208 - Standard. 
M7100 - Low use phone,which would sit on a desk at the end of an extesion. 

All these phones are details in a chart at the end of this document. 

All the fones have an LCD providing prompts to guide users through each 
system function. 

-Centralised Answering Position [CAP] module. 
When this is added to the M7324 is becomes an operator's position, with 
48 additional programmable keys. Modular systems can support 5 M7324's 
with 2 CAP modules each. 

Telephone options:- 
M7100 M7208 M7310 M7324 

Programmable Line Feature Keys 1 8 10 24 
LC Display nope yup yup yup 
Dialup Feature Access yup yup yup yup 
Busy Lamp Field nope nope yup nope 
With Headset nope yup yup yup 
Weight 0.9kg 1.1kg 1.2kg 1.3kg 
Dimensions(width mm) 180 229 260 280 
Dimensions(length mm) 195 218 218 220 
Dimensions(height mm) 99 99 99 99 

Peripheral Equipment:- 

-Analogue Terminal Adaper 
This enables analogue equipment such as fax machines, modems, and BS6317 
phones to be connected to the systems as well as external extensions. 

-Call Logging Interface 
This optional add-on unit links to an external device - from a simple 
serial printer to a sophisticated call management system. 

-AC15 Interface 
The AC15 interface gives Norstar systems the ability to support AC15A 
4-wire private circuit. Compact systems can support two circuits, 
Modular systems can support a maximum of 14. 

Technical Specifications : Norstar Compact 

Max Capacity : 6 exchange lines (MF or LD), 16 extensions 
Switching : Fully digital, non-blocking 
Control : Stored program on upgradable cassette 
Private Circuit Cap. : 2 
Recall : Timed break or earth 
Power Requirements : 240V AC/50Hz 
Power Consumption : 35W 
Operating Temp. Range : 0(inf)-50(inf)C 
Humidity Range : 5%-95%!? 
Dimensions : Width Height Depth 
CCU : 356mm 557mm 87mm 
Box Connection : 356mm 274mm 87mm 
Weight : CCU Box Connection 
: 5.25kg 2.0 kg 

Technical Specifications : Norstar Modular 

Max Capacity : 128 ports:80 exchange lines, 24 extensions 
8 exchange lines, 120 extensions 
Switching : Fully digital, non-blocking 
Control : Stored program on upgradable cassette 
Private Circuit Cap. : 14 
Recall : Timed break or earth 
Power Requirements : 240V AC/50Hz 
Power Consumption : 24W(basic system), 120W(fully loaded) 
Operating Temp. Range : o(inf)-50WC 
Humidity Range : 5%-95%!?and underwater?? 
Dimensions : Width Height Depth 
CCU : 395mm 625mm 171mm 
Box Connection : 210mm 790mm 95mm 
Line Module : 198mm 625mm 171mm 
Extension Module : 98mm 625mm 171mm 
Weight: - 
Central Control Unit : 9.0 kg 
Box Connection : 3.9 kg 
Line Module : 6.0 kg 
Extension Module : 2.4 kg 

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