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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: fortell.txt

4-Tel Systems

Yes in our continueing effort to keep all of the Hackers in the area informed,
I have again come through and published another directory.


Fortell systems seems to be a system to monitor lines. They can only be used to
monitor lines within their own NPA.
 A Fortell system is at 716-955-7750. When you call, you will hear:

'Hello. This is the Taradyne Fortell system. Please enter ID code'

The ID for this system is 722877*. After you type that in (DTMF) it will ask
'please enter line number' where you then type the PRE+SUFF of the number you
wish to check within the NPA of the Fortell.
  After you enter a number, it will repeat the number you entered. Now it will
ask you to 'please enter mode'.

The modes are:

1-Calling on other line
2-Calling on test line
3-Line test results

If you enter mode 1, you will have these commands available:

1-Fault location
2-Other testing
7-Test ok, Monitor
8-Hang up
9-Enter next line number

 If you enter 7 here, it will repeat what you selected, and ask for an ID code
which can be any 6 digit number followed by a *.

 Now it will dial and tell you:
 'Subscriber busy-busy-monitor test in progress conversation on line-short on

2-Monitor test
3-Overide and test
4-Wait for idle

 If you enter 2, (Monitor Test) it will tell you the busy status again.

 If you enter 3, it will override, or tell you 'Not available in this CO'.

 If you enter 4, (Wait for idle) it will wait until the line is idle.

If you enter 1 (Fault Location) at the main list you will get these options:

1-Open location
3-Short location
4-Cross location
5-Ground location
8-Hang up

If you enter 2 (Other testing) here, you will have these commands:

2-Loop Ground OHMS
3-Dial tone test
5-Pair ID
8-Hang up

If you enter Mode 2, you will have these options:(Other testing)

2-Other testing
7-Test ok, Monitor
8-Hang up
9-Enter next line number

  It will repeat what you selected. If you select 2 here, you will now have
these commands:

2-Loop Ground Omhs
8-Hang up

 If you select 7 at the main list after mode 2, it will ask for an ID which is
any 6 digit number followed by a *. Now it will dial and check the number. If
the number is busy, it will say 'Subcriber busy-monitor-test in progress-
conversation on line-short on line-please hang up-waiting for idle' Now you can
just type * to go back to the main list of commands.

      If you enter MODE 3, if you have done a test before, it will give you the
results of the test. If you haven't done a test, it will tell you so with 'No
test results available'

 You can abort back to the main commands list by typing a *.

 By typing a 9 at several places you will be taken back to the beginning where
it asks you to 'enter line number'

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