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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: bt_sec.txt

British Telecom Physical security Manual

         Physical Security Manual

         BT ISIS directive

General Interest Visit 
Security Measures 

 SEC | POL | AO13 
ISIS directive 
Origin: Directorate of Security and Investigation SecID

Physical security Manual 

 General Interest Visits 

Although BT wishes to maintain good relations with the community, general 
interest visitors are not normally permitted into operational computer 
centres or buildings containing network equipment such as telephone

Visits to associated premises may be permitted but should not be actively
encouraged. Any request for a visit should be considered on its meritsby
local management.

 Policy 7.1 Security Measures 

 When visit is arranged, the following measures must be taken to minimisethe 

 - Except in an emergency, formal entry and exit procedures must
be scrupulously followed.

 - Visitors must be issued with passes. 

 - Parties must be organised so that they are of manageable size,to ensure
that a BT person always accompanies and supervises all visitors. A ratio
of five visitors to each BT guide, one of whom must be a manager, is

 - The route and timetable must be pre-planned and strictly followed to
avoid all 'sensitive' areas.

 - Areas of work that are demonstrated must be selected to avoid close-up
viewing of 'sensitive' information (such as logging on procedures, network
access numbers and customer data).

 - BT people must be given adequate warning of impending visits sothat
sensitive information and access methods can be concleaded.

 - Passwords must be changed after any such visit if it is consideredthat
any passwords may have been seen.

 - Any information handed out must be have been authorised by thelocal
manager in accordance with the Information Security Code.

 - Visitors must not carry cameras or electronic devices capable
ofinterfering with computer or electronic systems.

 Computer Security Manual (ISIS SEC|POL|AO12) 


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