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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Technical System Info :: 175info.txt

Info on the British Telecom service #175 By Z-N0TE

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       -----=+<| The British Phone Users Guide To Service #175 |>+=-----
             | \-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ |
                \ -/-\-/-\ Info By Z-N0TE -/- SiAC '94 /-\-/- /

                         -<| Info on service 175 |>-

Using Tones
When you  call 175 on  your phone a nice  recorded message  will inform you of
the  number you called from. Then it will say "Start Test" and repeat what its
just said. The line will  die so put the phone  down and in 15 seconds it will
reconnect the phone and after 25  seconds it will call you back, not the usual
ringing,  it will  ring 3 times then return  to the normal  ringing ... If you
held the  phone up when it  calls you back it will say "Earth B" twice. If you
had the phone down it should  say "Line testing Ok".  You can  leave the phone
down  without answering  it for up to 2 minutes  and 15 seconds, after that it
will timeout and return  your line to  normal service  (it may  also notify an
engineer that  the line is fucked  so be carefull). Now it will say "Dial next
test" ... It will now give you some bleeps,  dial "1" it will say "Start test"
then  dial  in  order  "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,*,0,#"  and  if  they sound ok  to the
exchange it will say "Dial testing ok" twice then "Dial next test". Now "2" is
invalid so dial  "3" ... "Start test"  then some fast bleeps ... Nothing works
from here as its  a payfone test  (Mmmm, must try something out). It will come
back to you and say  "Incorrect coin pulsing" then the usual "Dial next test".
"4" gives  off "Sorry,  not  avalible  on  your  line"  and  the  rest of them
"5,6,7,8,9,*,0,#" are all invalid options.

Using Pulses
Using  pulses instead  is fine because  it regonizes them ! For  the dial test
just  dial "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0"  dont press with "#" or "*" as they turn your
phone  (when in pulse mode)  into tone mode  for the duration  of the call ...

Uses ?!?!?!?!?
When your parents are  skinflints like mine and they dont like you calling out
and stuff ... Dial 175 then hangup and go talk to your parents about something
give yourself 25 seconds to get from the phone  to a parent and when the phone
goes off walk over to it and pick it up, say "Yeah, just a minute I'll get you
on  the other phone, dont  hang up ..." put the phone down  and goto your room
and call who ever you want,it doesnt make it free but will keep you safe until
your itemised bill comes in ...

Thats  all  really ... I dunno if 175 is free but I guess it would be as its a
test line,  no wait British  Telecom are  such buttheads they probably chanrge
48p  per  minute for their engineers to check your line ! <g> ... Nah my guess
is its free ...

One last point, unlike some other British Telecom services, you cannot access
service #175 by dialing (0800)-800-175, this number is unassigned at present.

Anyway  happy  phreaking, and  remember ... A  phone system is just a computer
waiting to be explored ... L8r.

-[ Z-N0TE (znote(82)@uabbs / underground.cove) Or +44 (0)41 779-4095 (Rik) ]-

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