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Test numbers in Terrace, BC
test numbers

test numbers

ok, first of all, if you press 635-0000, or 638-0000 you get a test that says '250 XXX'. on both my phone lines it says '250-587' and same with two other lines i tried. i am now doing research on these test lines. i have never found a ring back number for terrace, but if you dial your own phone number, you will hear a short beep every four seconds, and when you hang up, you phone will start to ring. then when you pick up, the same beeping noise is heard. i beleve that this is 250s ring back system. as for loop lines, all of the ones that i have ever heard of in canada now, are blocked. You can also try 615-0000. i am constanly looking for test numbers, so if you find one, or two, or more, send them too me, and ill post them. your reward for doing this will be: your name going up on my faq page!! ok, its not much.

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