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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: tomwats2.txt

Tommy's WATS Phonebook II

..The 9th Hell AE/BBS..

 604-748-5622 3/12 baud

-                              -
-       Tommy's Canadian       -
-        WATS Phonebook        -
-                              -
-  Compiled for your hacking   -
-  pleasure by TOMMY.          -
-                              -
-  ISSUE #2: August, 1988      -
-                              -
THC-][ BBS (604) 595-0085
800-227-4004 ROLM Collagen Corp.
800-227-8933 ROLM Collagen Corp.
800-268-4500 Voice Mail
800-268-4501 ROLM Texaco
800-268-4505 Voice Mail
800-268-6364 National Data Credit
800-268-7800 Voice Mail
800-268-7808 Voice Mail
800-328-9632 Voice Mail
800-387-2097 Voice Mail
800-387-2098 Voice Mail
800-387-8803 ROLM Canadian Tire
800-387-8861 ROLM Canadian Tire
800-387-8862 ROLM Canadian Tire
800-387-8863 ROLM Canadian Tire
800-387-8864 ROLM Canadian Tire
800-387-8870 ROLM Halifax Life
800-387-8871 ROLM Halifax Life
800-387-9115 ASPEN Sunsweep
800-387-9116 ASPEN Sunsweep
800-387-9175 PBX
             [Hold Music=CHUM FM]
800-387-9218 Voice Messenger
800-387-9644 Carrier
800-426-2638 Carrier
800-524-2133 Aspen
800-663-5000 PBX/Voice Mail
             [Hold Music=CFMI FM]
800-663-5996 Voice Mail (5 rings)
800-847-6181 Voice Mail 

NOTES:  Each and every one of 
these numbers is available to the 
604 (British Columbia) Area Code.  
Most are available Canada Wide and 
some are located in the United 
States.  Numbers designated ROLM 
have been identified as being 
connected to a ROLM Phonemail 
system.  Numbers designated ASPEN 
are connected to an ASPEN voice 
message system.  Numbers 
designated VOICE MAIL have not 
been identified as to equipment in 
use on that line.  Numbers 
designated carrier are answered by 
a modem or data set.  
Many numbers in this list came 
from the Telecom Canada 800 
service directory for 1987, this 
accounts for approximately 50 
percent of the listings.  Another 
40 percent was discovered by blind 
manual scanning, and a few were 
drawn from an American list 
compiled by Thunder Seven and 
published in 2600 magazine.  
Most Voice Message systems, and 
ALL Rolms, sound like an answering 
machine.  Press 0 during the 
recording when in a rolm, * or # 
or other DTMF in other systems, 
and be propelled into another 
This is the second installment.  
Future issues will contain most of 
the numbers listed here plus a 
significant amount more.  This 
will depend largely upon the 
amount of scanning I do, the 
amount of study of the 800 
directory I do, and the amount of 
numbers I receive from others.  If 
you have any numbers, send them to 
me on THC-][ BBS, or send them to 
2600 magazine.
            -=( TOMMY )=-

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