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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: bellbits.txt

Bits about Bell

[ Hacker Supreme's - Hackers Directory Volume # ]
[    Compiled by: Ninja Squirrel and Logan - 5   ]

[ Hack Copyright: Hacker Supreme 1986 ]

In this file interesting facts and some tidy tidbits of info
about Ma Bell which is quite interesting. First off, lets get a
phew things straight, The Phone Co. cannot trace your call or
listen in on your call as a 3rd party unless a special court
order is given. Once this court order is given and if the info
produced from this is not of that which was specified on the
court order, the officials will be prosecuted. To detect if your
call is being recorded, you can check for a short 1125hz beep
every 15-17 seconds while you are on-line. To find out if your
line is "bugged" you can either dissasemble your phone or
trace your line back to the "surge protector", this is the
green box in your neighborhood that has all the people phone
lines and check fo a 4x3 rectagular silver box or check for
unusual hookups. Ok now on to better things.

Two very spectacular new phone systems have been developed by
BTC or Basic Telecommunications Corperation that will most
likely prove to be the most incredible network a fone-freak
has ever used. It is called DataVoice and for a quick run-down,
it will enable you to transmit voice or computerized messages
to other people on a special frequency and will be transalted
and played back in voice mode. This can be very handy. The
Ultimate phone line has been designed by ISDN or Integrated
Services Digital Network. The theory behind this telcom line
of the future is that all communications,voice,data and even
video, yes video will be sent to your home through sort of an
electronic pipeline. The features of this wonder line is the

1) Interactive Data and electronic mail
2) Security and fire alarms
3) Facsimile Transmissions

What all this means is that you will be able to go to a hardware
store, buy any equipment you need and hook it directly into the

Also at the present time in Germany, The Federal Post Office
(our equivilent of Ma Bell) has installed a system call "Bigfon"
This will give subscribers unlimited access to such services as
Picturephone, Interactive Video and videotext, Telex and a
variety of radio and television programs. Also by 1988, the
nifty little gizmo that gives an operator an led readout on
an originating location when a person-to-person call is placed,
will be available to the public for a little under 1,000$.

A very neet little gizmo has also been made available to the
public called a PSE or Psychological Stress Evaluator. The
way it works is say for instance you call your boss and say,
Hey boss i'm sick, he waits about 45 seconds and comes back and
says, Listen xxx i know you are not sick, if you need the day
off go ahead! Shocking eh?, well it's true! The military devel-
oped this wonder system during the Vietnam war and worked the
same way as a lie detector except the PSE will work over the
phone! When it is available you can buy it in sizes ranging
from a compact cigarette model to a suitcase model all ranging
in price from a phew hundred $ to a phew grand!

Now for a realy awesome inovation! A company called AirFone
Inc. has replaced the old Inmarsat to call airplanes and have
developed a system that you can call direct from and to
an airplane! The old Inmarsat system required a dialing format
like this:

Dial the international access coe+ocean code+7 digit ship #+
the '#' sysmbol or 011+871+7 digits ship number + the '#' key.

As you can see this is very complicated and usually takes about
a minute to complete your call which is also usually fuzzy and
staticy. Well the AirFone system has developed a new transmit-
ting system with the help of the mother of course and has made
it where you insert your credit card (safe from phreaks!) then
pick up the phone and dial the # you want just like a normal
direct call. The rates are as follows. (note: this is for any
location in any part of the world!)

7.50$ for the first 3 minutes then 1.25$ for each additional

If you are one of the Millions of americans who own a police
scanner you can have some phun, you can listen in on
police,fire calls, yeah big deal? well you can also listen in
on r&r operators and bell servicmen, and linemen. Here are
the frequencies:

151.985 (most common),35.16,  42.16 (mobile), 158.34,  451.175-
451.275, 451.3-451.675, 456.175-456.275 (mobile),
456.300-456-675 (mobile) 462.475, 462.525, 467.475 (mobile),
467.525 (mobile).

Ready for this, you can even eavesdrop on calls that use the
conventional mobile phone service, try these frequencies:

158/07-158.49 for mobiles, 152.81-153.03 for base stations.
All of these frequencies are in Mega-Hertz or Mhz, remember it
is against the law to divulge the contents of any conversations
you may hear, but it is ok to listen.

  You know those little beeps (tones whatever) you get when you reach somehting
like, 'I'm sorry you call can not be completed as dialed, please...." Well
remeber these little tones 'cause there like international, you'll get the same
stuffty tones and the same bitchy voice but in a different language, so if you
remeber the tones then you'll know whats goin down.

       If bell does decide to strike you have one big advantage, you can be an
ass. In previous writtings (as well as one of my own) it is said that being
nice first is your best defense, well the time of Mr. Nice guy is well and
gone. I have seen to many weak, nice hackers go down the drain (usually all of
whom are dwids). By being an ass you're almost guarnteed freedom, the hate
asss and only want to bust them if they got a quarnteed case plus are likely
to make some bucks or put the ass in jail. Well, since you know they're after
ya you can be cool and have a negative bust situation. Now, they can only leave
a DNR on your line for 2 weeks, and for only 2 minutes at a call, anything
exceeding his elimanates all their data gathered this way (evidence) and since
this is the only way they have to bust ya your home free. You'll want to bitch
at them., hang up on them etc., this will require and extra effort on their
part and or the most part they're lazy ass's. A neat trick to pull is when thy
put a DNR on your line have your computer auto-dial '1' all night, this will
make their printer go nuts, and they'll loose mass paper (idea taken from The
Mad Hacker).


 Here's some operator trunk you can reach via a blue box:
XXX+131 - INFO
XXX+11521 - ""       ""
To dial you need to call Directory Assistance, blast it with 2600hz and start
with the blue box. This is how to dial those numbers from a blue box (via the
tones). ST starts and SP stops. This is list is from Mr. America, god how does
he do it...
       900   1100  1300  1500  1700
700  *  1  *  2  *  4  *  7  *  11 *
900  *  +  *  3  *  5  *  8  *  12 *
1100 *  +  *  +  *  6  *  9  *  ST *
1300 *  +  *  +  *  +  * 10  *  ST *
1500 *  +  *  +  *  +  *  +  *  SP *
What a cheese box does is makes your home fone into a pay fone, just think what
a trip you could play on your parents or romie. Well, anyway what you do is 
find out you call intercept operators fone number (ask your local operator or 
try the CN/A operator) and have all your calls forwarded to her. This way when 
you want to call out you need a red box or cats meow to simulate a quarter.
TAC computers are simply systems run by the U.S. Military. I have found them to
be worth weeks of entertainment. After you get passed all the b.s. you will be
left with no prompt ad whenever you type something you will here a <beep>, you 
need to type open. This will get you to the TAC Userid: prompt. Here the id is 
entered in the format : Entry.Login, once you have entered this you will be 
prompted with a Access Code: prompt , even if your TAC Userid is incorrect. 
Here the login goes 77bgx7777 (all entries are followed by a <reurn>). This is 
the last of the login phaze, if you got a cool login code then you will recieve
 a Login OK prompt. If open works and then you get another prompt or simply 
havn't reached the TAC Userid yet type n this should do it if not type a number
 like 117. If yu feel like your a good you can get info out of any of 
these two numbers: 415 859 3695...Network Info Center, 1800 235 3155 TAC User 
Help...Have fun, its a bitch but worth it. Here's a few TAC computers you can 
         Gunter AFB  205 279 3576
         Pentagon TAC 202 697 0814
         Reston 703 437 2892
There are several types of CN/A's. In my previous Bell Hells I explained the 
people CN/A, well there's ones for Computers as well as 800 numbers. For 
Computers (in the 503/206 area code) dial 503 242 4554..code B3329. I don't 
have any other Area codes but they're out there. For 800 numbers dial:
 1-800 222 0400. Its helpful to know what you're missin with.
I have had alot of people ask about ANI's. Well an ANI is simply automatic 
number identification. Its a number you dial and tells you a the number you are
dilaing from. This can be helpful for when you are trying to tap into someones
fone line and need to know the right one etc. Their are many different numbers 
the ones I have come accross for most area codes are 760 and 444 1787. These 
aren't for all area codes though, they do work in alot however.


 Well one way to tell if you have a DNR on your line is to dial 571, if you 
recieve a bunch of tones you got one one, if your lines clear its cool. I 
don't know if this works in all area codes, but in mine it does. Otherwise you 
need a Gold Box or something of the kind. You can also dial 415-BUG-1111 for a 
bug sweep of your fone, you'll hear a clickat the end of the tone sweep if you 
got one.
Telenet codes are will always have the first three numbers as an area code. 
All codes are broken up so as they are area code + access number (i.e. 21231 
(E.F. Hutton) 212 is the area code and 31 is the access number of the 
computer). So you need only hack out the last two digits. Also I hear you no 
longer have to hit C to call (C 21233), this doesnt work in my area but who 
knows. Also once you have prompted a computer you can usually use the `?' or 
`help' commands to get info on what they hell your on. Generally if you mess 
around you'll find something (it may also be .Help or .Help *). This can be at 
either the User id or Access Login prompt. If you type Mail and than Phones 
when you enter Telenet you can get a listing of all the dial-ups in whatever 
area you wish.
Vax's are fun to break into and easy. Once logged onto a Vax type ctrl-C or 
<Return> this will bring you to the User Name: prompt. This can only be one 
name (like Hawthorne), once you get a cool name you will be presented with 
Password:. This can be any number of charcters, usually a word and easy to 
remember. You can use a program or dictionary for this one. Once you get this 
all right you will recieve: WELCOME TO VAX/VMS Version V2.3 and then a $ for a 
prompt.You can also try at the begginning typing ctrl-c and then ctrl-y this 
will set you up with a p/w. Once in here's some stuff you can type:$SETPRV..
Sets user priviledges, $GETJPI..Get Job/Process Info provides accoutn status, 
identification and specified process, $RCVD..Recieve data,$MYJOB..Lists stuff 
on what you got, $DCL..Mail..There's a bunch more but either I spaced 'em, 
didn't think they were improtant or have yet to discover them.


I know I already talked about this but there's some new stuff out on it and it 
seems the age of Sprint and the like are slowly coming to and end. I predict 
1990 something. Now Amnet controls Savenet, te gov. doesnt dig on local long 
distance services ('cause of hackers), the age of 800's is here. Well there's 
a few bitches about 800's. One, when hacking out an 800 code make sure its 
during the day or you have already hand tried 3 or 4 codes. It seems some 
companies have clued into night hackers and have a 2 minute layover before you 
can call back and enter again. Also, during the day it seemssometimes the damn 
line is always filled with users, so always check to make sure its cool. Also 
some companies only have their codes for certain area codes, this can be a 
bitch. So if it works in one it may not work in all. When hand hacking 
(longest but the best) you can tell if its a cool code before you enter in the 
area code, you will recieve a beep if its cool. To tell how many digits are in 
a 800 number (for 800 scanners (my friend got busted a few tmes for this, they 
took 2 hours off his fone line (he couldn't use his fone for that long))) 
simply hit the same number counting (11111=5) when you hear 
'unautherized b.s.' subtract one number and presto.

Another Great Directory from Hacker Supreme. (Ninja Squirrel /+\, Logan - 5,)
      (Zaphod Breeblebox, Silicon Rat, Lord Vision, Crazy Horse, Lancelot-1.)

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